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Enjoy music from the harp and clarsach with a two course meal. Friday l6 February 7.30pm i | 5 Book on 0|3l 473 2067


An evening ofJapanese poetry and music with Alan Spence. Friday 23 February 7.00pm £7.50 (£6.00 concessions) Book on O|3l 473 2000


Enjoy the rich and varied culinary treats of South Africa in a cultural extravaganza. with fabulous wines to complement each course. Saturday 24 February 7.30pm £22

Book on 0I3l 473 2067


Lunchtime special at Cafe Hub two courses for £8.00 New in - unique handcrafted glassware

The Hub, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EHI 2NE 0|3I 473 2000

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36 THE LIST 15 Feb—i Mar 200i

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Dude, Where's My Cari 15» * iliann} l.einer. LS. 3001i -\shton Kiitcher. Sean William Scott. Krist} Snanson. .\2 mins. Din/e. ll in no .\I\ (or is bemg promoted as this )ear‘s Rota] 'I'rrp. but lI Rota! Iii/i “as the lierrari ol gross out .\merican college comedies. Hut/e \sould be the Skoda. Jesse and ('hester. \\ ho make Bill and Ted seem smart. \sake tip alter a raucous night on the toun unable to remember a thing. Said dudes lind themsebes in maior leagtie trouble \\ hen the} realise that their car. containing .iiiiii\ers.ii'} gii'ts l’or their girltrieiids. has gone missing .\ neis nadir m lilmmaking is reached in a sequence \s here the dudes burst into song. mimicking a Vanilla Ice music \ ideo. (ienei'al release Dungeons And Dragons 1 iii wow-me} Stiltiiiioii. I'S. .‘(Nll i 'l'hoi‘a Birch. Jerem) lrons.Marloi1\\'a)ans. 105' mins. Based on the cult role-playng game itselt' inspired b} e\er}thing t'rom ’l'olkein's [am] (It [in Riiiex to Robert Ii. llouard's ( ("hill [in liar/union this sl's lantas} blockbuster has ari'i\ ed tuent} _\eai's too late i ‘Dtle peaked in popularit} during the Stisi, Director and gamei Solomon. remains reasonabh laithtul to the spirit ol the game “till a slot} lll\tiI\ mg to e )otiiig adxenttirers attempting to secure the pH“ L'rl‘lll Rod ol Sa\ l‘lIIt‘ t“ IlIcIl controls dragonsi on behalf ol limpi'ess Stu ma i Birch i. \\ho is about to be deposed b_\ e\ II \\ i/ai‘d l’rolion tlronsi. llouewr. \\ hat made the game so compelling - its improx ised nature \\ hich raised it abo\e its cliched lantas} oeti\ re - is lost on tilm. See l‘t‘\ ieu. (ieneral release. East-West (Est-Guest) i Izi t“ iRegis \Vargnier. lirance. 2000i Sandi'ine Bonnaire. ()leg .\lenchikm. Sergetii Bodrm Jr. Ill mins. Alter blindl) accepting Stalin's propaganda campaign. oll'ering Rtissian emigrants Iixing iii the West amnest} and the chance to participate in the L‘tillllll‘} 's post \iar reconstruction. .-\IL‘\L‘I (iolo\ ine (.\lenchikox i t‘t‘tilisc\ lhtil Kim is no place for his )oung French \\ il'e tBonnairei and son. A series of tragic e\ents begin to unl'iirl as the} both take Rtissiaii loxers. \i hile around them the ogre-like communists \\ eai e plots. l.tish melodramatic stul’l‘. that tends to Use a mallet \\ here it should tise a leather duster. It's coiistantl) \satchable. ho“ e\ er. and in parts genuinel) mox ing. l-‘l'll ('inenia. l-‘alkirk'. Election t l5i tttt t.-\|e\ander l’.i_\ne. l'S.

l‘N‘Ji Matthew Broderick. Reese \Vitherspoon.

