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You can’t rely on cinemas to show cartoons anymore, and televrsion either sanitises animation before the watershed or shoves it on at 4am. The best way to get at animation nowadays is vra the web, it’s got more of it than there are grains of sand in the Sahara. Start With Animated World Network’s web animation gurde at www2.awn.com, or go straight to any of the established Virtual animation studios mentioned below.

Hollywood's favourite Goth Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Sleepy Hollow) has been spending nights scritchy-scratching away at his drawmg board in his candle-lit garret to animate a series of three-minute cartoons featuring child superweirdohero Stainboy, downloadable at www.5hockwave.com. Volume one is complete, comprismg SIX episodes in which the wrffy welp does battle With 'Staregirl‘, ’Toxicboy', ’Bowling Ball Head’, ’Robot Boy’ and ’Matchgirl’. Episode one IS ’Stanboy’s Birth'. You can also go behind the scenes to see how the mess was made. While you're at Shockwave check out some of their other webmation series. For insider jokes about Hollywood watch The Critic (about a two-bit film critic) and Thugs On Film (about two two-bit Brit film critics).

The other big animation site is www.atomfilms.com. Star Wars spoof


Superweirdohero Stainboy is downloadable www.shockwave.com

Womb Wars has been top of the users’ poll, but clickety-click on Angry Kid, a superbly odd series of minute- long animations from the Aardman (Chicken Run) stable. Episode titles like ’Horror’ and ’C hips’ should arouse your interest. Atom also inVites user partiCIpation With Animation Showdown in which new animations are greenlighted by user vote.

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www.icebox.com has at least two real corkers. Zombie College is a hoot even before the show starts. While you’re waiting for episodes about life at an otherwrse unremarkable univerSity populated by walking corpses to download, you are inVited to beat zombies back to death in a graveyard With a shovel - wrth gruesome splatter sfx. User favourite Gay Duck, about a very camp talking fowl with a foul mouth, also provrdes download fun With a ’gay-dar qUiz'. " *STOP PRESS" ' Icebox has announced it is to close. The company is currently looking for homes for its animated shows.

Finally, Monkeybone, found at www.lfilm.com, is a bit of slapstick starring a talking chimp that pays homage to old school Chuck Jones- style cartoons. Its pOpularity has already resulted in a Hollywood film spin-off. (Miles Fielder)

Totally wired

The world of the web

Scottish Internet Radio wwwinternetradiocouk

This is a bit of a misnomer as it’s not a radio station at all It’s radio exclusIvely for broadcast on the net. Now an old- hand in the busmess, the site offers traditional Scottish/Gaelic music, classic Scottish recrpes and sounds like a hi- tech Beechgrove Garden. Alternativer check out Joy FM for a younger sound.

Play UK www.playuk.tv

This is a Visually stunning site that offers more than JUSi a tie-in With the TV channel of the same name. It perhaps doesn’t provrde much (if any) purpose, but it is eye-pOpping and sits perfectly Within its own envrronment. There’s a Tony Hart type gallery to which you can submit your fav0urite pictures or Video clips, and a few games - the best of which is the ’Dubya’ game, where you assume the identity of Mr Bush and try to run America by clicking on a few icons, Excellent eye/brain candy.

Skinema or 'Dermatology In The Cinema'


Be honest. What do you go to the movres to see? Intriguing plot? A good laugh? Excrtement? Or the state of your favourite film star’s skin? If it’s the latter, then this Site’s right up your street. With extreme close-ups of celebs’ skin, this offers explanations, eg ’80 JUSI what are those spots on Gwyneth Paltrow’s forehead?’ The words on everyone’s lips. Also check out Britney Spears' 'inflamed cysts’. It’s hard to believe, but this is for real.



The Pseudo Dictionary www.pseudodictionarycom

At last a depositoiy for the words you hear that ought to make it to the dictionary, but don't, because they don't exist 'Bafflegarh' foi instante, is a word politicians use to baffle us with garbage Read it, use your favourites, and together we can transform some of them into real words

Pandemonium Carnival wwwpandemoniumcarnival.com


Fans of ’The League of Gentlemen’ wrll instantly recognise, and cower from the name, Papa Lazarou The travelling freakshow host has sent a shudder up Quite a few spines since the last series of the show. This site is dedicated to him and you can download Video clips and shudder again and again You can also buy pegs online YOu’re my Wife now, Dave

Emporium Of Fruit wwwemporium offruit.co.uk

Now eXisting posthumously, after passing away in its sleep, this site features a wealth of archives to trawl through and laugh at. Packed With spoof news stories, mowe trailers (Jim Carrey stars as Robin Williams in Man On Some Coke'i, The Mediocre Pub Guide, Ask Joe Pesci, and a whole Jewellery box of other gems. l mourn its passrng.

Up Above The Streets

And Houses . . .

wwwwiddydemon.co.uk/rainbow/ mainhtm

Rainbow. Needs no introductiOn. Re- live the best moments of your childhood, and get a psychological breakdown of all the characters. Complete wrth actual screenshots, you’ll Wish it was still here. (Steve Blair)

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