Full Speed Film

What is it? It's the new livaX film ab0ut thrill rides Such As? Rides like rollercoasters and simulators such as the Big Shot at the

Stratosphere, Las Vegas,

00 we bump about? No you don’t, but thanks to the adrenaline-inducing IMAX experience you Will feel that you're in the front seat of the rides. Anything else? You'll see how these rides work, find out about their history and

how they are made

if;- Thrill Ride -- The Scrence of Fun, from Fri 76 Feb, 7 (8 3pm IMAX (inertia,

Pacific Quay, 420 5000. GLASGOW LIFE continued

Books At The Botanics Sat 24 Sun 25 Feb. 10am 4.30pm. Free. Glasgow Botanic Gardens, 730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Pick tip a literary bargain at this book market.


Burrell Collection

2060 Pollokshavvs Road. 287 2550. Mon-Thu & Sat 10am-5pm; l‘ri & Sun llam 5pm. Free. Sir William Burrell's world famous collection of beautiful art objects from around the globe. housed in a specially designed. award-winning building.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Mon«Sun l lam~4pm. Free. This Will century garden and glasshouses are home to an interesting and educational selection of plants. as well as featuring in the film .liule.

Glasgow Cathedral

Cathedral Street. 552 RIOS. Mon~Sat 9.30am 4pm: Strn 2 74pm. Free. A stone- btiilt church has stood on this site since

I 136 and the lower church contains the shrine of St Mtlttgo. who died around 6l2; however most of the present building dates from the 13th or 15th centuries. the most notable exception being the stained-glass windows. renowned as one of the finest post-war collections in the country. Sunday services take place at l farm and 6.30pm and there are daily prayers at noon.

Glasgow School of Art

The Mackintosh Gallery. I67 Renfrew' Street. 353 4500. Mon—Thu l0am—6pm; Fri l0am—-5pm; Sat lOam—noon. Glasgow School of Art is (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh's greatest achievement and it continues to intrigue and inspire visitors from all over the world. Still a working art school. regular guided tours let you experience this famous and fascinating building. Tours take place Mon—Fri l lam & 2pm. Sat l0.30am & l l.30am and cost £5 (£3). For details of temporary exhibitions. see Art listings. page 89. House For An Art Lover Bellahouston Park. H) Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. £3.50 (£2.50). initially designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh fora competition in l90l. this unfinished work has been completed by modern-day architects and designers in true Mackintosh style.

For opening times. call info line OH] 353 444‘). For details of temporary exhibitions. see Art listings. page 8‘). Hunterian Art Gallery

University of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 543 l. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Free. Home to the university's collection

96 THE lIST lS Feb—f Mar 2001

of flat art and sculpture as well as changing exhibitions. the gallery also features a recreation of('liai'les Rennie Mackintosh's Glasgow house which contains a host of original furnishings. For details of temporary exhibitions. sec Art listings. page 8‘).

Museum Of Transport

Kelvin Hall. I Burnhouse Road. 2S7 2720. Mon 'l'hu & Sat lllam 5pm; l‘ri & Sun I lam 5pm. l"ree. A museum crammed with buses. trams. fire engines. ships and other paraphernalia. devoted to the history of transport. Permanent exhibitions include S/ii/t/mi/(line ()ii The River (‘lyi/t'. a large mural by David .\lcl'"arlane: Hit/king Drum. an interactive \ctilpture by Stephen llealy: and lit-rims ()t 'I'runs'pm't by Jtistin ('artcr. For details of temporary exhibitions. see Art listings. page ()0.

People's Palace & Winter Garden Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon Thu & Sat 10am -5pm; l-‘ri & Sun Ham-75pm. liree. Glasgow ‘s best-lov ed institution has recently undergone a major facelift to celebrate its centenary year. The new display s are set out thematically with subjects including The Puller: lis‘imrs ()f’l'lit' ('ily and ('rime Am/ Punishment. For details of temporary exhibitions. see Art listings. page ()0.

Pollok House

Pollok Country Park. 2060 l’olloksliaw s Road, 616 64ft). l lam 4pm. £3.20 (£2.20); family ticket £3.60. ()ne of the most elegant 18th century buildings in the country. this historic house features some of the fittest Spanish paintings in Britain from the collection of Sir William Stirling Maxwell.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

2 (‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon 'l'hu & Sat l0am~5pmz l-‘ri & Sun l lam 5pm. Free. A museum of world faiths. featuring a Zen garden. priceless art works from the world's six major religions. Dali's ('lrrisi 0/5111)” .lu/m ()fT/tr' ('mss and the story of religion in Scotland through words and pictures. For details of temporary exhibitions. see Art listings. page ()0.

The Tall Ship At Glasgow Harbour l00 Stobcross Road. 339 0631. Daily 10am—5pm. £3.95 (£2.95); accompanied children free. Find otit about Glasgow‘s maritime heritage on— board the S. l.’ Glen/('1'. the only ('lyde- built sailing ship still afloat in the t'l’s’. Visitors can explore the boat or talk to the crew. and there‘s a range of children's activities. ()n-shore. there is a restaurant in the restored Pumphouse as well as a permanent exhibition space.


