Big Brother In just the beginning of a trend for eudlencee to take control

Det- Stephen King has done much to revolutionise the novel form. making popular and critical acclaim compatible entities. With his internet instalment novel. The P/ant. he tried to set up a pay-per-view literary experience to challenge the hegemony and complacency of publishing houses. This experiment lasted a mere six ‘chapters' as readers plugged into his latest blockbuster in ever decreasing numbers.

Predlotlon With publishing heavyweights such as Random House and multi-media concerns like Time/Warner getting in on the digital book act. time will only tell how many more big names climb aboard the electronic imprint gravy train. But they may have to if authors are hellbent on bypassing the traditional. soul-destroying methods of getting their book before the nation's eyes. With the ultimate failure of King's fictional project. publishers may look to reference and study tools as the profitable way ahead.

but. Think of globalisation and we think of Coca-Cola. Or McDonalds. You either love or hate the fact that whatever city in the world you're in you can get yourself a Big Mac. But it's not limited to food and drink. Cosmetics giant L'Oreal successfully markets a whole range of brands (Helena Rubenstein. Vichy. Maybelline). varying the tactics depending on the country. Predlctlon Global brands are increasing. but they don't ‘mean' the same thing in every country; brands have had to adapt (think salads in McDonalds in France). The anti- globalisation protests have made an impact. but these corporations seem to be an unstoppable force. 80 while the logos continue to take over the world. perceptions of them continue to vary. What's global is becoming local.

Date Tired of having too many boxes and wires and cables and remotes cluttering up y0ur lounge? As the world sweeps its way towards all-consuming digitalisation, an all- in-one set-top box is being developed to provide you with the joys of video games. DVD. digital television and internet access.

Predlctlon What with televisions having in-built videos and mobile phones providing access to the internet. an all-in- one set-top box is all too inevitable. The technology will soon allow you crazy facilities such as pre-programming your favourite TV shows without even setting your video; all you do is punch in words like 'Sopranos' or ‘Tweenies' and y0ur box will tape those shows. And others they think you may like. And you will be able to fast-forward. re-wmd or pause any ore-recorded TV show or film. Scary.

Date Sky Sports has an intriguing facility in its live football games where you can follow one player through a short period of the match. MTV's Web Riot allows home viewers play an in-studio audience for cash prizes. Even Big Brother and its eviction policy had couch potatoes revelling in their own importance. It’s all a far cry from subtitles on page 888. Predlctlon The real money in interactive telly won't come in audiences manipulating plots in their favourite soap or sitcom, but in the dreaded product placement. As you watch the Royles slothing on their sofa. double click on the Lambert & Butler packet in view and await your ten-pack's arrival. Clearly. the integrity of filmmakers and TV producers comes into serious question. lt's reality. The Truman Show way.