Flatshare Cont’d

I Sunny room to let in 2 bedroom flat just off London Road. sharing vv ith one fetnale. All ltiotl eons, vvootlen floors & open fires. Available l7 March £230 pcm including ("l‘ + bills. 'l'el 0l3l 66l 0258.

I Double bedroom avail- able ill bright. full} furnished flat. l0 mins walk from (it) ('entre. Mod cons + 2 lit'ielttll) blokes included. (iS()ll required. no serial killers. sot‘l‘}. £210 pcm. + ("ll + bills. 'l‘el: 078ll 378835.

I Non smoking profes- sional female required to share lovelv flat vvith one other. quiet area close to City centre. £200 pent + bills. Tel 0|3l 66l 252l or 078(36 273347.

I Small double room. in central. .3 bedroom flat. vvitlt large living rootn & balconv liscellent vievvs of Arthur's seat. Available immediater £240 pent + ("l‘ + bills. No l)SS. N/s preferred. 'l‘el: Ingrid 0| 3| 557 2797.

I Single room, in lovel_v‘. 3 bedroom flat. All mod cons. (3 month contract. ii/s. £220 pem + bills. 'l'el: John 0| 3| (3(38 l542 or 0777 l590463.

I Flatmate wanted, for Nevvington flat. vv ith 3 other. stttoking females. single room. U75 pctn + bills. Students pre- ferred. 'l'el: 0| 3| (367 7l54.

I Single room available it] bright. central flat. Sharing vvith l other. Stiit voting. pro- fessional. ga_v male. £220 pcm inc. some bills. 'l'el: Alan 0| 3| 557 4153.

I Fabulous room avail- able in spacious. Marchmonl tlat. Sttit easvgoing. profession- al person. £240 pcm + ("l' + bills. 'l'el: 0| 3| 446 0652.

I Sunny room available in ground floor Marclnnont flat to share vv ith 2 independent others. stiil mature student or professional. £220 pctti + ("l‘ + bills. 'l'el 0|3l 229 5318.

I Double 8. single room. available to rent in Marelnnont flat. Sharing vvilh 4 others. friendlv. relaxed atmosphere. £206 petn. U80 pem + ("[1 Available immediater 'l’el: ()l3l 447 2779.

I Large room, in tidv. Marchmont flat available 0l/03. sharing vvitlt 2 others. Large kitchen & living room. WM. (‘ll U70 pent + bills. 'l‘el: ()l3l 447 9891.

I Newington large single room to let. all facilities. near Meadovvs Park. no l)SS. no bills. 'l'el 0|3l (3(38 2863 or 07720 458391.

I Single room, in recently refurbished . Marchmont flat. Suit professional female. n/s preferred. £225 petn. + bills + ("[2 Tel: 0|3l (3(37 (35(37 or ()7855 0(35496.

I Haymarket, single room. in spacious flat. shared kitchen tv bathroom. all mod cons. (i('|l. no bills. no l)SS. £58pvvfliel10l3l 667 6338,

I Large room in ver_v spa- cious (irange/Nevv ington house. stiit 20-something vvanting to be part of fun 8 frientllv house~ hold. (i('ll. WM. available l0 March. U90 pem + ("l‘ + bills. 'l'el 0l3l 6(37 0589.

I Single room in Blackfortl flat. available 0l/04. ('lose to KB. stiit mature student or post graduate. U70 pem + bills. 'l'el: l’liil 0| 3| 667 4978 eves. ()l 3| (3504805 tla} s.

I Single room available. iii large flat. stiit mature student or post graduate. U70 pem + bills. 'l‘el Phil on 0l3| (350 4855 or ()I 3| (3(37 0978 evenings.

I Single room available in large house Blackford flat close to KB. sttit mature student or post grad. U70 petn + bills. 'lcl l’llil 0| 3| (3504805 tlit} - little or 0| 3| (367 4978 eves.

I Single room in (ioldenacre gorgeous 2nd floor flat. All mod cons pltts large lounge. kitclten and dining room. [200 pem + bills + ("l. avail 20 Marclt.

Wotild stiit friendl_v aitd socia- ble n/s (sorrv no l)SS) ('ontact Alison f \v/e /eves: 0| 3| 552 3(329 or mobile 0775 l44272l) I Newington sunny room vvilh bedloft. sanded floor. (i('ll and garden. 3260 pm. no bills. ()l3l (3(32 942l

I Close to City Centre - Smallish single room iti nevvlv dec/fttrn shared flat

off l.eitlt Walk. £55 p/vv inc c/t & bills - Tel: 0131 557 864]

I One double room avail- able in large clean ground floor. main door marclnnont flat. Sharing vvith 3 students. (i('ll. l)(i. all mod cons. Stiit .\'/S prof or student. £2l5 pent + bills. ('ontact Richard 0| 3| 44(3 0530 or 0797l 024(343.

