Breakfast At Tiffany's (PG) 115 mins

‘How do I look7' asks orrgrnal warf Audrey Hepburn rn the role of borderlrne schrzophrenrc Holly Golrghtly 'Very good, I must say I'm amazed,’ replres George Peppard rn the role of frustrated wrrter and part- trme grgolo Paul Varrak Fans of Drmrtrr From Parrs wrll rmmedrately recognrse these lrnes as vocal samples from hrs easy lrstenrng tribute album Sacre Bleu Fans of the classrc love story that rs Breakfast At Tiffany’s wrll, meanwhrle, recoanse these lrnes as the epitome of understatement Audrey Hepburn does not merely look ’very good’ rn thrs frlm, she looks stunnrng.

Herern hes the pullrng power of the 1961 Blake Edwards frlm adapted from the novel by Truman Capote. Playrng the part of a drsturbed yOung woman, SuperfrCrally lrvrng the lrfe of the carefree socrety grrl but rn realrty tryrng to escape an impoverrshed past by marryrng rnto money, the rconrc Audrey Hepburn has never made neurosis look so good. Decked Out rn costumes desrgned by Hubert do Grvency, she oozes style and sophrstrcatron from every pore of her trny frame, And, whrle the frlm may have numerous redeemrng features (not least the exqursrte Cinematography by Franz F, Plane and the swrngrng soundtrack by Henry Mancmr), Hepburn rs responsrble for rnakrng rt such a well-loved classIc. lCatherrne Bromleyl It Film/rouse, Edinburgh from Fri 23 Feb.

HORROR Ring 2 (Ringu 2) (18) 5mins

In the East, the Ring horror trrlogy (see also Ring and prequel Ring 0: The Birthday) has become a phenomenon; they're based on the novels by Japan’s equrvalent to Stephen Krng, KOJI Suzukr. In the West, these rntrrgurng and rmagrnatrve ’sarkoo horaa‘ (psycho horror) frlms have achieved deserved cult status,

The frrst frlm concerns an urban legend whrch takes the form of a vrdeo tape contarnrng a cryptrc rmage of a hauntrng young woman whrch vrsrts a terrrfyrng death upon anyone who watches rt, unless rt can be buck-passed, charn-letter-styie, to another vrctrm. Thrs sequel takes the orrgrnal story a step further: the vrrus-lrke spread of the tapes curse has become eprdemrc, More rs revealed about the woman rn whrte, Sadako, on the tape, and rt falls to a schoolgrrl and a y0ung boy Wrth telepathrc powers to solve the mystery.

Ring 2’s plottrng rs not as controlled as the frrst frlm, rn fact rt’s all over the place here, but the mrx of modern and tradrtronal myths rs wholly orrgrnal, and the scares are harr-rarsrng. Wrth Ring soon to be released on VHS and DVD and the gutt-churnrng thrrller Audition rn Cinemas next month, Japanese horror rs provrng to be a lastrng rnfectron. (Mrles Fielder)

I GFT, Glasgow from Fri 23 Feb,


Born Romantic (15) 100 mins

Scottrsh wrrter-drrector Davrd Kane’s follow-up to hrs 1999 frlm This Year’s Love rs another brttersweet romantrc comedy wrth a large ensemble cast. Three couples therr fates lrnked by a London salsa club and Adrran Lester's seemrngly omnrsoent taxr drrver are caught rn a recurrrng, tormented dralectrc of pursurt and flrght.

Farled rock star Fergus (Davrd Morrrsseyl embarks on a desperate search for Jane Horrocks’ raddled slapper Mo, the college grrlfrrend he Jllted erght years earlrer. Hapless petty crook Eddre (err Mrstry) tentatrvely woos morbrd grave-tender Jocelyn (a near unrecognrsable Catherrne McCormack) and sharp-surted Srnatra fan Frankre (Crarg Ferguson) sets hrs Srghts on ’classy broad’ Eleanor (Olrvra Williams).

Kane’s would-be lovers are all self-deludrng, neurotrc, damaged, hopeless romantics. But whrle hrs new frlm has the same clear-eyed, unsentrmental vrew of romance as the debut feature, Kane here allows hrs characters a note of hope.

Born Romantic rs undenrably slrght, but the cast turn rn wrnnrng performances and there are some good Jokes, rncludrng a few rnventrvely rrbald one-liners: ’a fanny lrke a brllposter's bucket', for one. Add to thrs, enjoyable cameos from Hermrone Norrrs as Frankre’s ex-wrfe and Ian Hart as a creeprly mrsogynrstrc monologrst, and best of all, a hrghly rnfectrous salsa beat. (Jason Best)

I Genera/ re/ease from Fri 9 Mar. See preview

Hepburn, still a very stylish girl

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