Glasgow clubs

Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then bx day, then alphabetically by title. Clu s will be listed provided u -to-date details reach our offices at east eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Glasgow club listings compiled by Jack Mottram.



I Bounty at t). 5pm lam, l‘ree. Weekl}. Bill} \lilligan is at the helm (it this He“ night. leattii'ing part} tunes across the genres. lrom Rik“ to club classics.

I Bughouse at Republic Bier llallc.

‘)pm midnight. l’ree. \Veekl}. (‘hris and Dan tlL‘lI\ er some totigh and lunk} tech- liouse lor the hard drinking crtm d.

I Deejays In Disguise at the \'ai-iei_\ Bar. Spin close. l‘i'ee. \Veekl}. 'l'he Knucklehead ct'eu take a breather lrom their tisual hectic st} le and concentrate on the duhbier end (it the techno spectrum.

I Peace is Tough at the :\t'c'lte\.

7pm lam. |.aunch ol Ses l’istols designer Jamie Reid's collaboration \\ ith gral'liti artist Hanks). including \isuals lrom the (\so artists and Riissian laser pioneer .'\|e\ei and audio coui'tes} ol .\lark Barrett. l‘uture loop l-‘ouiidation and .\l(' l)-l-'|a\a. See llilllsl.

I Nico's at .\’ico‘s. 9pm midnight. l‘ree. \Veekl}. DJ Miguel (Wall to Wall) spins upbeat house selections tor a student} crowd.

I Nomad at Nomad. 7.30pm midnight. l'i'ee. \Vet'kl). Resident ‘l)t)ttttl‘ ltt} is joined h} ls'i‘is ls'eegan. lan 'l‘hompson and :\.J. s iiiiniiig the best house sounds.

I Piclt-Up at The (‘i‘air 0pm midnight. l'ii'ee. \Veekl}. (‘ome and disco\ei' the \Vest lind's tip-and-coining l).l talent.

I Pousey Cafe at .'\ll' Organic. 8 I lpm. l‘t‘ee. \VeekI}. 'l'he Jengaheads get )ou stoked tip lot a night otit. \\ ith a mi\ed bag ol heats. t'rom electro and lunk through to house atid techno.

I Phatboy's Kitchen at .\te(‘huill's \Va) ()ut West. .S’pin midnight. l‘i‘ee. \Veekl}. Hip hop. breaks and beats courtes} of The \\';I\ \ltiltkc‘).

I Shogo at The Hrunsu ick ('ellars.

‘)pm midnight. l‘ree. \Veekl). :\n e\ening ol‘ breaks. beats and such like lrom (i-Maii tttttl oec‘ttsitittttl guests. \\ lllt skatebtiai'ding \ isual entertainments.

I The Thursday Broadcast at the lit ing Room. 9pm midnight. l-‘ree. Weekly Rotation ot'(ilasgo\s 's top H] talent leaturing Ste\ ie lileiiients among others. I Tilt at liar ll). 7pm late. liree. \Veek‘l). An e\ening ol' liuro trance l'rom the 'l'ilt

I Virunga at Bt'el. 0pm midnight. l‘ree. \Veekl}. .-\ top selection ol' lltltes \\ ith it “mid bias. including soca. Latin dance. .-\lrican and reggae.


I Bennet's at Bennet's. l lpni- 3am. £3 (£2 l. \Veekl}. Shaun delisers a commercial dance llll\ in the main room. \shile Annie supplies 7(ls and fills hits at the premier ga)

. Bug-A-Boo ttl 'l‘he \'e|\et Rntiltts.

llpm 3am. £4 (£3). \VeekI). John l.)t)tts. Martin llesketh and James l-‘ullerton take it it) turns to pro\ ide the Rth and sotil selections.

I Club Salsa Sabrosa at The lla\ana Bar. lll.3(lpm 3am. £4 (£3.50). \Veekl}. lop- notch Latin sounds. \\ ith all hip-shaking genres co\ered thanks to residents Keith. .-\le\is and (iet) l).

