How to reply to a BOX NUMBER

All you have to do is send your letter to:

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE


or at the McLelIan Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall St Glasgow G2 3EH

and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number Clearly in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week.

If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

Personal Cont’d

I Brown eyed Belfast girl. mid 30s. enjoys lilms. eat- ing otit and good company seeking humourcd professional male. not bad looking. lor friendship and possibly more. Box No. 408/l0

I Creative, unconven- tional, unattached male. late yet young 40s - \K'III’M my soulmate l'or galliyanting: slitn. wily bohctnian woman with wicked smile and penchant for the rock/blues. weird cinema. curious cuisine. Box .\'o.

408/l I

I Widowed professional male tnid 40s. Attractiye humuorous btit with no idea ol‘ how to meet women would like to meet one. Iidinburgh Area. Box .\'o. 408/l2

I 32 year old blonde. tall and attractive woman seeks pas- sionate. caring man aged 20 to 42. l atn professional. single and have wide interests. from culture to nature. Photo appreci- ated. Box No. 408/20

I Tony or Tommy or Montpellier 'I‘errace. ('heltenham. help? I lost your letter which I really liked. Please write again? Box No. 407/3

I Tall Edinburgh Gothic male l30sl seeks (ioth/I’unk/Metal female for cuddles and deep conyersation. Box .\'o. 402/8.

I Happy New Year man seeks Ilappy New Year woman. He. professional. graduate. left of centre. with a liking for books. classical music. cinema. beaches in winter. good nosh. good talk. gardens. laughter and hugs. You. 38+. Very much your own person but also hav- ing serious intent to lind some- one to share and grow with. So no disco dancers or llibbertigib- bets! Box No 405/l.

1 16 THE LIST 1—15 Mar 2000

I Genuine, vibrant, warm, handsome prol’essional single tnale. 54. seeks slim. prolcsslonal lady lor ltr. sense ol~ humour and sincerity. Prerequisites. loyes music. laughter. trayel and eyery - thing good in lite. Box No. 4ll()/I 7

I Professional Male, 40s, wide range ol' interests including theatre. opera. literature. ja/x. lootball. hills. good l-ood and being l‘emale sometimes. \VIII‘M interesting independent woman. Box .\'o. 400/l8

I Xander seeks willow to llIl girll‘riend shaped hole in tile. .\le nearly 30 but yottng at heart. Iidinburgh based. Box .\'o. 407/2.

I Attractive professional male 30s. Intelligent. creatiye. happy. slim and lit. seeks slim Iidinburgh woman. Beautil‘ul inside and out. Box .\'o. 407/4. I Duracell Bunny, 21, into disco bouncing and yerbal llips seeks l‘tmky. quirky honey. 20-25. lidinburgh area. Box .\'o. 407/l5. I Warm, attractive, sensi- tive young looking early 30s woman \\'l.'l'.\l littniot'ous com- passionate emotionally mature talI-ish man for fun and l‘riend- ship and maybe more. Box No. 407/5.

I Tall good-looking mttsi- cian seeks slim beauty ol‘ any race (20-35i with shared taste l'or sweet music. extrayagant dinners and tray el tlidinburghl. Box .\'o. 407/0.

I Handsome devil, Glasgow based gtty 3] "good looking" with (}S()l-l seeks west coast girl with sense ol‘ adven- ture. lnto moyies. eating out. pttbbing and other alcohol orien- tated pursuits. Boy .\'o. 407/7.

I Female professional lit arty. l'un. young 30. I-‘riends mar- ried or in couples. \\'I.'I'.\l other straight females for girls night ottt. laughs. chats and shopping etc. (ilasgow. Bo\ .\'o. 407/8. I Put some shine back in my lite? Laidback. slim. profes- sional. culturally interested Glasgow male. 35. with a passion {or rubber seek similar l‘emale soulmate l‘or tun times. Box .\'o. 407/l0

I Cock Seeks frock Debauchee llt‘ly'olotts 40st desires deprayed. ideally trise.\— ual Delilah (thrusting 30s. with licorice lctisli) w lio‘s spoiling for an oiling. aching back and crutches. I-‘airmilehead would dojttst nicely. Box No. 407/l l. I Happin attached Edinburgh woman 50s look— ing to extend social circle seeks other women l'or walking. gal- leries. cinema. eating out. ski- ing. conversation and laughs. Box No. 407/l 2.

