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Flatshare Cont’d




I Room to rent in flat on Meadows. Single box room it] beautiful ntodertt. clean flat. Mail I .\|ar for 4 weeks poss indelinite. Ideal for ltolida} ittaker/newl} arrived itt lidinburglt. 15 min walk l’rinces St. l’ref prof. All tttod cotts.

.’\\ ail intttted £55 pw. ittel bills. excl phone. Phone after 5.30pm 0|3| 530 90l3/0. .\|: 07879 4228l4.

I Spacious double room .\'ewington/l lol} rood/( ‘ow gate/ Lauriston l’lace area. required for postgt‘ad working person. Must ltax'c nice bathroottt attd kitcltett. £200 pettt approx + bills. 0T 3T 002 9098.

I Single room in lo\‘Cl}, 3 bedroottt flat. located itt New'ington. next to ()deott. all tttod cons. 0 month contract. n/s. £220 pettt + bills. Tel John 0131 008 L542 or 0777 1594403.

I Friendly flatmate required for easy-going flat. overlooking the Meadows. Large bright. single roont. (3(‘ll. all ntod eotts. sharing

w itlt 4 others. .-\\'ail intnted. Bargain at £|00 pettt + bills. ('T & dep. (‘all 0l3| 278 407 l. I Room available, in large. spacious. West lind. cit) centre llat. Would sttit eas} going male or fentale. pref n/s. ax'ailable. large. double bed- room. £200 pent. + (‘H. + bills + ("T1 .-\\‘ail l0 March. Tel: 07855 045394.

114 THE LIST 1—15 Mar 200'.)

I Short term tslat‘l .\|are|t. ettd June) let. itt lotel}. single t'oottt opposite 'Tt'axers Tlteatre. Yer} friettdl}. cottttttttttal. 5 per- son flat. Stiit open-tttittded worker/[taxcllcr/studcnt. £200 pettt ittc. (‘T + bills. (i('||. Tel: 0|3l 229 5272 or 07730 000902.

I Bruntsfield flat, bright single roottt at'ailable. £205 pent + ("II l’rolcssional female or post graduate prefert'cd Tel: 0l3l 229 3902.

I Box room available itt lt)\'L‘l_\. Bruntslield flat. Double gla/ittg. (i('ll. all tttod eons. To share witlt 2 others. .\'/s pre- ferred. Mail | Mar. £l45 pettt + ('T + Bills. Te|: 0|3l 2298900. I Female wanted, for sitt— gle roottt. itt bright. .\lorningside flat. to share w itlt 2 others. a\‘ailable end of Felt. £220 pcttt + ('T. + bills. Tel: 0l3l 447l998.

I Central, large double roottt. excellent shared facili- ties. sttit couple. Tel: 0l3| 452 8727 or 07808 2978l2

I Polwarth, bright, spa- cious bedroom ix attractixe box roont. Both furnished. To share with 1 person tk I eat. All ntod. cons. Near good btts routes. £200 pent. £l25 pent + ("T + bills. Tel: Rachael 0| 3| 228 42ll or 07774 |4l820.

I Double bedroom sett- cotttaitted ow n shower aitd

tow er itt prixate house. shops tk buses nearb}. no |)SS. 2 refs before entr}. £48 pw per person in tttlHlllL‘L‘. £03 p“ for .2 peo- ple. .\'o bills. 0|3l 55| 5437.

I Female wanted to share brigltt. attractixc. l.eitlt Walk flat. littrnislted dottble roottt. atail end March for cats) -going. 20 or 30 sotttetlting. £250 pcttt ittel (‘T + bills. (‘all 0l3l 470 2370.

I Attractive room in spa- ciotts attd musical l.eitlt flat. lixcellent bus routes. £2l5 pent. Tel 0| 3| 554 0344.

I Massive room available iit sunny. seaside l’ortobello flat. l’ref n/s. prof female w ant- ed to share witlt 2 other females. £300 pent ittcl ('T + bills. l’ltonc 0l3l 057 l00l or 07904 255720.

I Room available in quiet. farttt cottage. near Rickarton. lias} public transport ittto ('it}.|5 tttiits. Secluded garden. l’eace attd quiet for £ l 70 pent + electricit} + phone. Tel: 0|3l 449 002 l.

I Very desirable spacious room itt attractive central llat tliaster Road) for employed person to share w itlt one other tttale. .-\l| tttod cons (cable TV) sttit tid). n/s. £200 pent + phone calls. (‘all (ll3l 477 4072.

I City centre absolute stun- itiitg. large luxur} turnished room withttt eas_\ -gotng totallx relurb flat. top ot rattge - must stew? .v\|| bills incl. £79 per week + tlL‘l‘ £250 tsot‘l'} [to “$5 or studetttst. 0|4l 5803818 or o‘itit 232537.

I Marchmont room, ;t\.lll ttt attractixe. w ell-equipped friendl} flat. .v\l| tttod cons. .\|ust be nxs student. £220 pcttt + bllls. (‘all (ll3l 00.8 .3304.



I Morningside (Maxwell st) n/s prolcssional female to share clean. well decorated. 3 bedroom flat w itlt 2 others from l5 .\|are|t. (i('ll. \\‘.\|. Sll.

