19 Jeffrey Street,

557 3622

Mingle With great food, excellent wine and terrific ambience and of course . . Stills Gallery.

coy 0m 23 Cockurn St.

225 1333 deliciously simple French home-cooking. Choc'odile. illy coffee. wine. patisserie. c'est si bon! Tues—Sat. 10am-5pm.

Cafe Odlle at Stills

Cuba Norte

192 Morrison Street. 221 1430 Bienvenidos! Welcome to the

authentic premier palador. Dance. wine and dine in Cuba Norte sunshine.

Elephants & Bagels

Nicolson Square.

668 4404.

Even more elephants and

Scotland's only source of true bagels nutritious. filling. non-fattening. inexpensive & utterly delicious!

The Elephant House 21 George N Bridge. 220 5355.

Hundreds of elephants. the best cappuccino in town.

Great pizzas. original home of

J K Rowling. and fully licensed! FIImhouse FiLMi-ious: 88 Lothian Road. 229 5932. Relaxed. atmospheric cafe bar. serving great value snacks. salads. specials and brilliant cappuccinos 10am till late.

Isabel’s Cafe

83 Clerk Street. 662 4014.

Stone walled smoke-free basement oasis. serving homemade veggie/vegan food - fresh. delicious and cheap.

Scotland's original and best

healthy eating experience.

Salad table/ restaurant. bistro/bar. deli/shop. Eat better. live better.

Henderson’s 94 Hanover Street. 225 2131.

Food & Drink

Advertismg feature Tapas Ole o“ 10 Eyre Place 8. (In! 4A Forest Road. 556 2754/557 5101. 30 different tapas 10 of fish.10 of veggie. 1 0 of meat. Live music. parties welcome.

Wok Bar 26-30 Potterow 667 8594 Freshly cooked. combin:ng flavours of the Far East. including the tastiest dishes from Thailand. Japan. China and Malaysia and the best range of Asian beers.

'0! * IAI



80 Glassford Street 572 0080

Globe trotting menu served 12-7pm everyday plus special Sunday brunch menu. Football. DJs. private parties and drinks promotions.

Bar 10 h 10 Mitchell Lane @1194 572 1448

Contemporary food. wide range of vegetarian dishes. Live jazz Sundays afternoons. DJs and drinks promos.


86 Millers Street 221 1568 Interesting. well~balanced and adventurous (staff and menu). Restaurant food at bar prices. served 12—7 daily (Thu/Fri till


This year Sainsbury's is the maior supermarket sponsor of the Wine 8'08 0‘ Comic Relie‘ ivwvwcomicreliefcom. l: nas Chosen a range of wines from Which ‘03: of the proceeds go directly to the charity. I remember when l was younger. raising money fOr Charity used to invowe some strenuous physical actiVity. so staying at home dnnking seems like the ideal way to help out. Just not so much as to get a real red nose. Ho ho. the humour's )ust

flowmg . . . / ..

Gallo Chardonnay 1998 (£4.99. California) Surer one of the two Wines here that need no introduction. From California's largest Winery. and the world's fav0unte white grape. this Will Surely only be a stranger to the strongest of abstainers. And it's good. With jUSl the right balance of fruit and oak. and no harsh edges. As Chardonnays go it‘s no heavyweight. but that's not always required. Great midweek and party


Gallo Cabernet / ,, Sauvignonieee in... gun (£4.99. California)

Cabernet Sauvignon

is a great grape - you always know (roughly) what you're going to get blackcurrants.

cedar wood. tobacco and the like. This. like its white counterpart. is on the light



(An. * IMK

Mao Cafe Bar

84 Brunswick Street Merchant City. 564 5161 Simple. quick and healthy Far Eastern cuisine. Eating out made easy.

1901 1534 Pollokshaws Road 632 0161. w...

Bar 11.45—11pm (12 Fri/Sat) lunch 11.40—2.50pm. dinner 5—9.30pm. Traditional bar/bistro. est 1901. Southside's original and best drinking den.

Pancho Villas

26 Bell Street. Merchant City.

552 7737. Mexican born owner of Pancho Villas Mayra Nunez hopes to bring some of the real Mexico to Scotland. Buen provecho.


Le Sept

7 Old Fishmarket Close Edinburgh

Lunch and Dinner, Monday to Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday open all day

telephone 0131 225 5428

SOS. 1'. C87 837 E". 98 08 the Y‘a' but)":

be" "3 tact" sta" but 2“ s 3 ‘cr those as"? «e that. A g"t anseeo am”: catner "cse. ‘ruitt wit" a reai ,u c "ess "or cite ‘cma .21" the grape.

Best consume.) o" “assay n ghts. Inycon Syrah 1999 {499. SC {. \cx. "ere's a in ng' a 8,11" S" '01 from Sciy. a":: a :3: o‘ a “no at that. Ste "were MS a Rhone wine t"a‘. it's try ng to mate. b..t very . - much cheaper. Everything yCLl woti d excect is here. a .aicnner‘ti‘ vibrant aroma of parma violets a was 0‘ cl‘oc0late i". the DaCKngtif‘Cl. am a medium bodied palate wt" a touch 3‘ dainso'ts and coffee.

Los Robles Carmenere 2000 (Chi'e. £4.99 Forget (almost) everything you know ab0ut Chilean Merlots. There's a good Chance that most of the Ones you've had befOre aren't actualy Merlot even though they were labelled as such. Recent DNA fingerprinting has proved most of them to be Carmenere. 'ike we have here. A few brave producers have correctly labelled the current Vintage at the risk of alienating the vast range of Merlot lovers. Don't worry though; this is as good as ever, With a green caDSiCum nose and a great plummy. chocolatey palate.

(Gordon Haggartyl

I All Wines available from Sainsbury's. Call 0800 636262 for avai/abi/ity

. restaurant .

Sat 24March If-

garland." Belgium

. “man lane .0 0141342 .4966

.2 pairs of brilliant upper’stend tickets ' . drinks or lunch of moules or'steak. V

" with frites at brel

tunes by brel and GainsboUrg ' 1 drinks before the” game at hampden a pie and a cup oftea at half time ' drinks after the game at Hampden transport to and from brel ' sponsored by Hoegaarden

‘il‘W. t.-

1. Which famous piece of artillery has a name which combines a Belgian town with a Scots

footballing team? 2. What was Magritte’s shoe size?

-t'il.ul' '. n-

1—15 Mar 2003 THI LIST 105