V I saw you \pl'illg-xlllllltk‘t‘- illlllllIIIl-WltllL‘l'. it's jltxl a liolida} for you . . . kccp lighting c\‘illll hcllar)’. rock oil ('axc} ('haox X Box No [7408/01.

V I saw you Al. (ia\. and c\‘cryonc who hoogicd thc llllL‘\ auay at l’urc. 3000 rockcd m} \torld and I mlxx _\otl all likc cray/cc. .\"/. nitclilc jtlxt ain't thc \amc . . . l.u\' '/.ac. Box .\'o [7408/02.

VI saw you Rust} Snax. don't dcny it. l did. llapp}. smiling and gor‘gcoux at thc top of Blacklord Hill. l)on't c\cr l'orgct mc. Box No [7408/03. VI saw you coming out oi (ialaxy ()ucst. Sat (03/02). .\lc. tall. dark. You. lair. (and with hlondc hair). l-‘anc_\ hcing transportcd to anothcr world'.’ Or mayhc just go scc a IIIOVIC iogcthct".’ Box No [7408/04.

V I saw you ltlt‘ “100.com looming around on )our [WIL‘}L‘IL'. I [k'l )tt )UUIL‘ tlL'tttl lil tindct‘ncalh )our )c‘llou iackci. lanc} a drink'.’ Bin .\'o [7408/05.

'0 I saw you iKaiici on Ahcrdour hcach. You arc lantaxtic. l lmc )oul Bo\ .\'o [7408/00.

V I saw you working at Rx.\lc('oll\. You arc .\lY \alcntinc \xith thc got‘gcotlx c}c\ and \inilc. |.ct mc hu} )oll col'lcc on )our da} oil"? Bo\ No [7408/07.

V I saw you l'or a 3rd timc. Augcl “llll Rlil) hair & rcd lips. t'l‘hc ncu colour rcall_\ suits you?) \ Box No [7408/08.

V I saw you 80x ptmcr- dl'Cxxc‘l' ((1 (it) ('al'c. \xith radioactiw hluc cocktail. latcr Using dancing as _\our \xcapon. Iltix hcart \VixllL‘x out “ch. no points pollt' ltloi‘.’ Ho\ No [7408/0‘).

V I saw you Managcr. at thc l)omc \xcdding on Saturda} l0 l-ch. Your hlond. cool. \cx} lookx got in) spirit moxing . . . I think you knou who I atu. llopc _\‘ou'rc gay??? Box .\'o [7408/70.

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V I saw you \\ lld-L‘} Cd ttlld lcglcxx. _\our \\ idc \milc grouing at Shilt 17/03 . . . .\lakc it hard again l'or l7/03‘) Hm No [7408/7 l.

V I saw you gctting hot and moixt at Shilt l7/02. .’\rc )olt coming again l7/03‘.’ Bo\ .\'o [7408/73.

V I saw you Stcw \maxhing up thc Standcc in thc ['(i(' ('incma. 'l‘hc cincma is grcat

\\ ith a lahuloux \clcction ol~

lilms and thc popcorn i\ )llllllll}.

['(i(' (‘incma l‘lIlL‘x. Bo\ .\'o [7408/73. VI saw you ((1 midnight

mm ic. ('amco 1&le l0/02/0I.

You \xcrc thc gu_\ sitting at thc cnd ol hk.ro\\ in lamhxuool polo. l “as ‘hliming \mokc about \mokc' il~ _\ou gct Ill} dril‘tl I’m glad I dril'tcd into _\ou. you \pokc to mc. _\our prcxcncc ax calming ;l\ a dip in an aquamarinc. halm). transluccnt occan. Box No [7408/74.

V I saw you in lllL‘ qucuc lol‘ (ioldlrapp. lrcc/ing “caring a mcatxhirt in \llili\ \\ ith )ottl‘ l’ricndx. ‘l.ct\ gct ph_\ \ical'. )‘ou hcardcd (‘uhan all star? Hm .\'o [7408/75.

V I saw you All)" axlccp in m) hcd. l kixxcd _\our chcck and told )titi that l lo\c yin. l lookcd on at this hcaut} ax an angcl. l_\ing \Iccping hcxidc mc. making mc uohhlc insidc. ['ncomlitioiuill} a iricnd l‘or lilc I am to will. )ou arc to nic. Your hcxt lricnd .la) \.\.\ Box No [7408/70.

V I saw you \cX)‘. \Yc pttxscd on Broughton 8t. 'l‘uc 30 l-‘ch at 3.30pm oulxidc .\lathcr\ and both lookcd hack. l likcd “hat I am. l)id )ou'.’ Hm .\'o [7408/77.

