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25 Albert I)ri\e. 237 stint). [I’. ll. \\‘('. WAI

Scarface Hi 3‘ 6; Sat 34 I‘eh. ts’pm. £3 (£4). Utilising a range ol tilm and \ ideo technology. “elslt t'litit‘etigt‘apltet‘ Izddie I.add attempts to reereate tlte harsh brutality ol Brian de l’alma's elassie tilm. Sear/tire. See prev iew.



I Ih Bristo Plate. 335 0893. |W('. WAI Yonadab l'ntil Sat l7 I’eh. 7.30pm. £4 (£3 £3.50). lalinhurgh l'niversit)’ Theatre (‘ompanv take on Peter Sehaller's tale ol deeeit. intrigue atid lust. Festival Of New Theatre In Scotland Mon 36 I’eh Hi 3 Mar. A week ol new writing perlormed at both the Bedlam and Netherhow Theatres. ()n the bill are ()m' For The Road (Mon 9.30pm ).



The Good) By Bertolt Brecht

in a new version by Tanika Gupta directed by Stephen Powell

9. 3 (U E 8 E D U

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72 THE LIST IS Feb-l Mar 2001


Pain/tiller ('lue 9.30pm & 'I'hu opm I. .VIIS Xmas (Wed (ipm tv I’ri ‘tfillpm ). ()Itt' I‘UI‘ III/Iv Rum! ( \Ved ‘)..“llpttl I. Kri/umnte t'l‘hu 9.30pm tk l-‘ri hpm i. .A/Ml'nt'l' ()l l't'llt'lfl (Sat 3pm tk ‘).3()pmi and Hung ()1)! It) I’M/Bent ltl)ttll'A\ (Sat (spm).


I.ad_\w ell Wa}. .\Itisselhurgh. («)5 33—“). ll’. II. 'I'I'. W( '. W;\|

Hamlet l'ntil Sat 17 l‘eh. Titlpm (Sat mat lptn). £5.50 LN (U H). .-\eelaimetl Seottish aetor l.iam Bretman pla} s the role ol the tortured prmee in Brunton 'I'heatre ('ompan} ‘s adaptation ol Shakespeates traged}. See review.

The Birdcatcher Sat 34 Iieh. 7pm. See Kids listings.


I3 73‘) Nieolson Street. 53‘) (i(l()(). Ill. W(‘. WAI

Pendragon Wed 3I~Sat 24 Feb. 7pm (Thu 6’; Sat tnat 3pm). £4.50 —L'l3.5(). The



Cumbernauld Theatre

Tues 20 - Sat 24 Feb


FREE pre-show event 6. l 5pm Tickets: £8/6 Under 2| £4 Box Office 0|236 732887

Liam Brennan brings power and humor to Hamlet at The Brunton

National Youth .\Itisie Theatre eelehrate their 35th anniversary with a journey back to the d1!)s ot King Arthur and

Merlin. Blending music. drama. puppetry

and mime. the show takes plaee in the

tw in worlds ol w ar-torn Britain and the m}thieal land ol.-\\alon. See preview. Instant Travel To Pop-up Cities Tue 27 & Wed 38 l-'eh. 7.30pm. [8 U3 (£4 to). Lung lla's. a theatre company dedieated to giving adults with learnittg disabilities an opportunity to create and perlorm. present the lollow —up to their award- winning pla} The Home .Ilmle ('ln’ltl. Based around have Ileath's mtisieal eomposition. .All'lt‘tlll Sunrise .lImt/iulmn Rave. and lormed in eollahoration with Seottish pereussionist Iivel_vn (ilennie (who also perlorms with them) the pieee ttses theatre. musie. \‘ideo attd danee to explore a lair} tale ol moral e\istenee. See preview.


Iilm Row. I.eith Walls. il7 .i()()(). ll’. W('.


Tartuffe Wed 3| Hi 33 Iieh. 7.30pm (l‘ri mat 3.30pm). £5 (£3). Students at Queen Margaret l'niversit) (‘ollege present l.i/ l.oehhead's Seots adaptation ol the .\Ioliere elassie. about an outsider

who worms his wa_v into a w ealth_v home.


333 (’owgate. 33h 3|5 I.

A&R l'ntil Sat l7 lieh. 7.30pm. to (£5). Willi I’m/ivlurs lever still gripping the nation. this new pla_\ by Peter Morris should tap perleetl) into the puhlie /eitgeist. Damian the Ath man is eltarged h) his reeord eompan} with tinding the Next Big Thing. Anna and Kids} want to he lamous. but at what priee'.’ I’art til the (iilded Balloon's New Blunt] series.

Loose Tongues 'l‘hu 22 Sat 24 let». 7.30pm. to ( £5). :\ new eomie pla} written and perlormed h} Iidinhurgh University graduate Nier l'nderwood. eentring on two seemingl} uneonneeted men. Thomas is a )otmg trainspotter unsure ol his lile Ik‘}oitd loeomotiv es. whilst Pat is a man lrom the underworld. camping in the Northwest ol Seotland. I’art ol the (iilded Balloon's New If/um/ series.

Arthur Miller's

’American classic


3 l.even Street. 53‘) (»()()(I. III. 'I'l. W(‘. WA]

In Praise Of Love t'ntil Sat (7 I'L'I‘. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat tnat 3.30pm). £l(I.5tl £l(i.5()(£7.5() U35“). Real lile theatrieal eottple Isla Blair and Julian (ilover go head to head in this touring produetion ol 'I‘erenee Rattigan's play. Ilav ing sullet'ed a long and eold marriage. l._vdia and Sehastian are laeed with a series ol dramatie incidents w‘hieh put their union to the test.

The 39 Steps line 2() Sat 24 tit-h. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mat 3.30pm).

£6.50 LI5 (£4.50 l; | 3). Jokes and tapes aplent} in this stage adaptation ol the John Buehan sp) thriller. w itlt leaps lrom the l‘orth Bridge. hi-plane (lights and * paraehute jumps. See prev iew.

The Suns ine Boys The 27 I'ieh Sat 3

Mar. 7.30pm; Wed & Sat 3.30pm &

7.3(Ipm. [8 {In (U) (H). .»\t their

height. Willie (‘lark and Al l.ew is were

one ol the most popular eomed} duos on ' the eirenit. Btit hehind elosed doors. they loathed eaeh other with a passion. Now twelve years alter the) pat'ted eompan). their agent wants to reunite i them lor one last show. Ron Mood} (Iiagin in Oliver?) and Brian Murph} ((ieorge ol.~lm/ .Ili/tln't/ lame) star iii

Neil Simon's touehing eomed}. See preview.


()e \'ietoria Street. 325 3564.

Push Tue 3() & Wed 3| lieh.

P} re produetions present one night in a eluh exploring dark and upbeat aspeets ol eluh eulture. See prev iew.


43 ~15 High Street. 556 9579/3647. |\\'(‘. WA]

Festival Of New Theatre In Scotland Mon 36 I‘eh I’ri 3 Mar. A w eek ol new writing perlormed at both the Bedlam atid Netherhow' Theatres. ()n the hill are 'Iimt‘lt :lm/ (in (Mon & Wed 7pm). l'tlll/I /.lII('\ (Mon & Wed 9pm). Hits! ()2) The Shel/(lite 7pm & liri ‘)pm). Hi. lam/m (‘ltuir ('l'ue & 'I'hu 9pm) and l.i/i/t' l.l\'('.\ ('lhu (fl; l’ri 7pm).

Tues - Sat until 10 March


Student Tickets Half Price!

Call 0131 248 4848 {t ivaI \‘cenm

1"” 3.1.!


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