9 I saw you .\lel. at .\lish .\lain in I.ondon. Yott \\ ere a goddess. my patter \yas mince. It gets better. ('all. .\I. Box .\'o

I 7408/I .

V I saw you \\ e kissed in I)uck Bay oti (i May. and I thought yott seemed special. I'ye seen you arottttd so many times since and mm ktloyx that yott are special. I.['I.I.. Box .\'o [7408/2.

V I saw you hey :MtlL‘I'IL‘itlt girl on the plane I'rom liranklttrt to (ilasgoyy. Just knoyx that yott study in Stirling. Would like to tneet you again. He the gtty

\y ho nearly missed the flight. Box No [7408/3.

V I saw you hair brown. shirt blue. behind the tnain bar in I.angs. Me and my girlfriends hay e a bet ox er Itoyx ony \y e think your taIly \\ hacker hangs. Box .\'o [7408/4.

VI saw you with your Biarrit/ beashties and I “am to share thetn \xith yott. Beashties on me. too? Box .\'o [7408/5. VI saw you ill Blythsyx‘ood Square. \\‘here does your monkey slecp‘.’ Box .\'o [7408/(i. V I saw you Jim I't‘om Jordanhill at The Arches I0.02.0I. you note my hoots?? Yott were great company. I.ost you at the end ol‘ the night. Wish I'd got your number? Iiancy a drink‘.’ Box No [7408/7.

VI saw you spitming your decks ((1 Logic I'il‘i lb I'ieh. Spin one [or me baby. Box .\'o [7408/8.

9 I saw you John in the (Ilenshee car park I'Iashing your RX. Yoti IIoni Bee [' Box .\'o [7408/‘).

VI saw you gettittg on 44 bits opp ['isge Beatha. Tue 16/] abotit 7pm. You girl \\ ith guitar. Iair hair. (i0s cutie

hat. Iab gear etc. .\Ie

interested song \x ise and/or otherwise . . . Box No [7408/I0. V I saw you here. there and every“ here (‘raig . . . remember ‘I'm watching you.‘ low The Perfume Lady in the skyl?! X Box No [7408/I I.

V I saw you helping to my credit card limit. I low you. hope you enjoyed Valentine's. lots of loye Angie xxx Box No [7408/l 2.

1 18 THE LIST I-r-lS Mar 2001

O I saw you Doctor Ken? You Ielit the party too early. I” be yottr Bondage Barbie any titne? Box No [7408/I3.

VI saw you knitting iii The Iron. You are gorgeous. Will you knit otir children's clothes'.’ xxx Box No [7408/I4.

V I saw you you are a big tat poo. Yoti are ney er on titnc bill I knoyy you are mine. Your l’rinccss I’unkass xxx Box .\'o [7408/15.

V I saw you .\Iartin \Y. on leyeI sex'en. let's break the lays together I'm tilled \\ith a cra/y desire to corrupt you. Box No [7408/ I (I.

V I saw you in Iron. early this morning. You shouldn't haxe been here and neither should I (iot'geous Scottish lassie. Iancy a ‘I’rench kiss uith a natiye'." Box No [7408/I7.

V I saw you Mr Hugh. smiling and laughing btit I saw through the crusty exterior to the yyoman \yithin. Box .\'o [7408/I8.

V I saw you Audrey 2 rehearsing for The Little Shop ()l'llorrurs in the ('ottier 'I‘heatre in May. Box No

[7408/ I ‘).

O I saw you \y'ere yott the mad dentist iii Little Shop ()7 Horrors (‘ottiet‘ Theatre in May '.’ Box No [7408/20.

0 I saw you with your bottncy curls. I loved your purple docs and we talked abottt RW all night. Box .\'o [7408/2l. V I saw you really shaggable dirt bag baby. You're jttst so I-‘rench & lox'er' baby. I one you. do you lose me baby"? It's you \x'oo ooh ooh ooh? Box No [7408/22.

0 I saw you handsome khaki-shirted man. I admired your beautiful grey socks. You blushed. Stay in touch. Box No [7408/23.

0 I saw you with your leopard skirt hair & skateboard in the I’ood I‘actory. You are the object of my desire? xxx Box No [7408/24.

0 I saw you tall. slim. sexy. dark haired I)octor. (‘an I please be your patient! Box No [7408/25.

0 I saw you (‘atriona I). the best lecturer in the Glasgow ['ni law school. we all low you?? Box No [7408/26.

V I saw you cra/y. no jacket boy. yes. you “hit \xears only a 'Ii-shirt hail. rain or shine and

\\ ith ginger hair you should really try harder. Box .\'o [7408/27.

V I saw you bubbly. (ilasgoyy ['ni lays girl. yott are alyyays yery organised \yith all your colour coded I'oItIel's. organise me? Box No [7408/28,

V I saw you I)anjamin? .-\nd I line Y()['??? [to Ilayley. Box .\'o [7408/2‘).

V I saw you Robbie [I think). Someone said you liked me at The Vigorous I.ime mm at (‘urIers on Sunday. see u next \xeek'.’ Box No [7408/30.

0 I saw you .-\Iana at The Vigorous I.illle Qui/ oI'joy on Sunday” at ('urlers. You left little to the imagination. bttt my mind's been yxorking oyertime since? Box No [7408/3I.