ON YOUR DOORSTEP Everything you ever

wanted to know about THE PEOPLE'S STORY

'iri ' L‘s, l/ silt; 1 . t z_.s.,

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2 yrs?) I' zlr‘.‘ 'v I" ,t0 ’1

AS. t c. .. stint >.,. t

history of Euv‘naron s '.()t(l through the eyes of' the peon e .'.":> “axe .ec: and worker: " t'wo ( om.“ tr‘e ceii‘._.r es E‘Zer: ' " " f"e its (entou, a'u fa- "2 .r ." to more f“.()(l:’""- t T"e euro 3c“. covers Iss.:es e” heat", 'e'stz'e and hous no I". eat "‘ set ‘. or" s

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illustrate the <;io'.‘.'.' of ‘.'.o."- ers' "tilts!

((ii ii)(i‘(ill “s Street WOW l“.ll‘(} {or‘ti't‘or‘s

l-oytarri top'uar'

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'ioxet".e'1ts, and the ‘.‘.oinen's rirjiits (tit)'.\;"(’(f or. a photo of a ‘)tti.‘t'(i(;(‘i°.("s (it"l\(it“,{t(itlt)ti on Primes

"ll" Hare 'n‘i)ro.err (()l‘.‘slti(“lrii)l\i sinre l//x1 when testif'er: tm’. The flat“ Street .'.as the naost populous street in all

0* l '_tf'()t)(’ iror-i the t'tlt'l of' the Ni". (enturv, stains xtere ( leaieti and the (II/

expanded into the age (it"(flt’lwi'i {oxan houses of the New town Not everything nas iinn't;.eri opt" tune, as ear». idlil duvets, operator.) ‘Serlan (hairs , had to be

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exper'ient e is fit‘.(‘,l‘li("’(‘(l al. the more m the iarnrliar pra<e names and well— preserved displays Hie wiwiirtion IS rounder: of" by the Pe )ple's Story ‘.’l(l(‘()

\vhere res-(tents of i'tl"‘i‘t'.rttii‘- M o;:"'. t

heir tales of tne city, :nterspersed With film

clips and photos <)?' 1"‘uerione tr, 'l‘.l(itlf("("‘ i‘llt‘r

Fun factor '/ Informative Value for money /

Where is it? the (‘)Ll‘.ii)til()l‘ is at (,(i'ltitntdit' iolhootn on the Royal Mile, Within

easy ‘.‘.’<ili{ltl(} distance of the < :ty (entre

How much is it? t "ee When is it open? lOan:

Spin ~( Iosetl Sun

The Peon/es Story, (arronqate lo/hoot/i, .763 (anonqate, 529 (105/



lmbolc Festival iii to l'cb. (Lillpni. l-‘ree. liolyrood l'nion. llolyrootl Road. :23 Beltane l'ire Society celebrate the (‘eltic Quarter Day which marks the first sign of spring in a fire and drumming show. "the show is suitable for young and old and members of the public cart tic \\ ishcs to a giant sculptural lantern. representing the (elite goddess Brigid.


IS Food Safe? in l6 l'cb. 5pm. l-ree btit ticketed. Royal Society Hi iltlilti‘ttf‘gii.

22 2t» (‘ieorge Street. 240 50f in. the (‘liairman of the liood Standards Agency. l’rof Sir John Krebs. discusses the safety of food.

Crystal: fts Ghosts And Phantoms fire 20 Feb. lpm. £3 it; 1 .5m; children under lS free. Royal .\ltiseum. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 42 l‘). The rare crystals of the museum discussed by Brian Jackson.

Dr Sheena McDonald 'l‘ue 20 Mb. (rpm. l'niyersity ()f lidmburgh. ()ld College. 223 llSS. "the Media We l)eser\ e.. a talk from the journalist. broadcaster and l'niversity of lidinbtirgh alumni. Mission: Possible? Recipes For Restoring The Earth Tue 20 tic-ls ck 'l‘ue

27 l-eb. 6.30pm. L3501L‘250i. (‘entre for Human licology. l2 Roseneath Place. 024 l‘)"2. .\ series of lectures on ideas for improving our local environment. (in life 20 [ch Monica Sjoo gives a slide show to discuss the great cosmic mother. and on "lire 2"" l'eb. 'l'ransport Minister Sarah lioyack .\lSl’ discusses sustainable transport solutions.

Beijing 2000 The Changing Face Of The Chinese Capital Wed 2! l'cb. 2.l5pm. £5. Royal .\ltiseum. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 42l‘). Bruce (‘onnolly discusses the regeneration and environmental improvements currently underway in ('liina‘s capital.

The Future Of Housing For The Public \Vcd 2| l'ci‘. ill.3llaiii. El. Open Door. 420 .\loriiingsidc Road. 447 9757. The future of housing in Scotland is discussed by Scottish llomes‘ Stuart .\'icol.

19th Century Edinburgh wed 2| l-‘eb. l2.30pm. l'rce. liuntly House. l42 ('anongate. 52‘) 4l43. Anne Nix. the Librarian of the lidinburgh Room. gives a talk based on the room's collections. Climate Of The Millennium And Prospects For The Next Century Thu 22 licb. 6.30pm. £3 tt2i. Royal MUseum. 2 ('hambers Street. 247 42l‘). Professor l’hil Jones from the l'niyersity of liast Anglia talks about the future of the world's clitnatc.