The following details are for regular free weekly dates: see main listings for one-off or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to- date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.


I June Love and Alan Pike liat Drink Man Wotnan. 34 King Street. 553 ‘)337. 8pm. Mainstream ja// with yocals.

I Paul Gallacher (‘orinlhiatL l‘)l Ingram Street. 553 ll0l. l0ptu 3am. Piatto classics. from Broadway to Beethoyen.

I Danny Thompson Bahy (it'aud. 3 7 lilmhank (iardens. 348 4‘)43. l0.30pm. A wide selection from this lounge pianist.


I Andrew Mann (‘orinthian tsee Thu). 6pm 3am. Piano arid liyc yocals.

I Bobby Wishart 8. Band Borders Books. Mttsic and ('ale. ‘)8 Bttchanan Street. 333 7700. 7.30 ‘).30ptn. Mellow. I Live Jazz The l-‘ruitmat'ket attd Firkin. Alhion/Bell Street. 333 7700. llptu. A tortnightly rotation ol Latin and mainstream jazz with The Firkin l’iye lFri 3 Mar) and The Mttldoon Ragtime Band tl-‘ri ‘) Mar).

I Tap Moi-La Brewery Tap. I055 Sattcltiehall Street. 33l 5580. ‘).30pm. Playing Northern soul and funky jaz/.

I Danny Thompson Bahy (irand (see Thtt). 10.30pm. Lounge pianist.


I Bobby Campbell Quartet (‘hamhet's Bar. (ieorge Square. 553 I740. 3.30- 5.30pm. Mainstream and mellow jazz sounds with liddie Toal on yocals.

I Harry Margolis’ Miller Band

L. Attache. 37 Waterloo Street. 33l 33 ll).

3 -5pm. Big hattd iii the (ilenn Miller win. I Lauder’s Big Band Lauder‘s. Sattchiehall Street. 33l 5180. 3 5pm. The big hand sound. with yocals tron) Heather Whitel'ord.

I George McGowan Orchestra lint l)rink Man Woman tsee Thu). 3.30 ~6pm. litghteen-piece hig hand.

I Willie Hitchel (’oriuthian tsee Thu). 6pm 3am. Willie llitchel attd other residents supply the Me piano atid Vocals. I The Blue Notes (‘al‘e Rouge. John Street. 5534433. 8.30 V I0.30pm. The hlttes atid other jazz sounds.

I Shelagh Buchanan Si/zlei‘s' Steakhouse. 7‘) Alhiott Street. 553 4300. ‘)ptu. linjoy jazz guitar attd \ocals oy'et‘ dinner 7 hooking on the numhcr above.

I Live Jazz Blackl'riars. 36 Bell Street. 553 5934. ‘).30pm. Modern jazz with (irahame Scott on Sat 3 Mar attd young saxophonist Brian Molley proy ides the sounds on Sat l0 Mar.

I Johnny Logue Brewery Tap. I055 Saucltiehall Street. 33‘) 0643. ‘).30pm. Liye jazz funk and covers.

I Kurt Wylie Bahy (irand (see Thu). 10.30pm. Lounge pianist.


I Michael Deans Jazz Quartet (‘ottiers' Bar. ‘)3 Hyndland Street. 357 5835. 4 ~7pnt. Traditional ja/z.

I Sunday Jazz with Bobby Wishart Macl.achlan’s. 57 West Regent Street. 333 05‘)5. 6pm. Liye jazz ey'ery~ Sunday.

I David Jones Pitcher and Piano. 93 West (ieorge Street. 353 3003. 8—10ptn. Contemporary jazz piano.

I Live Jazz Blttckt'riars tsee Sat). ‘).30pm. Jazz t‘usion l'rom guitarist Morph on Sun 4 Mar. with tnore jazz l‘ront Madeline Pritchard on Sttn l l Mar.

I Kerry Tracey (‘orinthiau tsee Thu). l0pm~3am. Classic jazz piano in the [Ella Fitzgerald mould.

I Jazz DJ Bahy (irand tsee Thut. l0.30pm.


I Fionna Duncan with The Bonnie Rae Trio Mc('huill's. 40 High Street. 553 3l35. ‘)pm. Mainstream ja/l tunes with this renow ned singer.

I Kerry Tracey ('orinthtan tsee Thu ). l0ptn 3am. (‘lassic. laid-hack ja/I.


I Bobby Wishart & Band Russell‘s Bar Cale. 77 Byres Road. 334 4‘)73.

