Dundee galleries, DCA cont.

Beyond 1 "1 Sun 15 Apr (Gallery 1). A group c -' “it. in bringing together the vvotk o1 .1?11\1\ ltotn Dundee. (ilasgow and lottdon. \Vot'king in various mediums including panting. installation. sculpture attd v ideo. artists include Lolly Batty. Luke liowler. Robert ()rchardson. Toby Paterson. (‘lai'e Stephenson and Clare \\oit.i. S tcvtcvv.

The Tea Ceremony t'ntil Sun It May it )llt' 1 l‘- e lvvo). An exhibition of tl\\1'\\t'11t'\ ot the British tea ceremony inc biting Ttlllls tugs. creamers, sugar bovvls. lt‘.‘ . atltlies and spoons. featuring vvittk by (libs Keenan. Pruden and Smith Silver sltllli‘w. \ is J Young and Vicky lsctsltaw.

Diana Greenwood l'ntil Sun ll .‘vlar It hit‘ 1 tve 1m»). Silver jewellery and tablcvvat'c.

Living Zeroes: Contemporary Cultural Talks 'l'ue b Mar. 2pm. 1’ree. In a \t‘llt sol talks hosted by SimonYuill. ‘l‘luntlerl flonics attd Zero Realism' lcatutcs gtz. st speakers Vicki Bennett and Jon 1).»va .tfltl looks at how sampling and sin vcillat .‘ lt'k Iinologies have brought a whole in vv vvay of making art and t‘lllclltlllll tent

Artist Talk Sat 10 Mar. 2pm. l‘rce. .\lllsl So] 'l_\ Rickett is in conversation

vv ith Kale licgaskis. artistic director of 1'dinbuegh‘s Stills (iallet‘y.

Living Zeroes: Contemporary Cultural Talks Tue 13 Mar. 2pm.

1 ice. 'lo lie \\ llll You. Always And May \v 11v 'e' Icatuies guest speakers Matt l,ll\ kc. l i I. t Ruby and Keith Artnstrong attd looks at how mobile phones have become one of the most intimate of new



.\1|tcil Svpia c. 013S2 432(lS4..\1ott——Sat 10am 5pm: Sun 12.30 4pszhu

10am 7pm.

Brangwyn‘s Gift l'ntil Sun 11 Mar. Painting. 1" tins and drawings by Frank litatgvvy l I.\'(tf 1950. The show features over 130 mi ks inclttditig oils. etchittgs. lithogtats..(1\\oi|d\\'ar1 posters and life dtavv ings.

McIntosh Patrick Remembered I'ntil SM 11 .\i;ll'. .\ celebration of the work of | ‘undcc born landscape painter .lgllltt's .\l it ll‘\ll Patrick I 1907—1998). Included Ill (be display are three new

ilk qnisitit ns featuring an early oil The

llim me Ht (l. ()/(I (i/umiv l‘itt'lory'. 1929.

Outside The Cities

Campsre Glen


("Iachatt I )I (aritpsic. 01360 313049. Daily 10 ~(Iain 5.30pm.

A Celtic Cornucopia t’ntil Fri 1.3 .\pr. \ ( clttc themed exhibition featuring c‘;llltllt‘1lt~l«'.'l\. cards. ceramic plaques. stenc lb. 1‘. :trtetl textiles and wall hangings

East Lothian


Stctttot‘ of stvs‘ 850256. Daily noon—5pm lk‘ll‘St‘ll llzlll

Sarah Carrington: Recent Works Mon 5 \‘v .-.I .\Iar. Paintings ofthe lithttburga to \(tttlt Berwick coastline ctcr'ctl tts'ng a vatiety of media including oils. s ll‘tl v ..: itisli and household ctnuls'ar-s

Lachlan Goudie - Paris: A Room With A View .\lon 5—\\'ed 28 Mar. livery day Parisian scenes in gouache attd acrylic by 1.achlan(ioudie. sort of the cclcbt'atcd Sci ~tttsh artist Alexander (iouilzc



3.5 '1 n.‘ Stirling .\t'cade. 01786 479361. '1 tie Sat 11.:11 4.30pm.

Caution Inn! 1 ii 9 Mar. A diverse exhibition of painting and sculpture by 4th year Dunc-an of Jordanstone College students.

84 THE LIST 1—15 Mar 2001


THEATRE PREVIEW BEETHOVEN’S BROTHER Paisley Arts Centre, Sat 3 Mar, then touring.