I Columbian at The Asylum Back Room. 8pm; lam. Free to (‘L'SL’ members: £l othem ise. Weekly. Music with breaks. lt‘ottt hip hop and big beat to soil] and funk. I Cop at .-\rchao.s'. l lpm-«3am. £4 (£3). Weekly Absolutel) colossal student night \s ith Vance and ('J. suppl} ing hard

part) mg house anthems in the main rooin and dalt classics from Tam (‘o_\ le

do“ tistttit‘s.

78 THE lIST tS Feb—l Mai 2001

I Fat Sumo at 'l’he (ilasgtm School ot Art. lllpm 2.30am. £3. \Veekl}. .\ llL‘\\ \etiture lttl' lllL‘ \ilc‘ lint. \\ illl HUStllll and her trash) electro pop getting ample support (tom the Hi l-idelit} ‘s Sean l)ickson in the second and lourth \seek ot the month. \Hlll lltisli l’ttpp} (l)i\ me) stepping into the breach in the third

\\ eek.

I Go Bang at Reds. llpm 3am. £4 (£3 l. \Veekl}. (iK Machine. (ilenii ('. la} Ha} and (in) spin a \aried techno and house selection.

I Hi Karate at llie (ilasgou School ol .»\rt. lllpm 2.3(lani. £2. l .\lar. .\loiitlil_\. 'l‘he lli Karate crexs are back in business \\ ith their uplront selection ot hip hop. lunk. beats and reggae. l’ltis. there‘s li‘ee mis cds lor the lii'st lllll punters.

I Loose Joints at the Hit) Note (‘Iub See Hi.

I Media Student Night at Media. llpm 3am. £l \sith matric card; £3 other“ lsL'. \VL'L'lsl}. IlillL' Ite\\ gt'titn} 7lls and Slls Media la}s do\\ it the red carpet to students.

I tti l'ni\erse ((ittttll‘l‘itlg'e l.

llpm 2.30am. £4 (£2). \Veekl}. Big tell) man lissaii .\lacl.eod and DJ Bob \s ith a disco—tinged selection ol' house old and

I Pimp at Planet l’eacli. I lpm 3am. £4. \Veekl). Sle\e (iaston pumps out the l‘uiikiest disco and lightens the blend \\ ith the occasional kitsch classic.

I Polo For Me .u the Polo lounge. lllpm lam. lice. Wee-kl}. You. the luck} punter. take the helm tonight. as request cards are a\ai|ab|e o\er the bar and in the booth.

I Response at Alaska. llpm 3am. £5. l .\lar onl}. .-\ cross-coastal hreakbeat bonan/a. l‘pstaii's l).l Kid and (i-.\lac ol .\langa combine their tisual drum & bass \\ ith a spot ol nu-scliool breaks and 27 step. l)t)\\ ttsl;tit's. Stex lL' lilements titttl 'l'u itch take adiantage ol' the ‘no music ptilit')' music polie). l’lus lots ol special hoot} dancers. \s hates er that means.

I Revel at (E2. l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). | Mar. li'ortniglitl). Simon l"o_\. Ste\en ('oncannon and l)onnie .\lac spin a selection ol progressi\e. litiro trance tunes mi\ed in \\ ith some (‘hicago house and lunk.

I Rhythm And Blues at tile.

lllpm 3am. £5. \Veekl}. ()ne ol the en) ‘s linest Rckli nights \\ ith residents l’aul 'l'i';i}iioi'. Naeem and Stuart .\lc(‘allum. I Skint at The (‘athouse l lpm 3am. £4 (£2 ). Weekly 'l‘ough chemical breaks and beats. rock and indie tor a student) et'tmd.

I Skycop at Sk} bar (Archaos).

ll.45pm 3am. £4 (£3), Weekly 'l'he posh hit t)li :\t‘eltttt)s tltt‘ills It) the deep ltttttse st} littgs til R)an Kerr. tts the regular student night packs them in

do“ ttstttil‘s.

I The Jam at Yang. l lpm 3am. l‘ree bet‘ore midnight; £3 (£2) alter. \Veekl}. l‘antastic night l'eaturing li\ e lunk action l'rom lilexation Trio in the bar. residents |)ema and .\'ice dissecting the breaks and beats like hip hop neurosurgeons in room (no. “line iii room three Michael Peck and Tom Ree\es spit) some set‘iottsl} lunk} house.

