A CELEBRITY DUDE WRITE8 Re: The Dude Lite (issue 400)

You won't believe this. out am just now getting my feet back on the gr0und from my WOfld-Wlde book tOur. ‘And breathe- 2-3-4!’

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the artICIe Brian Donaldson did on me. He pretty much captured the Bart in me - thanks. man.

Nancy Cartwright



Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407) After reading yOUr article on up and coming bands. I feel that you have made one glaring omISSion: Ancient Monsters. I saw them recently play at the 13th Note Cafe (along with Sputniks Down) and they stole the show with their acoustic/electronic sound.

Johnny Graham

via email

(This was one of three uncanni/y similar letters about the Ancient Monsters: Ed. )

WHAT DID DELAWARE? Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407) You missed out a very good band called The Goldenhour. You also forgot another fab band Delaware. No name supplied via e-mail HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407) Rumour has it that Aerogramme sound like Mogwai with more hair. These bands sound nothing alike. Have you guys listened to Bellweather? They sound like a really bad cover of Will Oldman who is nothing even close to the cabaret racket that the Divine Comedy present. Bespoke? C'mon guys! This is a band that has been around for about ten years playing the same derivative. bland nonsense. The youngest of the lot is around 75 years old. Yeah, ‘new music'. Cherryfire Ashes: the thirtysomething goth-pop prick that leads this group should be shipped off to some weirdo island to form a Cult. Stop encouraging him. And to even call the Whiteroom a band is more than enough. What possessed you to put their name in the same sentence as Iggy Pop? Tam Edinburgh (no address supplied) POINT TAKEN Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407) You forgot Single Point of Light! A lively,

The Tfestle At Pope Lick Creek Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh

Caroline Antique assessor

It was very good.and beautifully staged. l was gripped all the way through.

unsigned Glasgow-based four-piece with an abundance of energy. strong vocals and well crafted. atmospheric tunes. They are playing the 13th Note residency in March. Their Two Days EP is available on PeopleSOundcom. Websrte: wwwpointoflightcouk.

Sharon McHendry

vra e-mai/


Re: Time to give bands a hand (issue 407) When slagging off Scotland's musical infrastructure. Doug Johnstone failed to mention certain reviewers' blatant disrespect for young bands. ie his. Instead of looking at the positive aspects of my band's recent support slot with ballboy. Doug was completely negative in his criticism [in The Evening News].

If he did not like the songs then that is fair enough. but was there any need to be so deliberately spiteful? ‘Monkey-boy Brit rock“: what does that actually mean? The most positive thing he said was 'reasonable Verve-type space-rock'.

What chance do young bands have if faced with this kind of criticism? I bet he is a failed musician anyway.

Steven Shade Chimaera via e-mai/

LAB RETORT Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407) I feel disappointed on two counts. Firstly you did not portray Spylab for what we are - we certainly do not consider ourselves to be a 'backing‘ to SOphie Bancroft's vocals - nor are we separate entities. There was also the suggestion that This Utopia is an album written by Sophie herself. and not us as a collective group.

Secondly, I find it strange that The List (wider regarded as the definitive guide to music and club scene in Scotland) should write an article on such a subject without including Spylab. In the last year alone we have already accomplished:

- signing a two-album deal to one of the world's top independent dance labels.

- securing a part score in the soundtrack to Alan Ball’s (American Beauty writer) latest drama Six Feet Under on the US network HBO.

- having a promo video filmed for our third single (“Celluloid Hypnotic') by BAFTA-winning Scottish film director Morag McKinnon.

- being selected to headline (with support from Matrix soundtrack writer Jason Bentley) at the Soho Lounge in the

Donna Artist

It was really good. very touching. I cried at the end.

South by Southwest festival in Austin. Texas on 13 March this year.

- appearing on Radio One's Breezeblock playlist three times since the beginning of the new year.

- securing a ten-city tour of the United States for this Summer.

How many of the bands featured in yOur top 50 can claim such a haul of accomplishments?

Kenny Spylab via e-mail


Re: the sex Issue (issue 406)

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Allan Radcliffe's article on ‘Sex in Scotland'. It was informative and

hopefully will have helped people see that

those involved in this industry are not all weird or perverted.

There was one thing missing. Your survey showed that 33% of people have done it. you carry adverts for the service and you carry a recruitment ad for staff: yet the article didn't mention chatline operators.

I am a chatline operator. I live in Edinburgh and I do receive a lot of calls from guys in this area. Most of them are perfectly decent blokes with 'normal'

sexual needs. Most of them do get off on

it and sometimes I do too! If I had a pound for every caller who wanted to meet me or gave me his number. I could afford to give up my day job. If I had a pound for every one I've actually met. I could buy a meal in McDonalds. l have a lot of fun doing the job. but I don't have to do it as a full-time thing and I know that I couldn't. Carrie Chet vr'a e-mai/

h .

(Iowan Actor

the show. It


I really enjoyed

was beautifully

Bart thum s up to

The List



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and insig tful Show. Well worth seeing.

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