('hris Klein. Ill} mins. I’;i)iic"s adaptation ol- Tom l’errotta's noVel. a comic satire on the lWZ .-\nierican presidential election campaign set in a high school. focuses on the conflict betueen Jim .\lc.-\llister tliroderick i. a dedicated teacher \\ ho's also sul't'ei‘ing from a mid-life crisis. and 'l‘rac} l‘lick t\\'itherspoon i. a model btit precocious pupil to er a student gmernment election. \Vinning perlormances and a super sharp script make this the smartest coined} to come otit ol' the States in )ears. Edinburgh l’ilm (itiild at I'JIlllIltith‘.

The Emperor’s New Groove it'i him i.\lark l)indal. l'S. liltil i l)a\id Spade. John (ioodman. liartha Kitt. 78 niins, liinpei'or Ku/co is monarch of an unspecified South .-\inerican land \\ ho is turned into a llama b} his scheming assistant Y/ma ixoiced inost appropriatel} b} Kitti during a botched assassination attempt. The llama emperor goes on the run and is befriended b} good-v. illed herder l’acha t(ioodinan i. \\ ho help return his tour-legged ruler to his throne. 'l‘here are the occasional cle\ er postmodern touches Kit/co stopping the film reel to talk to the audience btit niostl) this is prime old-school l)isne} stuff. It lacks the animated landscape innmations ol‘ Iii/Tun. nor does it enjo) the character dexelopment oil-t/m/i‘ii. \i hicli is uh}. ultimatel). its missing edge. See re\ ieu. (ieneral release.

Extreme Screen it'i *tt it‘s. Ztititii 40 mins each. Although the luerks e\perience impresses on a technical lexel. neither ol‘ these films transcend entertainment as lumbering tairground attraction. Iii mm is a dr} -as-sand account of a recent e\pedition up the big _\in. Filmed in the sI} le ol' a Sunda} afternoon doctidrama. it also has the dubious honour ol rendering a remarkable adtenture mundane. .-\ much better bet is the \ istiall} \tondrous 'I‘lie Urine Sm. an ‘edutaining' look at mankind's relationship with the sea t“ ith \oice-m er from .\ler}l Stre. pi. l'(i(‘ Cinemas. lidinburgh.

Eyes Wide Shut l.\i ** iStanle} lsubrick. l 8. Wm“ I'om ('rmse. Nicole KidiiMii. Sidne} l’ollack 15" mins Had Kubrick chosen to stage his adaptation ot \I'IIllll' Schiiit/lerK [M a": .\o:« .' in its oiigmal 'ii: .1}- ‘It i It \ ieimese setting. audiences might haxe lotmd the \\ hole primiti\ e l ieudian mess eas\ to stomach liaiisposmg the \sould-be I decadent ps} chose\ual shenanigans to contemimrar} \lanhattan. ho“ ex ei'. piox es disastrous \\ hat makes 1' \t \ llitit' .\ltsi: lust abotit \satchable is the scieen presence ol its t\\o stars ('ameo. l-dinburgh

Family Man I lji tit tltieii Ratnei. l'.\'. :INIII' \tcolas (Kige. It‘d I t‘i‘lll. IJi‘ll (dithltilt‘ lib mms In ls’atiieis inside-out updating ot It’s .l lion/t itii.v / itt . ('age is a hot shot \\all Street brokei \xho one (‘hiistmas I'\e suddenh linds himselt inhabiting the lite he would ha\ e led had he not abandoned his college s\\eetheai‘t Kate il com i thiiteen )eais earlier to pursue his careei .\o longei a strutting .\lastei' ()l' The l ni\ei'sema\1.llllll suit. he's noxs a poor sap \\ ho \\eat's l‘agg}

s\\ eat pants and sells tii'es toi a in mg. and naturall} he‘s iinitialh i hoiiitied b_\ this ti'ansl'oiiiiatioii ('age's t'\tllll\llt'l'. iiiodiilaied pei'lormance sa\ es the llIlll tiom becoming schmalt/ is; he linall} e\udes a [llt'lllI. good natured sueetness that makes him Steuait's \torth) lieii ()deon. litiiilei'mlme