I Thursday Is Enough at ('lub Budda. llpm 3am. £4 (£3). \Veekl). l)isco and house from Stex ie Smith.

I Trash at ’l'rash. |().3()pm 3am. £4 (£2 ). \Veekl}. Student l'a\es \\ ith a tiunk} theme.

I Tune! at g2. l lpm 3am. liree c‘ttll‘} bet-ore l lpm; £3 (£2) alter. \Veekl}. Simon Morrison and And} llorn select brand next house and trance. plus lbi/a l‘a\ourites tojog the mentor).

I Tunnel Thursdays at The tunnel.

l lpm 3am. £4 (£3). \Veekl}. 'l‘utinel regulars ls'e\ in Mcl‘arlane and Scott Macka). plus Lisa Littless'ood in room

No. .spiii house tor a dressed-up et‘tm d ol


I Zsome at Mas. l lpm 3am. £4 (£3 students). Weekly The ho} s behind Shagtag kick ot‘t'a new student night at (ilasgtm 's ness est club. tillL‘l'lllg' the standard mi\ ot' home and student linourites. as \\ ell as some last} two l‘or one (2some. (ieddit'H drinks otters.


Colin Dale

Pressure at The Aches, Glasgon. Fri 23 Feb.

Colin Dale might not be the most famous name ever booked to play Pressure but, on the evidence of past appearances, he’s a DJ whose style fits the club like a glove. Chiefly known for the pioneering tech-house sets heard at his club Knowledge, Dale slots electro, deep house and good old techno into the

tech template. Not bad for someone who ended up behind the decks by


'I was working in a record shop around 1986 or 87,’ says Dale. 'It was one of the first places that was really stocking a lot of good house records, so I just started mixing as a bit of a hobby, then Kiss FM came along.’

In 1988, Dale was a member of the team that launched the dance pirate, staying on to present his Abstrakt Dance show after the station’s reincarnation as a legitimate independent in 1991. 'The Kiss show was a pretty true reflection of the way I like to DJ in a club,’ he says. ‘If you look at it in terms of guests, we would have Mixmaster Morris on one show then Underground Resistance on the next; basically if it‘s good dance music I'm interested. It's not really that l consciously want to mix up the different genres, but getting bogged down in one style just doesn’t make any sense

to me.’

Dale's latest venture is the release of Excursions 3, a double mix CD that launches at this month's Pressure. Veering from full-on dancefloor-led tribal sounds (K.C. Fligbt’s 'Voices’) all the way to super-deep head-nod house complete with Robert Owens vocals, it’s less of a London tech thing than a snapshot of Glasgow's current pre-occupations.

'Over two CDs, there’s no way I could just keep strictly to what I play out,’ says Dale. 'So the second mix takes my usual set and goes off in another direction, exploring the links between really deep house, tech-house and techno. That's why Pressure is spot on for the launch, because the crowd there really know what they’re listening to, and I’ve always had an amazing response there if I go off on a bit of a tangent.’ (Jack Mottram)

I 1210 at liahala. Spin 3am. £4 (£3). \VeekI}. lop—notch liotise. gatage and trance l'roin laii ‘l‘hompson and Has id (iiliiiore. i'enouned (or keeping the crowd on their [ties and dropping the odd surprise track. In a bid to eiicouragc new talent. the residents stcp do“ n (mm

H l lpm. turning ox er the 'l‘echnics to up- and-coiiiing l).ls, (‘all the club on 204 “NH l'ot‘ details ol' ho“ to participate

I Upfront at The :\s'\ ltiiii. ltlpm 3am. £l (tree to ('l ‘Sl' members). \VeekI). liddie ’l'onner and Scott .\loc|iar \\ ith tittalit} house and trance.

. The ‘ttl 'l‘ltc‘ lillt \tile (illtlt. Next date the.

Chart& Party

I CJ'S Madhouse at Shack (l’orinei‘l) 'l‘he 'l'emple). lll.3l)pm 3am. £4 (£2). ('i'aI} chart tunes.

I Loveshack at lair} \ltlt‘t'} ‘s.

llpm 3am. £4 (£2 l. \Veekl}. .liiii and l’hil \\ ith a blend ol commercial classics. \ intage indie and a touch ol’ disco.