I N/s professional to share 3 bedroom. Al cit_v centre flat. £285 pctn (incl ("l‘lbills/cleaner/skvsport). ('all Duncan 0131 (356 507i (dav) ()l3l 3l5 2%7 (eve). ()7884 ll.3 527 (mob)

relation to those sites.


I Easy going but tidv flat- tnate vvanted for comfv l)a|keith Road flat to share vvilh tvvo others. Big single rooin vv'ith basin. vvootlen lloor. large ettpboard. .\'/S otll}. U95 pem pllls bills. share ("[1 Phone John on 0| 3| (3(32 4479. I Polwarth Gardens Spacious single room (south- facing bavvvindovv) avail in

flat vvith 3 laidback male stu- dents. Sharing bathroom and large kitchen. (i(‘l|. Mature stu- dent pref. U90pcm + bills. Avail novv. ('all 228 94(32 in eves or leave a message.

I Country Cottage l.ecturer looking for flatmate to share modern 3 bed house on farm. just south of citv bv pass tstiit prof or mature student). (iarden. good vievvs ck vvalks. (i('ll ck all mod cons. Btises to cit_v centre 25 mins btit ovvn transport ttseftil. limail: bren- dan(" clan.cotn or

leave message on 445 7343.

I Double room in large shared flat t2 others) ('enlral. t.\|ontgomerv St.) All amenities entr_v March. large kichen. shared living room. 2 bath- rooms. stllt professional

£250 iticl ("l~ pcm. Angie 0| 3|- 452 2245 da_v 0|3| 556 4379


I Easter Road Area l~'ullv Furnished l'ilat. . (iootl si/etl l.ivingroom / Kitchen. Double Bedroom. Single Bedroom. Bathroom vv itli lilectric Sliovv'er. livcellent Storage. £425 pctn + Bills. No l)SS .‘l'el 0l3l 555 I036.

I Stockbridge spacious room ill vv ell appointed flat available for laid back

flatiitate vv ith sense of humour. l’refessional smoker preferred. Rent 250 pm +

Bills. ('all 0| 3| 315 3033 after (3pm.

I Large double room in bright. spacious .\'evv 'l'ovvn flat sharing vvith one other. Nevvlv decorated and furnished. ful|_v equipped flat. Suit prof/arts n/s person. £200 pctii + bills. 0| 3| 558 I675.

I Double Room in quirk_v liaster Roadl‘lat. (lav/Lesbian friendl'v. Sharing vvilh laid back female ovvner. Stiit relaxed prof or student. All titod cons. living room etc. £250 pm (includes some bills) + deposit. Avail novv. ('all lnga 0l3| 66l 3|9|. I Bruntsfield big, bright beautiful a unfurnished flat for tvvo to let. 2 bedrooms. bath- room. living kitchen. (i(‘ll. References required. Available from April. £490 + deposit. ()l3| 22l 0304 after 6pm.

I Lovely large room avail- able in central flat. sharing vvilh 2 cats and 2 humans. (i(‘ll. Mod cons. .\'/S. £230pm + Bills + ("l'a.\. Phone 07799 600 720. 0l3l2298230.

I City Centre (it‘eilt Stuart Street. l-tillv furnished 3 bed- rootn. top floor flat to share vvilh tvvo people. l’ovver shovver. nevv kitchen. large living area. (i(‘|l. WM. micro & 'l'.\'. Suit prof female. n/s. £285 pein & ("I & Bills. Please contact Mark or ('hristie - All - ()l3l 22(3 2839.

I Female flatmate want- ed for a lover split level l.eith flat vv ith balconv and panoramic vievv of the ('ilv. (i(‘ll. vvooden floor attd all mod cons.

sharing vvilh one professional female. £240 + ("l. and bills. (‘ontaet 07932 724 289.