£2 l0 pent. 'TL‘l lll 3T 447 T457. I Newington two rooms itt Tl'lL‘lltll) flat. single roottt attd double roottt. £l35/£l45 pitt + ("T + bills. .\litt lease 0 ntntlts. (i('ll/l)(i. parking. 0|3| 008 43 I0.

I Room to let. a\ailable ettd of March. Double bedroom. itt tttodcrtt flat. stiit )ttllllg profes— sional. prelerablx n/s. car park- iitg atailable. £300 pcttt inclu- sixe. no extras. ('otttaet Amanda oit 07803 0428l2.

I Room to let in l’ttlwat-ttt flat sharing with 3 students. :\\ailab|e lllllllctllillcl). Tel: 0l3l 2295308.

I Flatmate wanted for stmn} Roseburtt flat West (iarden. £|07 pent + ('T + bills. 'TL‘l (ll3l .337 0294.

I Large double room in lo\el) (‘ollington flat. tranquil tk beautiful surroundings. fetttale. tt/s required. prelerabI) \egclai‘ian. a\ailable iitttttctli- ale|_\'. £225 pent + bills + ('T. 'TL‘lI 0403 3.3445l ot‘ L‘\Cs (ll .3l 44l 0l97.

I Mature student required to share flat in l’ot'lobcllo. Double room. (lose to sea. pubs. buses. Satellite TV. All ittod. cons. £200 pcttt + bills. 0|3l 057 I545.

I Large room available fot' ga} ft‘iettdl}. ntalc. Tlattttate. itt n/s. spacious. \ewittgtott flat. Sharing witlt 2 others. £l00 pcttt + deposit + bills. Tel: Mark or Keith 0| 3| 008 2230. I Laid back flatmate witlt (iS()ll wanted. to share well appointed. 2 bedroont. Stockbridge flat. Big bright double roottt. l’rof. smoker pref. £250 pent + bills. Tel: 0|3l 3|5 3033 alter 0 pttt.

I Spacious, sunny room with balcott} & great \ iews itt friendl} fami|_\ home. (‘lose to Botaitics ck amenities. Sttit sitt- gle professional or student. £250 pcttt ittc. bills. Tel: 07989 845438.

I New Town, Northumberland Street. Vet} large 2 bed flat. high ceil- ings. wood floors. ntarblc fire- places tltrougltottt. All tttod. eons. £050 pcttt itte. ("T. ltot water. ('ll. Tel: 0|3l 2l5 5058 or 07957 340398.

I Flatmate sought, for spacious. central flat. £240 pcttt trom .-\prtl. To suit post gradu- ate student. Tel: 0|3l 050 23l8 d‘a_\s. 0| 3| 5.57 8505 morns.

I Large double room axailable tit colourful New Town flat. lin suite ltatltroottt. (it'll, wooden floors through- out. To share w itlt 4 others. .-\\atlab|e 0103. £230 pettt + ("II Tel: 0| 3| 550 344k

I Stylish double bed- room fot‘ rcttt Ill modern flat tlL‘\L‘lopl|lclll. cit} centre of lidittburglt. £300 pent Tel: 07730 809 305

I Friendly person want- ed tor large roont. tn central. lidinburglt flat. l.aurtstott l’ark. Ideal for students. £2 3.8 pcttt. a\at|a|tle front I ltlt .\lare|t. Tel: 0l3| 478 22l8.

I Double room in lil‘lllllsllt'ltl. 'l'ollc'loss. double bed platform. iit \et'_\ comfort able flat. share with 2 others. dog ts cat. £200 pcttt. including gas tk electricity ldcal lol' mature \llltlt‘lll/}ttllllg profes- sional. Tel: 0|3l 229 3073.

I Room in city centre flat. £220 pcttt + Itills + (‘T. Tel: 077l| 50937l.

I Attractive, single room to rent. for £280 pcttt inclusixc. Sltarittg with l other tx fricttdlx eat. ltt lidittburglt. l‘t‘l‘l'} Road area. Tel: 0l3l 5383705.

I Comfortable, friendly accttttttttodalion a\ailable itt Trittit} l’lat. off street parking. garden. all ittod cons. Near Botanicals tx Victoria Kc}. just ofl l'aii' Road. Rent negotiable. Tel: 0l3l 5522l75. or 0779 00l T08.

I Double room in attractit e. spacious. l.eitlt flat. Professional. n/s [it share w itlt one otlter. £220 pcttt + bills. Tel: 0l3l 554 5473.

I Young professional wanted to share. full} fur~ nislted flat. itt l.eitlt area. w itlt l other. available front lst April. £290 pent. itteludittg ("T tx bllls. To \iew call (‘olllt on

0| 3| 002 003.8 or 0| 3| 554

5 I40.

I Luxury flat in Leith to share with female post gradu- ate. £400 pcttt including bills + ("II Suit _\oung professional. t‘cltt less for sltltlctll. Tel 07720 305900.

I Flatmate wanted for single room itt colourful flat. iit sUlll|_\ l.eitlt. l‘etttale. n/s shar- iitg with 2 others. £l50 pcttt + bills + ('T. Tel: (icorgie 0l3l 554 3522. :\\ai|able immediate- I}.

I One person required for' single room itt large. friend- l_\ Hat. Sharing with 4 others. New Town area. 10 tttitts frottt Princes Street. £200 pcttt itte. bills. .-\\ailable immediater Tel: (minor or John 0| 3| 557 l44 l. .\|on-l"ri after 0 pitt. Weekends an_\time.