I Very innocent but slight- ly naughty man (extremely gor- geous. mid-thirty. (ilasgow) looks l‘or most charming woman to explore geography ol‘ passion. amusement and pl/ltt eating. Box No 408/l5.

I Glasgow male attrac- tive 3‘). dark auburn hair. blue eyes. athletic. artistic and pas- sionate. Seeks sensual woman

( 18-40) lor a bit ot' bacchanalia. I’lioto appreciated. Box No 408/10.

I Businessman (36) 6ft, gay. sticcessl'ul broad-shoul— dered. tanned and Inn seek soulmate (2 l 38) for good times. dining out. trayel. romance and making lite worth- while. (ilasgow/Iidinburgh :\.I..:\ with photo. Bo\ .\'o. 400/59

I Good-looking, tall, dark blonde. tt/s. gay male dog owner. lidinburgh (3] i. lit. sort- ed and uncomplicated. \VIII’M someone for eyenings in or out. hopefully leading to l-3-l. Box No. 407/50.

I Gay woman, 40s, attrac- tiye. I’bl). discreet. sensitiye. likes walking. eating out. trayel. cinema. \VIII'M similar rioti- scene. to share moments ol l‘ree time. (ilasgow area. Box No. 407/5 l.

I Young gay guy 24

l.o\ es lite and people. New to lidinburgh. Wants to meet new pals or someone special to make me laugh. l.o\e all lad- tlish actiy ities. .\'o complicated situations need apply. l’hoto appreciated. Box No. 407/53 I Professional gay female, 2‘). Ms L‘llltiys lilms. trayel. line wine and good chat. \\'l.'I'.\l new l'riends with simi- lar interests. (ilasgow/lidinburgh. Box .\'o. 407/54.

I Sports mad Edinburgh gay tnale. 35. S/.-\. l.ikes most sports. cinema. music and books. Seeks similar soulmate to enjoy pursuits on and oil the playing lield. Box .\'o. 408/50 I Good looking, intelli- gent, lit. genuine gay man (33) seeks similar l-or good times and w ho know s what else. (ilasgow area. Into tisual ‘l.isty" things. t:\l.:\\\'l’l. Box No. 408/5l

I Gay female 308 linjoys most things in lite. \\'l.'l‘.\l siti- cere. sociable. easy going female for lun and l‘riendship. laughter and maybe more. Iidinburgli/(ilasgow area. Box No. 408/53.

B.O.G.O.F offerll (ilasgow professional gay gtiy. west end. medium btiild. likes

nights in and out. trayelling. theatre. l.isty things. Seeks similar yottnger gtty l8-30 tor fun times. laughs. maybe more. Why w ait'.".’ Box NO. 408/53

I Attractive gay female, 5|. interests include keeping lit and healthy. cinema. trayel and good l'ood. WIII‘M similar atti- mal loyer with (iS()ll lor Inn and l'riendship/lll. .\'on scene. Bo\ No. 408/54.

I Bi/gay who knows? Single prolcssional woman 30s. pretty. slitti. discreet. sensitiye. liutnottrous. likes sport. trayel- ling. red wine. good chat \\'I.'I'.\l attractiye. non-scene woman with similar interests. Box No 408/55.

I Attractive 38 year old gay man seeks lriendship and possible relationship. I atn

w itty. social kind and serious and lime an arts base job iii lidinbtngh. Photo with letter please. IIU\ No. 408/50.

I Male 30 in Glasgow seeks similar SA/SI. good look itig bloke hopel'tilly lot' I Z—l. l.ikes cinema. theatre. come- tly/cliecsy musicals & cosy nights in. lio\ No 408/57.

I Attractive, slim and liosoltly lcltlale. .‘l. seeks \illils lat'. .-\ll letters answered. lio\ No.407/55.



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