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Sound like Fugazi and ldlewild falling down the stairs together. While shouting a lot.

Who Formed a couple of years ago, this Edinburgh four- piece outfit have taken a nippy hardcore influence, mixed in a big bunch of disparate musical ideas and come up With something completely their own. With Singing duties shared between shouty gUItarist and tuneful drummer, the band mix up walls of white n0ise with gentler post-rocking moments. Adhering to the John Lydon ethos that ’anger is an energy’, Degrassi's full-on live shows are often paint- strippingly impresswe.

Hear Recently recorded a Peel Session, to be broadcast on Wednesday 21 February. (DJ)

Web www . degrassi . ndo . co . uk

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Sound like The Deftones and Fuga2i caught up in a Friday night street barney.

Who Born out of the ashes of Glasgow underground heroes The PH Family, this quartet of feisty fellas have been taking tentative steps to impressing their weighty, dynamic sound on the masses. Specialising in monolithic slabs of guitar and growled howl and barked vocals, their ’Double Square’ EP was made ’single of the week’ in The List on its release last October and a series of live dates with ldlewild last year brOught them to the indie public’s attention. Hear Live performances around Glasgow and more recordings out this year. (MR)

Web deathlehem666@hotmail . com

Sound like Well, Just mental frankly.

Who OK, so they aren’t a band and most of them are arguably not even musiCians but Diskono are undoubtedly a good idea. You may have heard of their physical remix proiect in which they encouraged punters to alter sounds by manipulating the playing surfaces of 7m singles and tales of destroying the 100 most valuable techno records. Clearly, the various members of Diskono spend quite a lot of time JUSI arting about but releases such as last year’s ’Jane B. Entrinkt Mit Den Pferden’ by Felix Kubin manage to be both challenging and, hey, music. Big in Germany, apparently.

Hear ’Jane B. Entrinkt Mit Den Pferden’ by Felix Kubiri (TA) Web www . onoks id . freeserve . co . uk/

Sound like Early IdleWild or Ash infused With the punk rock spirit of Nirvana and the Manics.

Who Edinburgh quartet of bright yOung things who’ve been paying their dues and playing their little black hearts out at second/third on the bill slots at the Venue and Attic. Melodic r 'n' r is the name of their game big tunes, volume and angst a—go-go.

Hear Still so brand and spanking yOu’ll have to catch them live and local. But better make it quick if you want to see them While they still have the plastic wrapping on, The Band With The Spaghetti Western Moniker are already rousing the interest of one record label. (RE)

Sound like Ninja Tune Via Edinburgh.

Who Tailor-made for Nll'lja Tune Records due to his Jazzy, dub-fuelled ambient breakbeat meanderings, Dolphin Boy (real name Andy Levy) was however snapped up by Tim ’Love’ Lee’s up-and-coming Tummy Touch label at the end of last year. Not that the Dolphin is complaining, He's qwte happy to leave DJ slots at Edinburgh’s Black Bo’s bar in favour of schmoozing With label-mates in London and working in the studio on his first material that's due to be released later this year.

Hear Material soon to be released on Tummy Touch. (C 8) Web djdolphinboy@hotmail . com and www.tummytouch.com

Sound like Hakaind on an amphetamine bender With The Beach Boys.

Who With a full moniker of Firestone: Legend Of The Hawk, very little is known about this frankly insane band. Based in Edinburgh and allegedly comprising members of Moniac and Oi Pollor, Firestone manage to be prog-rock Without the self-indulgence, retro Without being cheesy and possess a bag of colossal songs With time changes and weird sounds that are still somehow singable. Not the most mainstream, but an awesome thing to behold.

Hear Rumoured to be currently recording something for obscure label Trepanner Headmusic. (DJ)