Returning for a welcome second instalment, FUNCT is a multi-media celebration encompassing music, film, literature, theatre, clubs and anything else those clever types at Glasgow’s Arches can find. Get ready to be culture shocked as we pick out the highlights




Jungle don GOLDIE is the guest of honour at Aberdeen club TNT’s debut visit to Glasgow. Words: Jack Mottram

ith the exception of lidinburgh import Manga. drum (K; bass has

never gained a foothold in (ilasgow. Now another set of out-of-

towners are making inroads. attempting to foster a scene too often characterised by tiny life-spans. even for the most high—calibre events.

TNT has been running in Aberdeen for nigh on three years and is now making a move on Glasgow with no less a star than (ioidic topping the bill. ‘We started up in Aberdeen because there was a severe lack of decent places

to go to.‘ says promoter Andy l)uggan. "There was the odd night on. but

nothing regular and nothing in the way of drum 8,; bass.‘

Having started from self-interest - it was the club they would have wanted to go to themselves - they‘ve decided to share the benefit of their experience with Glasgow. initially as one of the disparate elements of l‘tllltl. ‘(ilasgow has a good music scene. and an excellent. vibrant club scene. but apart from :‘Vlanga. there‘s not much in terms of the genres we‘re interested in.‘ says l)uggan. ‘lt‘s a similar situation to when we first ran the club in Aberdeen.‘

After a run of successes for Manga. it looks as if the curse of the drum 8; bass night may have lifted. Duggan reckons it‘s all down to bringing together the right elements. “There has been a bit of a curse.‘ he says. ‘but when it‘s been done right. it has worked. When Grooverider has played. people have come out for it. and when Conflict. who are local gttys. played recently at Manga it was packed. The amount of interest we‘ve had for the , -

Goldie night has been exceptional.‘ Drum 8‘ bass ‘8 an.

Duggan reckons Glasgow‘s Underground mUS'C SO I reputation for being stuck in its ways. don’t see Why It can’t forever fixated on house and techno. is become a regular fixture,’ unjustified. ‘People are much more open-minded than that.‘ he says. ‘lt has more to do with the quality of the night. Drum & bass is an underground music so I don‘t see why it can‘t become a regular fixture if you have the right quality of artists.‘

High calibre artists shouldn‘t be a problem. as visitors to 'I‘N'l“s Aberdeen incarnation will be well aware. Over the course of the next three months. we can expect the likes of DJ Zinc. Grooverider. Shabbaz the Disciple of the Wu Tang Clan and Freestyle. rapper with The Arsonists: in short. guests that span the spectrum of break-based music.

‘We are going to concentrate on all kinds of music that are. loosely speaking. based on breakbeats.‘ Duggan confirms. 'We‘re aiming to cross a few genres: it just so happens that the first night has an emphasis on drum (8; bass. We want people to come because they know they‘re going to have a good night. not because they like one particular type of music. We don‘t want to pigeonhole ourselves other than that you won‘t hear four-four house and techno. There are so many people in Glasgow doing that. and doing it well. We‘ll always have a drum 8.: bass element. but we‘d like people to come to it because it‘s a good night. full stop.‘

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Goldie, MC Rage and Mr Thing appear at TNT at the Arches, Fri 9 Mar.

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