I Rumble at The (iarage. l lpm 3am. [-1 ([3 l. \Vec‘ltl}. .'\l\\t)ltllc‘l_\ crackers student night. stul'led to the gunnels exei‘} time \\ itli kids sharking to the sounds (it chart hits. indie l'a\oui'ites and ltm -l)t‘t)\\ hotise.

I Wired at l)estiii_\. ltlpm 3am. £2 belore l lpm; £3 alter. \Veekl}. (‘asual night at the \\i'oug|it—iron e\hibition»cum- club \\ ith a dancier music polie}. 'l‘his is the onl_\ time \slien denim and trainers are acceptable apparel here. so _\ou don't ha\ e to iron _\our lien Sherman.



I Brian Murnin at lite to tag Room. 9pm midnight. l‘ree. \Veekl}. Brian continues to ‘pla} the songs that make the “hole \sorld sing'.

I Budda at Bar Budda. Spin midnight. lii‘ee. \Veekl). (‘hris llarris spinning grooxe-Ied house to the usual part} et‘tm tl.

I Bughouse at Strata. 9pm midnight. l‘ree. \Veekl}. (hunk) house gromes ti'om ('hris and Dan.

I Chi at .\lc('hui||'s. Spin midnight. lice .\lonth|_\, 'l’he tii'st in a succession ol iatliei cool nights. the e\cniiig staits \\ itli mellou shaoliii heals and builds to liiiik} house and bounc} techno.

I Critical Mass at \iee 'u' Sim/s

Xptlt lttlt'. l'lt't‘. \Vt'k'lxl} lot) I opp. .tka \oi. “Hit a \silltill} peculiai selection ranging trom punk to tank and all points (It l)et\secii. Nothing to do \\|lll hike titling anti capitalism.

I Cut De Sac ttl ('ul He sat.

‘lpm midnight. l'l't‘t'. “cekly llouse action li'om a pool ol l).ls. including Stex ic Donaldson. l)oiiieiiic (appello. (iialiaiii Wilson and Klt‘litl‘ .\lt'('aim

I Edward's at latlxsaid's ‘lpm midnight l‘rce. \Vcekl}. l'pbeat selections lioiii Kt‘tlll l’_\per to get _\oti going lot the weekend.

I Friday Street at liltlt‘kllldh. Spin lam. £3 (£2). 23 l'el). \loiithl}. 'lamla. \oillicin soul and (itls beat tor the \espa- riding mods otit there. lticicasingl} poptilai and one ol the \ei'} lt'\\ nights in tom) doing |ll\llL'L' to these iiiai‘xellous modes ol sound.

I Illuminations .tl lllt‘ lighthouse. S3llpm midnight. l‘lt‘t', \\eekl}. l).l l)aiid_\ (l)isco .\ l and .'\l.lll It. (Breach) spin 'toitiot't'tM. )estei'da}. (any music.

I Nico's at \ico‘s. ‘lpm midnight. l’lt't‘. \Vcekl}. Bari} Burns with a timed tip selection ol Northern. hip hop and house. I Nomad at Nomad, 7,3llpiii midnight. l‘ree. \Veckl}. Kris ls'eegan. Ian 'I hoiiipsoii and ;\..l. ioin ‘l)onut' la} at this pic club l‘ree camera hire adds a nice touch.

I Paul Cawley at .'\H' ()igaiiie.

‘)pm midnight. l‘rec. \\'eekl_\. In addition to running Soma's breakbeat sister label l‘enetik and cltib night l’s} l’hi. Paul

('a\\ le_\ \sarms tip (or the \seekcnd \\ ith brand ne\s breaks. hip hop and drum & bass.

I Phonic at 'l’he (tan. ‘lpm midnight. l‘l'L‘L‘. \Veekl}. The talented I} pes ttl l’ltitltlc‘ branch otit trom their \seekl} session at Reds to pla} some deep house groo\es at this lie“ st} le hat".

I Rowan and Niall at the Hall Bat. l'i‘ce. Monthly The lot'mei Balsa residents. non ensconced in a new name. do their deep house thing.

jig-Err" 93:;