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The Tweenies Live! SECC, Glasgow, Thu l—Sun 4 Mar.

'Come and play!’ shouts chirpy cockney Milo five times a week. And play

they do. There's not a three-five-year—old in Britain who hasn't paid homage to those large faced funsters known as the Tweenies (save those with strange parents who don't ’do' telly) and next week they can meet their heroes in person. When Milo, Bella, Fizz and Jake burst onto the SECC stage, chances are they’ll receive a welcome to rival anything Boyzone or

Steps can muster.

Which is exactly what the show's producers have in mind. 'lt’s really a gig for pre-school children, because under-fives enjoy pop music just as much as older children or adults,’ explains the series creator lain Lauchlan.

The Kilmarnock-born producer cut his teeth presenting such landmark programmes as Playaway and Playdays. And when the BBC decided to introduce a follow-on for children who had outgrown Teletubbies, Lauchlan and business partner Will Brenton dreamt up The Tweenies. ’We realised that adults are entertained by their peers all the time on television, while pre-school children are usually shown animals or adult presenters,’ says Lauchlan, ‘so we decided to do a Friends for four—year-olds.’

But while we’re unlikely to see Fizz advertising shampoo, or Jake starring in a sci-fi blockbuster, the global popularity and merchandising overload of both programmes make the comparison wholly tenable. As too do the aspirational qualities. Just as adults covet Monica’s spacious New York apartment or Rachel’s shiny hair, your average pre-schooler would love to colour in as neatly as Bella, or cut in a straight line like Jake who for a two-year-old, seems terribly dextrous. ‘They are far more knowing than children of that age tend to be!’ admits Lauchlan, but then it's good to have

something to aim for.

And so, almost two years after they first hit our screens, the Tweenies are going on the road. A vast Tweenie Clock will dictate when it's 'Song Time' (nursery rhyme faves mixed with tunes from the new album), 'Story Time' (acted out by the gang) or 'Messy Time' (the audience don free animal hats and make appropriate noises). But what if the whole arena experience proves too overwhelming for the more sensitive toddlers in the crowd? 'During any live show, there are always a couple of children out in the foyer crying because it's their first visit to a big theatre,’ says Lauchlan. 'So we've set up a "Squishy Area" with soft shapes where they can sit and watch the show on a big monitor, so if it all gets too much, at least they won't miss it.’

(Kelly Apter)


Saturday Kids Club Mon t9—Tue 20 Feb. 10.30am—4pm. £7.50 each day. The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 0901 022 0300. Nomad Theatre Puppet And Movement Workshop. Dance artists and puppeteer (‘hris Duffy join forces to create a lively two day workshop. Learn about movement and animation. make your own puppets and produce puppet shows throughout the workshop.

Printasaurus Tue 20 Feb. 10.30am—noori (Ages 5—8) & l—2.30pm (Ages 8—12). £3.50. Hunteriari Museum. University Avenue, 330 4221. Advance booking required. Take part in the ‘dinodig' and then use different printing techniques to create an image of a dinosaur.

Saturday Kids Club Sat 24 Feb. Ham—1.30pm. £3. The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 0901 022 0300. Make A Puppet Show. Produce a puppet show from scratch with the help of experienced

94 THE UST lS Feb—1 Mar 2001

Puppeteer Eva Melrose. Performance for families begins at 1pm.


Merlin -The Return (PG) Sat 17 Feb. lpm. and The Grinch (PG) Sat 24 Feb. 1pm. £2.25 (family ticket £9). Glasgow Film Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. See Film Index.

Blue Planet (L') Thu 15 Feb. 1pm & 3pm: Dolphins (L') Thu 15 Feb. 2pm. 4pm. 5pm; Thrill Ride (L') daily from Fri to Feb 1pm & 3pm; Mysteries of Egypt (L’) Fri lo—Sun 25 Feb. Thu 1 Mar. 2pm. 4pm. 5pm; Mon 26—Wed 28 Feb. 2pm & 4pm: and double-features Thu—Sun. 6pm 8; 8.30pm; Mon—Wed. 6pm. £5 (£3.50); double feature tickets £9 (£6.50). IMAX Theatre. Glasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. See Film Index.


