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Pyre Productions goes one step further with a production that, as well as telling a great story on stage, looks set to be one hell of a night out too.

’We were trying to make theatre more accessible,’ says writer-director Jemma Fairlie. ’You generally find that people who go to clubs don’t watch a lot of theatre, and we really wanted to energise the theatre scene.’

The play explores both dark and upbeat aspects of club culture, telling the tale of a bouncer who rapes a girl after spiking her with a cocktail of the rape-drug Rohypnol and an ecstasy tablet, alongside the story of a gay dancer on a quest of self-discovery.

’We wanted Push to have a dark edge to it,’ says Fairlie. ’There have been a lot of stories in the media about Rohypnol; only last December a girl was raped in a club in Edinburgh with it. But we also have another story with a happier ending. The idea was to show what might happen during one night in a real club, so it was never going to be one of those ’happily ever after' type of things.’

As part of a new movement that mixes live theatrical performance with a genuine club night, Push is an attempt to offer something much more to clubbers and theatregoers alike. 'The audience come in, see the show, throughout which we have a DJ and an open bar,’ says Fairlie. ’The performers will do a show as part of the club night. They'll go on stage, dance, then come off and have a chat. After the play, we continue with 015, hip hop dancers and hopefully even a breakdancing competition. We want to make it a huge club event.’ (Olly Lassman)

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Gemma Fairlie: A new kind of club theatre

. . . It’s a love thing

Heritage by Nicola McCartney

Previews from Friday 2 March Tickets from £3 (£2.50 online)

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