I Single box room to rent in modern beautiful Hat on the Meadovv s. Avail l .-\pl‘ for 4 vveeks. possibilit} of illtlt‘litiite. Ideal for holidav maker / nevv l_v arrived in lidinburgh,

l5min vvalk Princess Street. l’ref prof. All mods ts eons. Avail immed. £55 pvv. incl bills. e\c| phone. Please phone aft 5:30pm ((1 ()l3l 530 90l3/(3 M: ()7879 422 814

I Lovely flat available to right person. sharing vv ith 2 oili- el's ill Southside. near to ('ameron 'l‘oll. 2 miles cit) cen- tre ts b_v pass. All mod cons - definatelv not a student pad / no couples - sorrvf Mtist be lid} and Ms. male or female. 25+. £290 pm. Interestetl‘.’ - call

Slev ie on 0| 3| (366 I686 or 077409 29748. or etnail lo : ste- v iandrcvv s(“ hotmailcom

I Friendly, laid-back per- son for large room in fantastic 2-bedroom flat. just off Broughton St. (lav frientllv . 325 pounds pcni + bills 8 ("ll Available immediatelv. ('all Mal'ek on 0| 3| 556 I692.

I Newington double rooin available in 2 bedroom llat. Well equipped. vv ell positioned. Suit voting prof. £220 petn + bills. 0|3l (3(38 l752.

I Bright boxroom vv illl

skv light. iii sunnv. spacious. and friendlv Marclnnont

flat. lilec. Shovv er. (i('ll. Washing Machine. U50 pem + bills + (“II £250 deposit. Avail l5 March. 'l'el: 0l3| 447 5952. I Room (n/s) in Marchmont. U50 pm + ("l‘ + Bills. (‘all Bill on (0|3l ) 229 4l04.

t "'l





I FIatshare/double room minutes from cit) centre. (irangemouth /l.tim|e_v Street. 9.50 pvt/£200 pctn. ('all 01324 871627 eves. 0778 8 l 70 29(3 mobile adk for Scott.

ST ANDREWS I Student looking for sill-

gle room vvith other students for

.3ths this summer. rent no more than £220 pctit btit prefer- abl_v near to (‘it_v centre. Tel 07980 (3084l l or 01334 472782.


I Large, double room in comfortable. West lind flat. to share vvith 2 others. All mod cons, vvootlen floors. (K'll. WM. 6‘; shovver. £26| pem + deposit. including ("[1 Available |(3th March. ref essential. to

v ievv call (’aroline on 07957 558576.

I Large double room in comfortable West lind flat to share vvith 2 others. all mod cons. vvootlen floors. (iC‘ll. WM. shovver. etc. £26l pctn + deposit (inc ("ll Available l6 March. Refs essential. To vievv call (‘aroline 07957 558576.


Flatshare Wanted


I Central double room vvanted. l’rofesstonal female seeks quiet flat around ('haring (‘ross or (iarnelhill. Ma\ {250 tincltiding billst negotiable l’el 0795047| 3M.


I Friendly, fun loving. professional female trecenllv l‘t‘llll‘ltt‘tl littlll ov t'l‘st‘as)

seeks one of [Wu tillicl's to search for flat to rent l|| ('enlral lidinburgh

area. linlrv date April. l)rinkers"smokers preferred. tel: 07796268544,

I I’d like to rent a llal \\llll other students Ill the at) centre this summer. I need a single room and l atn vvilltng to pav about £200 pm. .lune. .lulv and August. (‘ontael ittc on 079806084l l.

I Tall Edinburgh Gothic tnale (30s) seeks (ioth/l’unk/Metal feiitale for cttddles and deep conversation. Box No 402/8.

I A wild waterfall and a deep loc‘ll. Attractive. llllL'lll gent redhead (32). loves life. the outdoors. music. arts. Wlfl'M deep btit fun man vvitll a passion tor something. Ma_v have travelled? Bov .\'o. 408/l I Fun female artist 30s. Slint attractive 5‘ l0" tall. coun- lr) girl vvho enjovs nights ottt lll (ilasgovv Seeks gorgeous vvack) real man vvitll a brain! Bo\ \o. 408/2

I Male, 34, tall attractive. professional. genuine and car— ing. Wide interest including culture. keeping fit. travel. socialising. WlIl‘M attractive intelligent tenlale 20s-30s for fun. lt'olics and possible romance. lidinburgh. l’hoto tq3preciated.. Bov .\'o. 408/3

I Glasgow professional male 3|. 5ft 8ins. Looking for female aged 27 to 34 for friend- ship. Interested in cinema. trav- el. arts. clubbing. music. l atn avvaiting _vour repl_v. Box No. 408/5

I Sporty fun loving tall blonde. 30 )L‘itl' oltl girl seeks n/s bo_v of a similar age to vvork otit and pla) together.

Box No. 408/6

I Youthful tall dark gluin- otirotis 50 )ear old seeks tall attractive male age 45-55 n/s vv'lto vvill make me latigh. l enjo} cinema. music. travel and atn open to adventure. Box .\'o. 408/9

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