Fantasia 2000 (I ittt t\'aiious.t s :lllllli \tilc't's til Sine \iatlill. Iit'llt‘ \Iltllt‘l. ()timc} Jones. 7* miiis \\ lieii \\alt l)isiie) liist came tip \\ ith the idea ol tiiiiiiiig classical music pops into an .mittiated pot potii'ti. lie oi'iginall) eii\ isioiied that ltzirnma \sould continue to be i'eiie\\ ed b_\ additional iiiatei'ial. Sui} _\eai's on. his dream has at last came to li'tiitioii \\ ith this llt‘“ collection ol imisical IllgIlIlg‘Ills. 'l'lie stai ot the shou is the one segment retained liom the original. the l)tikas "Sorcerer's .'\[\Plt‘llllct" set-piece \\ ith .\licke} .\lotise iii a point} \\ i/ai'd's hat .iiid lots ol buckets ol' \iatei‘. ()deoii. l)tinleiiiiline Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas 1 Is» ttti i'l'eri'} (iilliam. l'S. l‘NXi Johnn) Depp. llb mins. .-\s adaptations ol ctilt books go. (iilliam‘s take on lluntei S, 'l'hompson’s assassination ol the .\iiierican Dream is a glorious mess ol a ll!t\\ ie. It remains true to the authors \ ision ol’ moral torpor and ps}chosis. \\IIII\I miectiiig a good shot ol (iilham's oun obsessions. I'la\\ ed. cei'tain|_\. but epicall} degenerate. .-\nd thus pure goii/o. ('ameo. lidinbui'gh

Fidelity (La fidelite) I Hi t t it i;\iidi'/e| /tila\\ ski. l‘i‘ance. Zlititii Sophie Marceau. l’ascal (ireggory .\lichel Subor. lob mins. lt's tempting to \si'ite l’olish emigre /llI.t\\ ski‘s lilm oil as an e\ploitati\ e bonkathoii h_\ mn to his \\ llt‘ and muse Sophie .\Iai'ceau's t/JI'ttit‘llt’tI/‘l. Ali/Iv Iliir/(l /\ \‘ril I‘Jlolle/li \c\ and bo\-ollice appeal. .\lai‘ceati pla}s _\otmg photographer ('lelia \\ ho remains laithliil to her lailtii‘e husband i(ii'eggoi‘} i no matter the temptations. .-\dapted lrom a l'7th centiir} literar} classic. and _\et \\ ith l'uttii‘istic o\ertones ta nets spaper intoi'ms us ol ('astro's tlcttlh i. this Is. like earlier /.ttla\\ skls. PrHH‘H/iill and lat lemme l’it/i/it/ut'. L‘tll‘ltillsi} tIlIIJL‘llII to get a handle on. (il’l‘. (ilasgott,

Finding Forrester t I3» it ((ills \‘an Sam. LS. 300] i Sean Conner}. Rob lii'otin. lib mms. .\ troubled _\oting genius linds a mentor in an older man \\ ith demons ol his on n. Sound tamiliai'.’ \Vell. Van Sant‘s llt‘\\ mot ie is a blatant cop} ol his tirst mainstream success. (iom/ lli/l [/llIIIlIIL‘. ‘I'Ills time around. hots c\ er. rather than a maths prodig} and his shrink. the Pl'lckl} pair are a teenager lrom the Mom and a reclusne Salinger-like \triter. The tall score is e\cellent. ('oiiner} breathes lile into a character constructed almost entirel} irom cliches and Moon gi\es a naturalistic and allectmg perloriiiance. btit the film's mi\ ol indie pacing and camerauork \i. ith lIoll}\\ood gloss and sentimentalit} nexer reall} gels See renew (ieneral l'L‘IL‘tisL'.

Flawless l l5i *tt iJoel Schumacher. l'S. 3000i Robert De .\'iro. l’liiliiiSc'}ii1iitir llol'l'man. lilo miiis. The best thing about Hun/en are the leads. l)e .\'iro pla) s bigoted e\-cop \Valt Kooiitl. llol'l'iiian drag queen Rust}. The} share the same apartment building and mutual hatred ol each other. btit \\ hen Koont/ stitters a debilitating stroke while attempting to help a neighbour. the odd couple are throun together as patient and carer. But uh} is l)e.\'iro's character a cop‘.’