Westlife Fri lo—Wed 21 Feb. 7.30pm. £18.50. SECC. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. The young Irish charmers croon their way through their number one

hits in a liye-nrght stretch of completely sold otit gigs.

Theatre & Dance

Stroma Fri lb Sat 17 Feb. .30pm. f7 (£3.50i. 'I‘i'on 'l‘heatre. 0.3 'l‘i'ongate. 552 4267. Ages oy er 13. A tale of three runaway s w ho forge an une\pected friendship on their journey from London. through (ilasgow. to the remote island ot Strottia. 'I.A(i 'I‘heatre (‘o explore issues of friendship. trust and homelessness in this authentic representation of lite on the streets. ()n Fri lo Feb there w ill be a post show discussion. See prey iew in Theatre section.

Rainbow Magic Sat 1" Feb. 2pm. £4 (£31. Scottish .\lask ck Puppet 'I‘heatr‘e ('enti‘e. 8 10 Balcarres Avenue.

Kely indale. 339 (i185. A colourful stoi’.‘ mixed with enchanting music and lots of adventure presented by Sy l\ ia 'I‘roon's Kenspeckle Puppets.

Scott Lovet's Magic & Puppet Show Sat 24 Feb. 2pm. £41£3r Scottish .\1ask & Ptippet Theatre Centre. 8 10 Balcar'res Ayenue. Kely indale. 339 (r185. Punch and Judy. magic tricks and more performed by Scott I.o\et's puppets. Tweenies Live! 't‘hu I Sun 4 Mai. 10.30am. 2pm & 5.15pm1'l‘hu 2pm.

£10 £15: family ticket £30 £54.S1i(‘(‘. Finnieston Quay. 0870040 4000. Bella. Milo. Fi/./. Jake and Doodles from BB(' children‘s fayotii'itc ’l'lri' 'lit't'errim take to the stage for a fun-filled musical extravagan/a. See preview.


Saturday Storytime Sat I7 Feb k Sat 24 Feb. 1 lalii. Free. Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Ages 3 8. Weekly storytelling sessions tttl\iltg traditional fairy tales with weird and wonderful contemporary tales.

Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal .\ltiseum ()f Scotland. 2 (‘hamber's Street. 247 4219. Free entry to museum for visitors aged 18 and under. 'l‘en-minute talks for children held every Saturday at 2.15pm and every Sunday at 3.15pm. Take a look at the Tusks and Horns on Sat 17 Feb. The Stag on Sun 18 Feb. The Blue Whale on Sat 24 Feb and Bears on Sun 25 Feb. Animals Sat 24 Feb. 10.30am 12.30pm (Ages 6-91 & 2 4pm (Ages 10 141. £48 for 5 workshops. ()ld St Paul‘s (lunch. ()3 Jeffrey Street. 554 1999. .-\d\arice booking required. t’sing images drawn during a visit to Iidinbur‘gh Zoo. create paintings and sculptures working in a variety of 21) arid 31) mediums.

Theatre & Dance

The Hare And The Tortoise Sat 17 Feb.

1 lam & 2pm. Sold out. \ethei‘bow Arts Centre. 43—-45 Iligh Street. 556 9579/2647. Ages over three. \Vee Stories adapt Aesop's fable based on the tale of the persistent tortoise and the all-too hasty hare. Iixpect drama. storytelling and lots of audience participation.

Pendragon w'ed 21~Sat 24 Feb. 7pm: Thu & Sat 2pm ck 7pm. £4.50 £12.50.

