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spare. , Who Like all the best ideas, ballboy have taken a while to come about, but are all the better for that long gestation period. Formed several years ago in Edinburgh, the band went through a number-“of; different incarnations before the current line-up of Gordon McIntyre (singer and guitarist), Katie Griffiths (keyboards), Nick Reynolds (bass) and Gary Morgan (drums) was finally established.

Since that time two years ago, the band have made a steady rise in Britain’s musical consciousness through a couple of intelligent and outspoken EPs, the last of which, ’I Hate Scotland’, sold out its limited run, was one of John Peel’s records of the year and has ensured packed-out gigs around the country.

One of the reasons for the band’s appeal is clearly their uncompromising stance and focus on the importance of words. ’One of the reasons for being in a band is having something to say,’ says McIntyre. 'Lyrically, there's so much shite that gets played. You shouldn't be allowed in a band if you don’t write interesting lyrics, and I’m sorry for all the post—rock that that eliminates, but all their stuff bores me anyway.’ With a new EP, ’Girls Are Better Than Boys’, released on 5 March, a tour scheduled and umpteen radio sessions in the pipeline, 2001 could see ballboy finally get their message across to the mainstream.

Hear ’I Hate Scotland' EP on SL Records. (DJ)

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2 styles, from breaks to indie guitars, they have also been taking the whole shebang into the live arena and have been remixed by the likes of Ills and Blim.

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