Based Glasgow

Company Style-Literate

Occupation Designer and stylist

Background I studied fashion and management at Glasgow Caledonian University for four years. The styling came about by aCCident! Someone saw my designs and asked if I would style a shoot they were doing and from that I began to do styling jobs on a regular basis.

How and when did you establish your label/business? I‘m still in the process of establishing myself as a designer. but I suppose you could say the styling began at university last year

What kind of clothes do you specialise in? My first and main collection was mainly urban, using waterproof fabrics and heavyweight denims (as shown above). My second collection

was completely different usmg silk prints and linen.

Where do you get inspiration from? I'm sure it's a familiar answer but I took most of my source work for the first collection from Star Wars. I also looked at Japanese styling and architecture but I think you take some inspiration from anything that you do!

What designers influence you? lssey Miyake is my all time favourite deSigner. I also love labels like YMC. Katzen Haus and Hysteric Glamour.

What’s your long-term goal? At the moment I

want to do so many things. I recently did a fashion show called Dressforms at Air Organic and l was overwhelmed by the feedback. so I would probably like to do something similar on a bigger scale. In terms of design I would probably like to have my own store. but that takes a lot of work.

How can we buy your designs? At the moment I only have one-off pieces so it would need to be on an order basis.

What is your own favourite fashion item? That's really difficult. but at the moment its probably a thick cowboy belt I got in New York. but it could also be something really boring but comfy, like my Adidas trainers.

Advice to anyone interested in working in the fashion industry Although I'm just starting out I have learned that you must be determined and prepared to work hard because during these early stages. jobs don‘t always find you. I also believe it's important to be friendly as a lot of jobs are based on word of mouth.

I Sty/e-li'terate, O7 79 006 3957.

www. style/iterate. f9. co. uk


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