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Surfing without a PC

If you believe the hype, then in the not too distant future, practically every household appliance will be connected to the net. Whether this turns out to be true or not remains to be seen, but we can be sure that very soon we won't necessarily need a PC to surf the net. Whether we actually need these devices is a moot point, but the emerging popularity of WAP phones shows that they probably will sell. Words: Steve Blair

Alcatel Webtouch

www. a/catel. com (under [200)

The giant French telecommunications company has Just launched this gadget. It is about the size of a hardback novel, and has a

7.5m touch-sensitive screen, a pull-out keyboard and as many as ten user-defined buttons that can be programmed to Jump directly to your favourite WAP Sites. It is not, however, a

phone and requnes a landline to work. That aSIdE’, sending e-mails on a portable deVice now seems manageable With

its QWERTY keyboard.

OnNet Digital TV

WWW. ondi'gital. co. uk (prices vary)

Then of course there’s our old favourite, the goggle box. With the advent of digital teleVision, the internet has been opened up to the less technically advanced members of society. With a digital box about the size of a hardback and a cordless keyboard, it's Simple and convenient, and full e-mail access is usually supplied as well The only drawback is the family fights that ensue when someone's

favourite programme comes on.

122 THE “ST IS Feb-I Mar 2001

Ericsson R380 PDA wwwericssoncom (approx f 299) Personal Digital Assistants are no new thing, but this natty deVice combines one With a mobile phone and an internet browser. Looking at first like an ordinary phone, the keypad flips down to reveal a long, touch- senSItive screen. This is immediately benefiCial as small screen Size has always dogged WAP phones, making any browsmg difficult. It’s also mice-activated, has a full calendar, and decent control over sending e-mails. A glimpse of the future (until standards change again). Check out a Simulation of the phone on WWW.ericsson.com/R38O


wwwsony-europe.com (approx f 780 with contract)

This is one of the smallest and most stylish of the current crop of WAP phones. WAP is not qwte cutting edge these days, possibly because the on-line content is minimal at best. Whatever the hype, you cannot browse the internet from these phones; it is an internet, but only that designed for WAP access. This phone is slightly different in that it is one of the first shipped with Microsoft’s Mobile Explorer, which additionally allows it to decode traditional HTML web pages that we’re used to VieWing. On the other hand, the screen is so small as to make it impractical. Nevertheless, it’s packed With features, and I want one.



Spend, spend, spend. . .

THE PRINCES TRUST hasn’t been known for its presence in the fashion world, but through a new initiative with the British Fashion Council it'll have just that. Plans include training opportunities and sponsorship for young fashion designers. More details about the Trust on www.princes- trust.org.uk

IT'S A LITTLE late for Valentine's Day but new webSite WWWSurpiiseYour Womancom could be the answer to many men’s dreams. Not only does it have a range of gifts available such as health spa retreats, gourmet meals and rally drivmg, it’ll also remember the lady in your life's birthday, and based upon the likes and dislikes you input, create a ’Plan For Her' With tailor-made suggestions for the perfect gift. Nice.

IF THERE WAS a competition for bare- faced marketing scams, then the 'Bounty National Spring Cleaning Week' would come out pretty near the top. In a bid to tell us how invaluable the ’stronger—soaker-upper' (kitchen roll) is, it'll send you a free spring cleaning guide if you call 0800 328 8305. It should be noted that this is probably an inadvisable way to 'surprise your woman'.

JUST IN CASE you hadn't noticed, Glasgow's Buchanan Street is now full to the brim With shopping opportunities. With Next taking over the old Burberry Site, there are now no vacant Sites left in the popular shopping street, Which can only be good news for shoppers.

BUYING GIFTS OVER the internet can double up as a way of donating to charity if you visit www.ltsGoodToGive.co.uk Whether you're looking for films, music, holidays, clothes or flowers, buying online means that 50% of revenue raised will be donated to up to fifteen charities, including Amnesty International and the British Heart Foundation.