V I saw you balding beauty at the Vigorous I.Iltle Qtli/ oI Joy. .\Ie. Jamie 'I'heakston look- a-like (it~ you're as blind as you look) I hope you're gay? Box .\'o [7408/32.

9 I saw you tasty eotnpere at the (‘tlt‘Iers qtlil. Boy'ish good looks. great sense oI' humour. no heard no“ and tastee. tne take a bite. Box .\'o [7408/33. 9 I saw you at (El-'l'. small solemn girl. blonde bob. big bosom. with the look ol‘ (iillian Anderson. Your pottt does it tor the. Me dark haired \yoman \y ith Iiery lips. Box .\'o [7408/34.


V I saw you at the (il’l‘ I8 I-‘eb. This yampire \\ ants to stake his claim. You: blonde haired tnale (c.22l helped tne at door. .\Ie: blue eyed. broyyn haired tnale. I.o\'ed your smile. Box .\'o [7408/35.

VI saw you (‘olin being a nutcase and trying to hook tne up \\ ith all the \yrong people I only like boys with the exception of certain American girl]. Box No [7408/36.

V I saw you in my class ot (iIasgoyx School oI ;\rt ct'cattltg loyely \satcrlalls. I‘on No [740882.

9 I saw you lee ytateh otlt 4 the skanky bitches tti quiet places? Just say .\'()?? peace ottt coIdo xxx Box No [7408338 0 I saw you l-L. Rogers at the ;\rches on Sunday tIiye am all alone \\ ithout your paIs \\here do yott get your body \\armcr Irom. I \y ant one in blue too. noochums. Box .\'o [740830. V I saw you on Saturday buying ja// mags. (ict in touch. I'll shoyx u my collection. Box No [7408/40.

V I saw you the tuna l'tsh sandyy ich oI‘ my dreams. You look good enough to eat may I'.’ I)rop tne a line. Box .\'o [740874 I.

V I saw you big blonde

woman. our eyes met. I hope \xe

do again. I think you are a bar maid in Spy bar. I'm a spy. phone the. Box .\'o [7408/42. V I saw you at the Bar in the Art School. I think you sayx tnc. you had big ears. I “as short. Box No [7408743.

V I saw you today. l sayx you yesterday. Actually I see you all the time eyeryyy here. ('all me. l need yotl. Box No [7408/44.

V I saw you a \yoman in green. all rutnp atid breast and di/Iiness running across the street you “etc as sexy as a green drunken antelope. ('all me. Box No [7408/45.

VI saw you sexy I’ahIo (in Art School) [‘sed to Iancy you bttt noyx l don't. pheys? Box .\'o [7408/4o.

V I saw you l-‘oreign .-\l'l School Iiuan. I yt as the one puking in the sink and screaming Ior an ambulance. impressed'.’ (let in touch. Box No [7408/47.

V I saw you you says tne. Woodlands Rd. 3am approx. Sat

I7. \ery drttnk. \\hite bag I‘ull oI‘

clothes. (iet in touch please. Iost jacket. Box .\'o [7408/48.

V I saw you (iary Nambarrie.

Rock on . . . Box .\'o [7408/4‘). 9 I saw you sitting in The Attic. smoke getting in your eyes. you bleyy me auay jttst like the smoke carina. Box .\'o [7408/50.

O I saw you in (iap. B—hoy‘ nambarrie. You can shoyt me your yx indmiIIs any day. (‘up of tea’.’ Box No [7408/5 I.

O I saw you t‘nl tie-Sac barman \ytth .\Iorrtssey t|tltIl. I bet you'xc got a stitch to wear cyeryonc needs to be loycd. liox No [7408/52.

VI saw you se\_\ ('tlI [It‘ Sac ('athertne. ['an I stroke your burnt pussycat'.’ ('ottce ...Ilox No [7408753. 9| saw you Nathan It.

\\ caring your Iiytsu jeans. limited edition .\'ike .r\ir max and super oners 'IVshirt. I hate )0“. \\itt‘Ixt'tl. Box \0 [7408754. U I saw you cheeky little blond bartnan (U the ('ttlde Sac. I think you're great. PS. I atn a [at I‘lt'tI. so you'll Ilkt' the lots. Box No [7408/55.

0 I saw you taII hlontle tperoxidel behind the bar at the ('ul-de—Sac. Iixen in the kitchen I can hear you laughing. You're so good at pulling pints. \yhy

ttot pull me‘.’ tagainl Ilox No [7408/5o.

IUH‘ [ti

V I saw you I)irty Snotonan. You talk I'or ages. I couldn't understand you. We shall see each other again soon??? Box .\'o [7408/57. 0 I saw you Mr S’I‘A tt'ay'el boy? [he \say you drum your fingers on the keyboard driyes tne \x iItI I)rum your lingers on tne baby ?? Box .\'o [7408/58. O I saw you Miss Victoria It. the 'I‘raillinder. on e the skirts btit you're still a trouser girl. I.oye your bathroom doII. Iront some gtty. Box .\'o [7408/5‘). VI saw you Iilling tip McI’hahhs tor the IIugh I)aIIas I‘an ('luh. .-\n entire pub IuII oI gorgeotls men the sight ol you cheered my hungoy er alternoon I want you all? Box No [7408/(i0.