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Swedish pianist ESDJOTTT Svensson and his two colleagues. bassist Dan Bergland and drummer Magnus Ostrom. are one of the hot combinations on the European Jazz scene right now. The release late last year of their newest album. Good Morning, SUSIe Soho (ACT). is now followed by this reissue of an earlier disc. originally released on a small Swedish label. EST rarely play mUSlC not written Within the band. but their take on Thelonious Monk's classic tunes is predictably imaginative. and they succeed in treading the difficult line between retaining the essence of Monk's singular genius.

98 THE LIST 1—15 Mar 2001

and investing the music with their own trademark stamp. Worth checking out. and another fine addition to ACT's increaSingly impressive catalogue. (Kenny Mathieson)


TOMMY SMITH Spartacus (Spartacus Records) 0000

Tommy Smith launches his own record label with another gem of a stan- dards album, recorded in New York With a top- notch American rhythm section of Kenny Barron (piano). James Genus (bass) and Clarence Penn

' (drums). Flight from‘ the

gorgeous version of Jimmy Rowles's elegant. timeless classic ‘The Peacocks'. Smith and his collaborators stamp their authority on the music. whatever the mood or tempo. The title track is

not Alex Nonh's familiar “Love Theme from Spartacus. but a new composmon by Smith to celebrate the new venture. and is one of two Original compOSitlonS among the nine tunes. Even warhorses like ‘Bye Bye Blackbird' and ‘l Loves You Porgy' emerge scunding fresh and inventive. An excellent start for the new label. and another significant addition to Smith's creative development. (Kenny Mathieson)



May You Never Lack A Scone (Greentrax)

Jock Tamson's Bairns' first two albums go back to the early 803. so this third disc has been a long time coming. Their live performances since

reforming in 1996 have whetted the appetite fer its arrival, and. happily. it proves well wonh the wait. It is a fine. entirer Characteristic reflection of their deft. highly mUSICal approach. They treat traditional material in respectful but imaginative fashion. whether in songs like ‘Braes O' Gleniffer' (beautifully sung by Rod Paterson) and 'Johnny Sangster'. or in sweetly played sets of instru- mental tunes. anCient

and modern The twin fiddles of Ian. Harde and Derek H01. are Supported by Norman Chafn‘ers Cl‘ concertina. John Crcall's whistle and bodhran. and Paterson's guitar. and everyone pulls their weight in Creating a genuine group somd. (Kenny Mathiesoni


Ewan Pearson Small Change (Somai Essential remix collection from electronica speoalist Pearson aka Maas.


Nikki Forest, Trendy Wendy and Sally Finlay are Edinburgh’s favourite pop tarts. Their regular Thursday night soiree 3 Piece Sweet celebrates its first birthday this fortnight and, with this in mind, the ladies flaunt themselves over

the latest singles releases.

Interview: Catherine Bromley

Sally Finlay Trendy Wen

Nikki Forest:

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