Dandy lines from Murdoch

You know him as the main songwriter in Brit Award winners Belle & Sebastian, but Stuart Murdoch is making a bid to become rector of Glasgow University. These are his proposals:

- I want to swan about on campus and kid on I’m in charge.

- I want to be able to do my laundry in the OM Union without getting funny looks from Michael the janny.

- I want to be able to get fish and chips and peas for £1.45 again.

- I love Glasgow University. It’s just students I can't stand.

- I need a new hobby.

- It's going to look great on my CV.

- I’m going to get rid of the all the dinosaurs on campus.

- I want to stir up some trouble.

~ I will make sure that the celebrations for the 551st anniversary of the University are the best yet. How could you leave that milestone unmarked?

- If any of the students are feeling a bit fed up I will meet them for a coffee and

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tuart Murd 2 U

tell them a few jokes.

- In fact, the door of my office will always be open, and there will be a constant supply of hot yum-yums.

- I would move to name the T-Rex 'Ted’ after Father Ted. ObViously, the dinosaur should stay, it’s the most brilliant thing the University has ever done. It’s so outrageous, it’s almost camp.

- I might resegregate the unions to av0id unwanted pregnancies. You're here to study!

- I'd hold a parents’ night when mums and dads can come and talk to me about how their kids are getting on.

- I'd bring back chucking flour about. Students are getting too serious.

- I will get very, very excited.

- I could get all my friends to play a gala concert in aid of Student Beer.

- I have a genuine and overriding love for the University and its students and if voted in they’ll probably be sick of me by the end of my term.

- I’ve been to Glasgow University three times. I left without a degree. I think I’m in a unique position to advise the students on what not to do.

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Appetite for destruction

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Jeffrey Dahmer

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