Only when you start looking do you realise just how much good music Scotland produces. But rarely do we celebrate it. That’s what this feature’s about. Not in a pat-on-the-back sense but in a look-at-what’s-coming way. This is the music for tomorrow. Fifty of the best.

In carrying out this momentous feat, we had to leave out a lot of people. Send your letters of protest to the usual address. We’ve attempted to give an overview of the diversity and quality of new music being made here. Some may be familiar faces Joseph Malik and George Thomson, for example, have been regulars around Edinburgh’s clubland for long and weary but as they are producing something brand new from their previous guises we reckoned they warranted a mention.

Not all these artists will go on to scale Travis or Carl Cox levels of musical domination, but some might. Remember where you read about them first.

Words: Tim Abrahams, Catherine Bromley, Jason Cranwell, Brian Donaldson, Rodger Evans, Doug Johnstone, Kenny Mathieson, Jack Mottram, Henry Northmore, Louisa Pearson, Mark Robertson and Paul Whitelaw.

Main portrait pictures: Jonathan Littlejohn

AEREOGRAMME ANIMATION Sound like A more mature Mogwai. But with more hair. Sound like Neil Young covering the Black Heart Procession Who The three-piece are part of the B.A.M. (Bearded at Pink Floyd'5 house- Aereogramme Member) movement. Last summer they Who A many-limbed multi-instrumental supergroup coincidentally played on the slot preceding At The Drive-In hailing from Glasgow, among other places, centered on for three separate UK festivals. The fact that people still frontman and songwriter Frances Green. One minute, the remember them is testament to their greatness. band are folky acoustic rockers, the next they’re dabbling Debut album is finished and touches down not soon in found sounds and filtered vocals. Needless to say, with Jonathan Limejohn.s project is enough. Apparently the results have knocked out their an album that featured a string quartet, a Sauchrehall pan of Scotland.s Year of the bosses, the Delgados. Street busker and samples of door-buzzers, full-blown Artist residency programme. Hear 'Glam Cripple’ EP on Chemikal Underground, or if you 995 fare few and fat between, 50 6'9?” Showcases “'5 can find the 'Hatred' 7in on Babi Yaga, then you'll expose tear-JerkerS alone WW 3 trUSIY aCOUSI'C- 1.“...s(.(,.,.l.h-H“13C”,qu yourself to the ground shaking terrorism of 'The Art Of Belief'. Hear Sunset in Black and White on the band’s own Sinking - _ (JC) Ship Records, available via the e-marl address. (JM) “M “My” Web www. chemikal . co . uk Web sinkingshiprecords@hotmail . com

15 Feb-l Mar 2001 THE “8111