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BOOK NOW Kylie Minogue Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, 3—5 Mar.

Appearing on a Saturday morning kids programme in Australia, a certain diminutive pop chameleon was posed a familiar question by the show's presenter: 'So Kylie, how do you look back on your Stock, Aitken and Waterman years?’ to which Ms Minogue innocently answered: 'Well, they were all Number Ones and Number Twos.’ Of course she spoke more truth than she was aware of. ‘I Should Be So Lucky' is indeed a load of wee and poo but the fact that we can agree with her scatalogical slip while still lapping up her latest

reinvention says so much more.

We are willing to forgive her anything, the aforementioned Waterman produced bum-dribble, her abortive cinema career (The Delinquents - oh dear). Then the calculated dalliance with the late Mr

Hutchence followed by the equally calculated lurch leftwards which led to the album Impossible Princess

which was swiftly dropped after failing to garner the

requisite column inches.

No, we forgive her because she has convinced us that the guise she wears for the latest album Light Years

I L’h

The pouting pixie of pop glides into town

which she makes her Scottish live debut in support of -

is the closest yet to ‘the real Kylie'. Straight pop slapper

with just the right amount of experience to play the slightly world-weary diva. Tremendous. (Tim Abrahams)

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Frank Black And The Catholics King Tut's, Glasgow, Sat 10 Feb


No cash in from Frank Black

While Irish politicians were being

banned from Glasgow, Frank Black was : daring to bring Catholics of his own to

54 THE lIST lS Feb-l Mar 2001

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I Barenaked Ladies Barrowland.

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the tinderbox city on the eve of a potentially explosive Old Firm clash. With at least one more Celtic v Rangers clash still to come this season, can we expect a reformation of Jack Glass And The Power Punk Proddies?

As rumours go, that would perhaps overtake the one which had Joey Santiago joining his old comrade on the King Tut's stage. Mild disappointment having ebbed away after half a minute, the man who made Kurt Cobain set out to destroy the notion that he has never been the same since the Pixies imploded in 1992.

Wherever you stand on that one, you can always be certain that Frank Black will threaten the foundations of any venue he plays; with a band tighter than the breathing space in King Tut’s, this was a memorable trawl through the solo work and band career of the shaven, UFO-watching Ioon.

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The creative cross-section included the extra-terrestrial doo-wop of ’Men In Black’, the stop-start driller thriller of ’Los Angeles’, the occidentally tic- tackiness of 'Fu Manchu', and the screechy collapsing building of ’Where Is My Mind?’. Material from his latest collection Dog In The Sand, stands up well next to the back catalogue; the surf swing of ’Robert Onion’ and the romping, stomping ’If It Takes All Night’ (an unsurprismg part of the encore).

There will undoubtedly be Pixies purists enraged at thoughts of the showtunes getting a new airing. Stuff them; they were Frank’s songs, after all. Of course, that kind of nostalgic backtracking can smack of cashing in on a career going flat, but all evidence from the new album contradicts that notion. Maybe Frank Black is just guilty of missmg some old friends.

(Brian Donaldson)


FatlipITravlerlCatcher King Tut's, Glasgow, Fri 2 Feb.

Their last album, Sex/Dearh/Trains And America, proved that Catcher should be a large enough proposition to mod half empty mu5ic halls. Defiantly independent, someday they’ll transcend such foolish notions of fame and pass into the Cultish lore of musical should—have-beens On the other hand Travler are at the beginning of a Journey, which by all acc0unts seems to be one into the well trodden territory of cabaret, cheeky monkey, vaudeVille influenced Sub—Supernaturals disposable pop song writers for internet banks. And it would be terrible too. But With a little bit of charisma and hum0ur somehow the fact they have no songs is Quickly forgotten.

Conversely Fatlip have no charisma and a few good tunes, although their moments of luodity are frequently submerged in an increasingly discordant and unenioyable performance. Years ago at the Old Frunmarket they played the same showcase gig as IdleWild and now seem destined to remain also raiis With tonight domg little to suggest otherWise. (Craig Wylie)

Idlewild 13th Note Club, Glasgow, Fri 9 Feb

For this Children In Care benefit gig, kick-ass pop punk princes IdleWild have embraced their inner Kelly Jones and gone aCOUSiIC. This does not dampen the Spirits of the few hundred over- fourteens who have crammed into the Note's basement to gaze at Roddy

5 Woomble's nasal hair, although it does

suggest that unfortunate rock grandad mentality that for a song to be deemed valid, it must be pOSSlbie to play it on an acoustic guitar.

Idlewild songs translate better than many to the unplugged format but, as one of Scotland’s best exponents of the primal urge to throw yourself around to Visceral punk nOise, they fall some way short of their usual manic pop thrill.

lnevitably, more attention falls on Woomble's singing. He may not be the most technically gifted of vocalists

' and he acknowledges this after a

wobbly rendition of The Cure’s 'Boys Don’t Cry’ but he is worth a hundred Pat Kanes and Marti Pellows.

(Whitney Plains)



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* w Below average

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