8 l lptu. Mainstream and modern.

I Live Jazz The ('Iockwork Beer ('o..

1 I53 l 155 (‘athcart Road. 64‘) (084. 8.30pm. On Tue 6 Mar The (ieorge ()gily ie Quintet proy ide some l)i\ieland jazz. with ()ld style crooner. Dale. and his hand The Boh Dale Sound play ittg on Tue 13 Mar.

I Paul Gallacher (‘orinthian tsee 'l‘liu ). 10pm 3am. llot RrkB on piano.


I Ruth Lambert liat Drink Man Woman tscc Thu). 8pm. Pet'l'ortns pure ja/z.

I Tom Urie and Shona Fraser (‘orinthian tsec Thu). 10pm 3am. Jaz/ piano. from easy listening through to contemporary.



I Live Jazz Henderson's. 35 Thistle Street. 335 3605. 8pm. Artists way.

I The Third Men Maison llector. 47 l)eauhaugh Street. 333 5338. ‘)pm. Blues guitar duo.

I Los Tres Phenomenos (‘ellar .\'o. l. l ('hatnhet's Street. 330 43‘)8.

l0pm lattt. 'l'raditional ja/z sounds.


I Live Jazz Henderson's tsee Thu). 8pm. Artists yary.

I Montuna Dix-Netti} ‘)7 llanoy er Street. 335 86l‘). 8pm. Jaz/ trio.

I Live Jazz 8. Blues W. J. (‘lit-isties. 37 3| West Port. 33l l0‘)‘). ‘)ptu. Various artists proy'ide the sounds.

I Bill Kyle’s Backbeat Band (‘ellnr .\'o. I (see Thu). l0pm lain. llol. t'unky'. electric jazz.


I Toto And The Dexters llat'ry ‘s Bar. Randolph Place. 5398100. 3.30 6pm. Mainstream. with meals from Fay Ley'y.

I Blues Inc. Dix-Netti tsee Fri). l0pm. l'p-tempo electric hlues.

I Live Jazz (‘ellar .\'o. l tsce Thu). l0pm~lilltt All kinds of guests pop in to play at ('ellar .\'o. l.


I Live Jazz The Dome Bar and (irill. l4 (ieorge Street. 634 8634. I. 5pm. Various artists.

I Dominic Spencer Trio The 'l‘imherhush Bar & Bistro. 38 Bernard Street. I.eith. 476 8080. 4~7pm. Various

jazz sounds from this trio.

l0PBl) (‘ellar .\'o. I (see Thu). l0pm- lattt. (‘lassic jazz oti piano. bass and drums.


I Gary’s Notebook (‘ellar No. I (see Thu). l0pm. Liye jazz from this new weekly residency.


I Swing 2001 Malt Shoyel. ('ockhurn Street. 335 6843. ‘)pm. Swing at the longest residency in lidinhurgh.

I Billy Kyle’s Mystery Jazz Night ('ellar .\'o. l tsee Fri). ‘).30pm lam. An eclectic selection from an eyer-changing line-up of musicians.

I Rowena Bar Fez. 16a Queen Street. 336 3530. l0pm. Jazz. blues and folk \ocals.


I Live Jazz Henderson's (see Thu). 8pm. Artists y'ary.

I Son De Rhumba (‘ellar .\'o. I (see Fri). l0put—latu. Latin jazz.

Folk & world

Dates listed below are for one-off and ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Folk & World listings compiled by Norman Chalmers and Louisa Pearson.

Glasgow I Brolum The Star (’luh. Rtyerstdc (‘lulx Foy Street. 56‘) "387. 7.30pm. £5 tL'3).


I Acoustic Underground lilepliant llotlse. (icot‘ge l\' Bridge. :30 .5355. 7.30 ‘).30pm. Free. Open mic night t'or songwriters. littsletl l3} l’etet' \llL‘llitel Rowan.


I Buddy Mondlock The Polish (‘|uh. Parkgroy e Terrace. 8pm. £5. Death and Taxes Promotions t577 0333) present the latest in their series of class American singer/songw riters. Front (‘hicago and .\'ashy‘illc. and discoy cred hy (iuy (’Iat‘k. Moudlock ‘t‘eprcsents the hcst of the new generation' according to Nancy (irit'tith. and his songs hay c hcen coy cred hy eyeryone trout Janis Inn to (Earth Brooks. Joan Baez lo Dar Williams. Support Troll) (irahatu (iass. See also l)aye Aly ill. (ilasgow. Thu 8.


