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GROUP SHOW MIRROR’S EDGE Tramway. Glasgow, Fri 2 Mar-Sun 15 Apr.

he sounds of chirping crickets of Henrik I Hakansson’s The Monsters Of Rock Tour fills the gallery space while in Ceal Floyer's Carousel, a 45rpm record emits a series of incessant clicks and bumps. Together, these works form part of Mirror’s Edge, a major touring show of contemporary art by 26 international artists.

The Nigerian-born, New York based curator and art critic, Okwui Enwesor, is no stranger to organising global shows. In 1997, he curated the Johannesburg Biennale and he is the artistic director of Documenta Xl, the five-yearly art exhibition that opens in Kassel, Germany in 2002. From the Swedish city of Umea where Mirror's Edge was first produced, the exhibition has visited Vancouver, Turin and now Glasgow. Cities not immediately associated with what we constitute

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Studio, 1997 by Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand, we have artists from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Although Mirror’s Edge illustrates the phenomenon of globalisation, the selection of artists is by no means contrived. Artists were chosen purely on merit.

‘lt’s an exhibition that began with the work of the artist before it began with the name and where they came from. I’m deeply satisfied with the mix of what I’ve been able to put together,’ he explains. ‘Some of them are very well known, some of them are not but the one thing that is not really present in the work at all is any sort of trendiness. Each work in the exhibition is quite serious and very well considered.’

The exhibition looks at how contemporary artists deal with the relationship between image and representation, fiction and non-fiction, artist and viewer, language and speech through the traditional mediums of painting and photography to film, video, installation,

as the centre of the art world. But as [3698“ the name afld where costume and industrial

Enwesor explains, this was purposer done.

‘I believe there really is an over-saturation of certain types of contemporary art exhibition ideas in major cities,’ he says. ‘We could have obviously taken this show to New York or Chicago but already have a great degree of presence in those places.’

And it doesn’t stop there. Many of the artists featured in the line-up come from parts of the world often excluded from major exhibitions. Along with the well- known names of Raymond Petitbon, Hiroshi Sugimoto, the 1997 Turner Prize winner Steve McQueen and


Blurred. out-of—focus heads chopped off and red eyes. Snapshots that most of us have taken and thrown away. But it's these simple snapshots that are increasingly making their way onto the gallery walls as more and more photographers favour such simple techniques. In short. photography is becoming fashionable. .H V Recognising the change in attitude

towards photography is Channel 4 anonymously, voted for by a panel of

they came from.’

design. Courting much public and critical attention, Mirror’s Edge has certainly got art audiences discussing and debating the many conceptual issues found in the work.

‘To my surprise it has been very well received by the public,’ says Enwesor, ‘but there has been a double level of success both in terms of press and obviously for me the more crucial aspect of engaging a very diverse audience whose relationship to contemporary art varies from one venue to another.’

(Helen Monaghan)

pick up a camera and join in with that.



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which publishes the only magazine in the UK dedicated to sculpture, has appointed two guest editors artist and publisher Alex Finlay and curator, writer and publisher Gavin Morrison. And that’s not all; the Trust has also launched a website www.5cottishsculpture trust.org which provides information on all aspects of sculpture in Scotland.

(pictured) HAS been commissioned by Beck’s Bier to make a film to promote the forthcoming Beck's Futures 2 exhibition. The four-minute film Sometimes The Dress

which recently launched the UK's biggest ever national open photographic competition. Searching for the image which best represents Britain in the 215t century. the competition is open to everyone. whether an amateur or professional photographer.

‘lt was our intention to have an accessible and engaging project about photography.‘ explains Channel 4‘s arts editor Janet Lee. ‘It also reflects the crossover between the art of photography and its everyday uses.‘

YRt is divided into five categories home. fame. play. beauty and work and all entries will compete

judges who include documentary photographer Martin Parr and fashion photographer Elaine Constantine. The winning entry will receive the handsome prize of $310,000 with $1,000 going to category winners. But if you don't win. Channel 4's website and three national exhibitions at the Photographers' Gallery. London, the Open Eye Gallery. Liverpool and Stills Gallery. Edinburgh. will ensure exposure of your snap.

‘Photography is definitely where it's at.‘ adds Lee. 'I think Wolfgang Tillmans winning the Turner Prize is pretty symbolic of what's happening in the art world. The fact that anyone can

but not everybody can get an images onto canvas.‘

And you don’t have to have the latest in digital camera technology to enter; a passport photo or a disposable camera could still capture what it means to be British at the beginning of the 21st century. (Helen Monaghan)

I The deadline for entries is Fri 30 Mar. All entries must be accompanied by an official YR? entry form which is available by sending a SAE (A5 or bigger) to YRl Entry Form, PO. Box 797, Twrckenham, TW2 5FH or on the website www. channe/4. com/yr 7 . The winner will be announced on 7 Jul at a special Channel 4 live event.

Is Worth More Money Than The Money will be shown in cinemas across the UK with an lCA Projects release, Songs From The Second Floor. Filmed in Cyprus, the short features Emin as a bride-to-be in a traditional Cypriot wedding dress pinned with money. The film will be screened at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh from Friday 16 March.

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