the power of dance to weave new worlds has been harnessed beautifully by the X factor

The Stage

paisley arts centre lfeb 24th I 0141 887 1010

glasgow tron theatre lmareh 6th |0141 552 4267 musselburgh brunton theatre lmareh 14th|0131 ($65 2240 ediburgh traverse theatre I march 30th Et 31st I0131 228 1404

inverness eden C0urt Ifeh 28th aberdeen the lemon tree Imarch 16th Stirling maerobert Imarch 22nd



l()() Renfrew Street. 332 5057. [II. \\'('. WA]

The Tale Of Tales L'ntil Fri lo Feb. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). .\Itisical theatre piece based on the Neapolitan folktales. ll l’t'lllumt'l‘mtr‘.

The Winter's Tale Mon 26 & Tue 27 Feb. 7.30pm (Tue mat 2.30pm). £6 (£4). Students of the BA (Actingi course at the Academy perform Shakespeare‘s tale of love and loss.

Women Beware Women Thu 1 & Fri 2 Mar. 7.30pm (Fri mat 2.30pm). £6 (£4). Second year BA (Actingl students at the Academy present Thomas Middleton's I7th century work.


283 Hope Street. 332 9000. ll’. II. WC. \V'A]

Showboat Tue 27 Feb—Sat 3 Mar. 7.15pm (Sat mat 2.I5pml. H—L‘ I 7. The ()rplieus Club. Glasgow's premier amateur operatic company. present Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein's Mississippi musical. featuring such top tunes as ‘()I' Man River' and ‘(‘an‘t Help Lovin' Dat Man‘.


25 Albert Drive. 287 3900. [P. T'I‘. WC. WA]

Where From Here Fri lo & Sat 17 Feb. 8pm. £8 (£4). Third Angel's new show looks at the excesses of modern society. as two people desperately try to escape the lives they've created for themselves.


()3 Trongate. 552 4367.

Casanova Until Sat 3 Mar (not Sun/Mon). 8pm. £3.5()—£I(). Stispect ('ulture. the theatre company behind 'Iimeless. Mainstream and ('um/ir/e 2()()() are back with David Greig's latest play which questions life. love and morality. Drawing inspiration from a variety of lotharios.

('tis'tmotti centres on a renowned artist. busy curatmg his final e\hibttion. which illustrates his rather tltibiotis sesttal history.

Stroma Fri lb .\ Sat I" Feb “.3llpm. t“ (£3501. T:\(i Theatre present the tale of three runaway s. who forge an tine\pected friendship as they _|ottrney frotn London. throttgh (ilasgow. and on to the remote island of Stroma. See prey iew.



New Street. SS," ltlltl. III. \\'('. \\'.-\| X-Factor: Deception Sat 24 Feb. “.3llpm. £7 (£3501. Scottish choreographer .-\Ian (ireig presents this pow erlul new duet. focusing on a seemingly happy couple whose relationship takes a turn for the worse. See prey iew.


2 Sattcliieliall Street. 2S" 55| I. III. “1'. wax]

The Red Army Ensemble Chorus and Dance Ensemble Hi to the In Feb (not Sat I7 .‘ylon I‘ll. 7.30pm {III {ITSII This ‘lll-strong ensemble was formed in Moscow 111 I973. Ilttntlplt‘lst‘tl out (if the armed forces. Since then. it‘s gone on to perform the world (it er. sery itig tip an exciting blend of music. song and ballet.


282 Ilope Street. 333 UIIIIII. II’. II. \\'(‘. WAI

Scottish Ballet - Aladdin t'nul Sal I7 Feb. 7.I5pm (Thu mat 1.30pm: Sat mat 2.15pm). With choreography by former London (‘ontemporary Dance Theatre man Robert Cohan. a score by film and T\' maestro ('arI Davis and a set by West Iind designer I.e/ Brotherston (not to mention some dazzling special effects by magic circle member I’aul Kieyei. this new production by Scotland‘s national ballet company has much to offer adults and kids alike.

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“here From Here “here From Here I1 C”-‘“"°‘"‘ Cimimm'a Casanova - (‘asam iva ( Kt sum is a B m Yonadab Yonadab Yonadab BruntOfl Hamlet i Hamlet I Hamlet ' ~ 5W (‘IJWGII See (‘Iassical See Classical See (’Iassical l’etttlr.t:.'t tn = I T a Gilded Balloon MR I Am . A&R , - . - - x . ' . r v -~ —--»~ -—- ~--r --- r - r 7 - 7”” »‘- v Arr—n- 6~-—»~r r 0 - r a S In Praise Of Love In Praise Of Love In Praise Of Love - The 3‘) Steps The 3‘) Steps 2 ' " 'T' " "u‘ """ ' “"""i"‘"‘“ '" """”f“ V a Netherbow - i i - 5 _ _ - - m . 7.- .—1-~7»-—-~—— 7——~~ » ~~ J- “VH— h w —. 4-7L. . Jesus ('hnst Superstar JesUs Christ Superstar Jesus (hrist Superstar Jesus (‘hnst Superstar JesUs ('hnst Superstar Jesus (‘hrtst Superstar r -- —— fi- _-__,____--,,_-_.-_._ z. . View From The Bridge {View From The Bridge View From The Bridge 1 1 View From The Bridge View From The Bridge Traverse 1 - (rustic At Pope Lick Creek) ('rttsticAt PUpe Lick (‘tu-kt (rustth l’otrlJckCru‘kl Trestle At l’ope IJckCtu'k tastiest im- harm-t

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