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0 d y s s e y APRIL 5 2001@ THE TRAMWAY

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Bur. Hh' llnllund Slz'ccl. 333 BIS‘). The Stand The Stand. 5 Ym‘k l’lucc. 9.30pm. £5 iL'Ji. Bnixicrmix hginicr 558 7272. 0pm. £7 it'4i. Scc Hi 3. L‘Ulll‘lL'\_\ nlfllulin (lililL'IK. Mark Hill) .liinc Muckii} unnpcrt‘x.

VARIE lY Si lUW KAREN DUNBAR Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 13-Sun 17 Mar.


Phil K

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"Like Alan Bennett writing an episode of Min/i.


"Hilarious & painful/y funny - unmissable"

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Ce Ica

Viva Las Citz: Karen Dunbar makes her solo stage debut

‘Hello, Karen Dunbar in Las Vegas!’ laughs the lady herself down the trans- Atlantic phoneline. Not really the context we are used to finding her, as she is more familiar as a horny pensioner or lonely cab controller, but Karen Dunbar is enjoying a month-long jaunt around the ‘ole US of A.

As grand as her international adventures may seem, Dunbar’s holiday is well-earned; a non-stop work schedule has found her without a day off all last year. She will return from her sojourn, however, to make her solo stage debut with a series of one-woman shows at Glasgow’s Citizen’s Theatre.

Most familiar as the third member of the Chewin’ The Fat team alongside Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, her path to a place in the highly successful BBC comedy show was not a traditional one.

‘I was hosting karaoke in Glasgow and I’d be doing my stuff and someone would shout “don’t sing, tell another joke”,’ says Dunbar. Not always the most discerning of audiences, these prophetic cries were the extra shove she needed to audition for the Comedy Unit, makers of both Rab C Nesbitt and Chewin’ The Fat. ‘I got a part in Rab C Nesbitt a few years ago,’ she explains, ‘that was my first acting role and that led to me doing Chewin’ The Fat.’

Dunbar has never strayed too far from her Scottish roots and while her quintet of dates at the Citz are not by any means a homecoming for her, they are a local recognition of her talents. As Chewin’ The Fat is held up as

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and a great night out

a national treasure and its catchphrases are swiftly adopted into contemporary parlance, Dunbar admits she is charting unknown waters m, “WM M “mm, . k, with her solo shows. ‘l’ve never actually done straight stand-up before,’ she ,

. . - _ - ' ' (he h m .l confesses. But this IS not really gomg to be stand up in the traditional 'e‘e:c'27::~f’;3” easyJet£om I R A M W A Y

sense. There will be songs and sketches [undoubtedly a few familiar faces] me we“ mow,“ amine and a bit of banter in between,’ she states. Dunbar is shaping up to be a P a P a r C h C a m p d i U n real entertainment all-rounder and variety is after all, the spice of life. . " (Mark Robertson) . .. . . .

All pieiiis 1:) The Cancer

Mar .2, ' THE LIST 63