George T, Stonecut. Holly Tomas, Stapleton

18 THE “ST 15 Feb—l Mar 2001


Sound like Early Smashing Pumpkins With a box of scr-fi tricks.

Who Another Edinburgh gurtar band, but this lot make their riffs sound like nothing on earth, preferring instead to delve in dark psychedelia and metally weirdness. Exuding effortless charm on stage, the five band members manage to create an impressively innovative sound from the conventional line-up of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, while their ear for a melody amongst the maelstrom makes The Silver Pill definite ones to watch. Hear ’My Year On Mars', a collection of songs on the Vitaminic website. (DJ)

Web www . thesilverpill . co . uk


Sound like Death country meets bleep electronica meets sprawling noise.

Who Brooding about in that netherworld between late night, urban electronica and the type of folk-tinged self- expression championed by Arab Strap, Smackvan are an interesting proposition. Over the sampled clicks and whirrs that speak so eloquently to a modern audience, Michael Feeney’s gravelly tones give the whole thing a sense of personality that other bleepers lack. Although they are tending to play live less and less, their eclectic, quality second album, The Company Of Women, has just been released. Their first is still to see the light of day, so expect more soon.

Hear The Company Of Women album on Sans-Culottes. (TA)

Web http: / /smackvan . virtualave . net


Sound like Sired by Eno, Mogwai with science degrees. Who Three lads in their early 205 from Bishopbriggs are the sonic landscapers otherwise known as Sputniks Down. Andrew Blue, Martyn Healy and David Roy formed the band in early 1999, used a student loan to record at Glasgow’s Cava Studios and used a stamp to make Human Condition aware of their existence. Anticipation is high for their forthcoming debut album, which may, or may not, feature tracks such as ’Champion Of The Last Handclappers’ and ’Ralph M’.

Hear ’The Monotone Mountain' EP on Human Condition Records. (BD)

Web www. sputniksdown . 8m. com


Sound like Early Buffalo Tom or Sugar, only skinny teenagers.

Who Three lads from Dumbarton, Stapleton mix the current trend for angular guitars and tight rhythms with a melodicism all their own. The wonderfully frail vocals of singer Al Paxton intermingle with the band's twisting, skewed vision, creating a sound unique amongst the Scottish guitar landscape. Currently in the studio recording a new EP, they are favourites of Kerrang! and were recently championed by Radio One, making 2001 a highly promising year for Stapleton.

Hear Rebuild The Pier album on Year 3 Thousand Records. (DJ)

Web www . year3thousand . net


Sound like Roni Size and Minnie Riperton jamming round Stevie Wonder's house. Who No longer happy with Engine’s creative direction

Nordin Zaoui (songwriter, bass), Kathleen Sheridan (vocals),

and Rick Smernicki (drums) decided to go it alone. They joined forces with Digby Vaughan (guitar) and took the jazz funk sound in a more roots-based, breakbeat direction. Their demo is currently doing the rounds and is causing a stir at Virgin, Polydor and Universal no less. Hear Look out for appearances on the Glasgow gig and club scene. And if all goes according to plan their debut album should be available soon. (HN)

STYLUS AUTO MACH Sound like Spacious, spaced-out rock made by space cadets.

Who Whoever it was that said ’think big' had obviously been to a Stylus Automatic gig. On the face of it, they have the brash balls to put the world to rights but seem more intent in exploring some other unworldly territory. The Stones and Pink Floyd have to he noted as influences with modish overtones.

Previous gigs include T in the Park, which was captured for a BBC documentary, while regular appearances at King Tut’s and the like keep the punters coming.

Hear An array of mp3s is available from their website. (MR)

Web www. stylus—automatic . com


Sound like Chicago style deep house music.

Who Resident DJ at the lorg-standing but now defunct Tribal Funktion for eight years, George T started tinkering with music-making equment back in 1996 and now concentrates his energies on making records. After producrng several EPs under various pseudonyms he released his first album under the mon.ker Plastic Avenger to critical acclaim last year and has recer‘tly set up his own label, Phom Phom Records. His latest release 'The Force Majeure’ has been very well received but the forthcoming 'The Creep’ on his own label is making George 'eally excited. Apparently 'it’s the bomb’.

Hear Plastic Avenger’s Space Grafitt/ on NRK and George T’s ’The Force Majeure EP' on Honcho Records. (CB)

Web www . nrksounddivision . com