0 I saw you Stu} thanks [01‘ IIIL' \\ L‘L‘kL‘lld. I.L'I.\ do Southampton. l.ct'\ bu) pants. .\I \\\ Box No [7408/78.

VI saw you Mr Stud-a-lud in thc hluc har cai‘c. You'rc callcd Rim an or _\omcthing similar )(ill work thcrc. .\lc lhc drunk “caring grcy and black Mon l2/2/0l. Bo\ .\'o [7408/7‘).

V I saw you dark hair. big c}c\ hchind thc har. .-\ll\lt‘ttlitttl. cdihlc and callcd .-\lc.\ go on gct in touch? l.ct\ \himm). l2/2/0l. Bo\ No [7408/80.

VI saw you at \Cg‘ik‘ldllh do\\tl\l.tll\. You: I likcd thc Lllllll. l lo\cd thc llarcx l \\ ant [IIL' [‘Ud} lllldc‘l' tltcrc. .\I[‘I cur\ _\. hlack-hau‘cd girl. ‘actmg’ thc 100]. II[‘\ \o [ 4 '408 '8 I

9 I saw you ('(' I’ilooltt\. Sun l8“) You on stairs. lilack lackct \\l[[l \tripc. cht looking in} \xa}. .\lc dancing \\ll[l l\\o g‘lt’lx I \xhixpcrcd hut _\ou ucrc [‘tl\}i \la}hc _\ou'rc lrcc no“ .’ Ho\ No [7408383.

0 I saw you hlondc .-\mcrican mm I‘m in lo\c. l. Ho\ \o [ii/40883.


V I saw you llcxx. at ilit- hingo \\ ith thc othcr ().-\|’\. Rcmcmhcr to lca\ c that cloth uncut. Ho\ .\'o [7408/84. V I saw you Iguana 'I'uc night. You \xcrc dark. \lcck. \cducti\ c . . . You caught in} QC. ttlL‘ looking good in comhatx and a shirt. You \xcrc \\ ith lricndx‘. conlidcnt. \miling l'd likc to makc _\ou \milc that \\a_\ tottlot't'ou 1’ Hm .\'o [7408/85.


VI saw you in m_\ drcamx and in thc Iguana har. 'l'uc l3 lich. You: cool hcxpcctaclcd chick in .-\ction .\lan pantx. \hou ing on. _\cr pltolo\ to uhcr- _\‘uppic-groupicx. .\lc: dcnimcd uuxliax'cn L‘ouho} \\ ith no llot‘xL‘ but a prairic in my mind. 0m No [1408/80.

V I saw you tall. ruggcd. good look\ in lguana. Rcmcmhcr'.’ l strippcd oll \\ hcn thc talk ol' c\changing \c\ got too hot. Don‘t makc mc nail again Mr mc to \cc )ou? Hm .\'o [7408/87.


VI saw you on 'l'uc in Iguana. hoping _\ou \wuld lic m_\ \alcntinc. Your \lcndcr ligurc outlincd h} thc background [lj_‘[l[\. )out \c\_\ laugh. I hopc _\ou \xcrcn't lauglung at mc. |lo\ No [7408/88.

0 I saw you lain/o. int-kc} looking cool. \\ ill u \pcak 3 inc [‘IL'L‘L‘lk‘i I lou‘ )illli‘ Ho\ \o [7408780.

V I saw you dark hancd. dark-c} L‘d. [lot‘iwcopt' [lilt't‘ll (*1 llcnr} \ ('cllar llarll .ligglc ll llll\ \\;t_\ i' IIU\ No [7408700. VI saw you and kccp \ccing )titi. You kccp \ccing inc too. You going into lx’cal lioodx. mc thc girl at numlicr ‘5, .\'o\\ _\ou kno\\ \xhcrc | lixc. llo\ \o [7408/‘ll.

VI saw you dancing in l’otlcrou at llca\ctt and llcll. ’l'hc \\a_\ )oti g}ralcd on thc llooi' makcx inc “ant _\otl morc and morc. Ho\ No [7408/02, VI saw you Nut 1'. t'RZ hardcorc 4 mc. l.o\l. l \in| hpr _\otl lind _\otlt'xcll. (irrrl Ho\ .\'o [7408703.

VI saw you in Iguana. Sat. _\ou i'il'lc cluhhing hluc gotltlc\\. II(I\ No [7408/94.

VI saw you i'unk}. hunnicx hanging out at \alciitiiic'x l)a_\. [i \itlglcloll\. \ttd [ittxlat'dxll (ict it lil'cllll Ho\ No [7408/05.

V I saw you _\ou Spanixh lclla. 'l'hc \xa} )oti do }otii' Illo\c\ on thc l'loor makcx inc “ant to cat ltllittx oll yin c\cr} lliglll. “in No [7408/90.


V I saw you Manic l". in chnouth last \ummcr. l pukcd. }oti lookcd al'tcr mc. l.ct\ hc tricnd» l.orna. llm .\'o [7408/97.

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