I Chris Smither The Attic. Legends. l)y c't"s ('lose. ('ow gate. 335 8383. 7.30pm. U0. The monthly Star ('luh presents one ol the great l'S singer/songwt'iters. Stuitlter is hack with his trademark hlue acoustic guitar. a sty lc that goes hack to his 60’s llat'yard Square roots and a repertoire of thought proy‘oking. funny and intelligent songs. He's an exceptional Iiye pert‘ormct‘. too. Local Felsons l‘routtuan I)can ()w ens fills the support slot. See .\lllsic prey iew.

I Salsa Celtica Big Band Queen‘s llall. (‘lcrk Street. 668 30l‘). 8.30pm. U0 L‘ l 3.50 (£6). Bagpipes and hongos. congas and celtic liddle mixing ja/I. Alrican. Latin and a Scots snap. with a heeled—up hrass section.

I Wadaiko Yamato Drummers Of Japan Festiy‘al 'l‘hcatrc. Nicolson Street. 53‘) 6000. 7.30pm. U050 U550 (£7.50 U350). Show casing the Japanese traditional-hased Taiko-[)o drumming.

I Ceilidh Dance St Brides (’cntre. ()rwell 'l‘erracc. 346 I405 7.30pm. £7 (£5). Mttsic l'roit) l);t llt)t)le_\.

Cumbernauld I Celtic Wah Wah ('umhernauld

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men play Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry, Thu 8 Mar

folk 8. world listings Music

'l‘hcatrc. Kiltlt'ttttt.l)13.~6 733.887.

7 45pm. (5)13). ln-your-tace percussion. \ocals and tiddlc dance rhythms trotu this on—the-up hand.


I The McCalmans Manor Park Hotel. ls'tltnat'uock Road. 01303 4""365. 8 ll.|5pm. L5 tH). l‘ht'ecpart harmony. patter like wallet. and 33 years-worth ot songs trout the yetct'an tt'to. tucludtng some tron) their latest .tlhtun l’un t" tutti I’lt'nty.


I Gaberlunzie Masontc llall. ls'tlhagte Street. Ktttcardtnc. 0| 35‘) 3l3l3l. 8pm (6 l [5). lintcrtatmuent. Scottishst le. l'rom the eyergrccn lolk duo.


I CGiIidh Dance St Andrew is lit The Square. St Andrew 's Square. on the Saltmarket. 548 6020. 8pm. L18 ([5). (ilasfiow ‘s new centre tor Scottish music. song and dance presents regular hoolcys. l.tyc tuttsic iron) the

’l‘attiehow kct's Band.

I Ceilidh Dance Riyct'stde (Tuh. l‘oy Street. 348 3l44. 7. 30pm. £6. .\lttsic l'rotn Last Tram Tac .-\ttcltenshuggle.


I TWirlin And Birlin Bruntslield Primary School. Montpelier. Bt'ttntslield. 337 5443. From l0am. ()rganised hy the Adult Leaning Project. a day ol workshops l'ot' dillcrent ages attd ahilitics coy criug ceilidh dancing. step dancing. dance hand and tttore to help you get your steps right. lnl'ortuation and prices from ALP.

I Ceilidh Dance St Bride‘s (‘entt‘e. ()rwcll Terrace. 346 I405.

8.30pm midnight. L7 l£3 £4). ('etlidh dance organised hy the Adult Learning Project Scots .\lttsic (iroup as part ol

Tw it‘liu attd Birliu.

I Ceilidhs At The Caley (‘aledouian Brewery. Slatel’ord Road. 633 8066. 7pm. £6 t£5). Music iron) the Belle Star Band.


I Peter Morrison and Alastair McDonald ('umhet‘nauld 'l‘heatt‘e. Kildrutn. 0l336 733887. 7.45pm. £8

(£5 ). :\ mannered take on Scots song. concentrating on the works Rohcrt Burns. with piatto acct)tupanitneut trom Peggy ()' Keefe.


I Viva Espagna (‘at'e (‘ossacliok Rttssian ('ttltut'al (‘entre. King Street. 553 0733. 8.30pm. Violinist I.ey Atlas is joined by t't'icuds for an eyening ol’ Spanish attd (iypsy intisic.

I Ceilidh Dance Riyerside (‘luh. l‘oy Street. 348 3l44. 7.30pm. U). See Sat 3.

1. Mar 20’. 1 THE LIST 53