CHARLOTTE'S WEB Tue 27 Feb—Sat 3 Mar, 7pm; Wed—Fri 10am 8. 7pm; Sat 2pm & 7pm. £8.50 (£5.50); family ticket £25. Adam Smith Theatre, Bennochy Road, Kirkcaldy, 01592 412929. Ages over four. Life is going swimmingly for Wilbur until he realises that succulent young pigs feature very highly on the farmer's teatime menu. With the help of Charlotte the spider and his young friend Fern, an ingenious plan is hatched to rescue Wilbur from certain death. E.B. White’s charmin novel is brought to the stage by t e Birmingham Stage Company.

l'L‘\II\.tl lllc‘dllc‘. 15‘ :‘l\tc't\lsitlt.\11c‘t‘l. 529 01100. .\ges (H et 5 I'he .\ Youth .\1usic l’heati'e make then 25th annryet’saiy totit with this retellmg ot the legend ot Ismg -\rthtn .lotnney back in tune to the court ot King \t‘thui.

(iumey ere. .\lerlin arid the knights or the Round Ial‘le 111 a production tilled w ttli poetry. pttppetry. magic and rnrrne

The Birdcatcher Sat 24 t-eb. "pm {5 (Or; lannly ticket £14 Br'untcn llteatie. I.adyw ell \Vay. .\1tisse|btngh. (m5 2240 Shona Reppe Puppets presents the story ot a man w ho sets otit to capture a song bnd


Out To Play Sat 1- Feb Sat 2 Jun lice \Itiseum (it ('lnldhood. 42 High Street. 529 4142. 'llns e\lnbrtron looks at the changing nature ol childhood games (tom the past to the present day. Peeyer. bools. ng and diablo are rust some ot the games played before the myentron o1 computer games arid teley won and there w ill also be some old reproduction games tor yoti to try out


Holiday Stories the in .\ tho :3 l-eb r.-\ges 4 to and Wed 21 l-eb i.\ges 5 \ I. 111111]. l't‘c‘t‘. Xt'lltt‘l'l‘twy .\t'l\ ('k'IIllk". 4: 4.5 Iliin Street. 550 9579 2o47, Storytellers l.nida Bandelier and (‘olm \lackay tell some ltyely tales to capture the nriagntation of their young listeners.


World Book Day Thu 1 Mar. 10am. l'r'ee Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 4349.1'hree local|ia Donaldson. Andrew \Volffe and Pitt lr'y ine read trorti their books for all ages in a day o1 celebrations to mark \Vot’ltl Book Day lot children.


Activities And Fun

Creative Dance Sat 1" Feb .v Sat 3-1 1'cb. llatn noon .v 12.30 1.30pm. £18 tor 8 weeks. (iowane ('etiti'e. (‘owanc Street. Stirling. 01 "80 4431 I3. .'\tl\;tllct' booking required. Ages 5 T and 8 10..'\ ltiit introduction to dance w here children cart deyelop their co—or'dniation and create dance routines.

Animation And Film Making Sat I" Ieb & Sat 24 Feb. 1 4pm. £18. ('owane (‘t-ritr‘e. (‘owane Street. Stirling. 01780 4431 13. Adyance booking required. Ages 7 9 (‘reate a short animation using 21) and 31) animation techniques.

Instant Portraits wed 21 Feb. 1 3pm. L2. The New low it Ilall. Bron Way. North ('arbrain Road. ('umbernatild. 01098 207515. Ages over 8. (iet snap«happy at this ftiii workshop to capture your image on film.

Drama Workshops Sat 24 t-eb.

11.30am 1.30pm iv 2 4pm. £22 tor tour weeks. ('owane (critic. ('owane Street. Stirling. 0178(i 4431 13. .-\d\ance booking required Ages 0 9 and 10 12. Performance. stagect‘aft and characterisatitin will be tatight at this drama course led by In ('timming.

Wacky Weather Workshop Sat 34 Feb. 2pm. Free. ('aldergleri ('otiritr'y Park. Sti‘athayen Road. Izast Kilbride. 01355