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Monaghan, Jack Mottram, Louisa Pearson and Mark Robertson.

are working on special 'scratch pads' to solve this problem. the words within rather than the Pndlctlon Although turntables aren't going to disappear cover, the binding or the smell overnight. the allure of digital DJing is strong. Fatboy Slim 0t the 08995. F’Ub'lSherS' was recently quoted as saying that computers are reluctance to digitalise going to replace DJs in the future and Dave Pearce's their tOthOm'hg Dance Anthems show on Radio One is already releases - hever evidence of this. being mixed by computer and not by mihd their

the Gap Tooth Gypsy himself. mOhStFOUS'Y large back catalogues - may mean that the death of the 'book' has been seriously exaggerated.

03“ Digita' 'ti'm' ‘3 FGVO'UtiOhiSth tilmmakihg ahd the And do we really want to risk RSI and serious eye damage as industry behind it. Digital cameras have made it easier and we take Harry potter 23 to bed?

cheaper to get films made. creating opportunities for low/no budget filmmakers such as Glasgow's May Miles Thomas

who “just did it' with One Life Stand. Established auteurs r" have also been experimenting with the new technology: Lars g von Trier (Dancer !n The Dark). Mike Figgis (Time h. {tag waif

Code) and Richard Linklater (the forthcoming Waking Life). Cumbersome and easily y damaged celluloid spools are being replaced

by digitally stored films which can be , beamed directly to cinemas via satellite. This has already been tried in America with Bounce (pictured left) and the next Star Wars film will be beamed around the world simultaneously to avoid piracy. Prodlctlon Director Steven Soderbergh has suggested digital technology will see the rise of the independent filmmaker and the end of the Hollywood studio system: 'I can phone up an independent theatre chain now and say, "Hey. I'm downloading my movie; do you want it"?' Whether this will mean more diverse films reaching regional cinemas remains to be seen.

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Data Digital reading material that you can view on a desktop or on a dedicated. portable device with capacity to store anything up to 500.000 pages is trying to replace the old-fashioned dusty tome. The 2001 Frankfurt Book Fair will award the first ever international e-book prize. a sign that the ponable novel is here to stay. Products

such as the Rocket e-Book and SoftBook and

companies like eBookAdcom are thriving on the new electronic

hunger for reading.

Prodlctlon ‘Twenty years from now. 90% of what we read will be in electronic form,’ insists Microsoft executive. Dick Brass (well, he w0uld). We shouldn't be too precious about traditional books; the quality has always been judged by

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