Children are just wee people. They’re perceptive, on the ball and, most of all, honest. Or so Donald Mcleary thinks after spending eight weeks with two groups of schoolchildren in the name of research.

The former Chewin’ The Fat writer has had a surreal introduction to children’s theatre after taking in a performance of Visible Fiction’s The Red Balloon. 27-year-old Mcleary was so

impressed he took a career digression to try his hand at writing children’s theatre. Fascinated by the idea of rediscovering what it meant to be a child, but lacking in experience, Mcleary was given the opportunity by Visible Fictions to spend time with schoolchildren in Paisley and Invernesshire to find out what was important to them and their hopes and


‘I didn’t know anything about children; the only time I ever noticed children was it they were misbehaving, so I only saw their bad side. I think that’s true of most adults,’ says Mcleary. ‘I hadn’t seen any children’s theatre either and I imagined it was the same as children’s TV which I think

is pretty ropey most of the time.’

From spending this time with kids, Mcleary extracted what he thought to be the most important issue to them: self-esteem. He felt that the children were acutely aware of a pre-ordained ‘pecking order’ in the classroom based on generally cosmetic reasons. ‘They seemed quite influenced by self-image in terms of their body, make-up and what was cool. It’s a product of what’s around them. When I was a kid Blue Peter was presented by three middle-aged people which was comforting. Now it’s presented by three nineteen-year—olds wearing skimpy outfits, and you can see how

that’s bled through to children.’

Over the course of the last year, the story of Beethoven ’5 Brother has been carefully crafted around the character of Eric who lives in the shadow of his talented brother Ludwig, and, through a series of life-changing events, Eric comes to realise that ordinary talents are just as important.

Whilst researching the play, Mcleary too learned a valuable lesson: not to underestimate the talents of children: ‘I went in the first week with a wee allegory about a kid who nobody noticed because he didn’t speak up for himself and l was thinking, “Aw, this is really clever, well done Donald,” and this kid put his hand up after the story and said, “I thought that was a bit clichéd.” So that was me told.’ (Maureen Ellis)

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun Saturday Kids Club Sat 3 Mar. 1 lam-noon. £3. The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 0901 0220300. Pine-tune your musical abilities and explore music itself at this workshop led by Sounds of Progress. The Saturday Drama Zone Sat 3 Mar & Sat 10 Mar. 1 lam—1pm. £5 for one session: £45 for ten sessions. (iilmorehillG I 2. 9 l'niversity Avenue. 330 5522. Advance booking required. Ages 8-42. Developing creativity and itnagination is the name of the game at this workshop series. Shapes And Life Forms Sat 3 Mar & Sat 10 Mar. 1.30—2.15pm & 2.35—3.30pm. £25 for five weeks. The -ighthouse. l 1 Mitchell Lane. 334 2000. Ages 4—6 at earliest workshop. then ages 12. Design alternative homes for the animals inhabiting our planet by taking inspiration frotn their shape arid fortn. Children’s Activities Sun 4 Mar & Sun I 1 Mar. lptn. Free. Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Ages 3—8. Weekly children's activities. Dilly Dali Sun 4 Mar 8; Sun 11 Mar. 2.30—3.15pm 8; 330—4. 15pm. £5 per session. Art Gallery 8; Museum.

Kelv‘ingrove. Argyle Street. 334 2000. Ages 2—6. Art classes based around the theme of ‘The Little Mermaid'. After creating a fish puppet. use it along with other puppets tnade in the class to create a large scale sculpture.

Printmaking Workshop Sat to Mar.

l0am—noon 8e l--3pm. £20 for four weeks. l-lunterian Art (iallery. l'niv‘ersity of (ilasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 5431. Advance booking required. Ages

1 1-16. Learn the basics of printing at this four-week workshop. The first session has an introduction to the popular print and craft of printmaking.

Saturday Kids Club Sat 10 Mar.

1 lam-noon. £3. The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 090] 0220300. Pablo's Printers. Ages 6—8. Jatt McKechie leads a workshop on printing using the prints of AA .Vlilne's Winnie the Pooh and other famous works of art as starting points. After this. take tnono prints from these and create your own tnasterpiece.


102 Dalmatians (L') Sat 3 Mar. 1pm; and Muppets In Space ([7) Sat It) Mar. lptn. £2.25 (family ticket £9). Glasgow Film Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. See Film Index.

Thrill Ride (L') daily lpm 8: 3pm: Mysteries of Egypt (t3) Thu—Sun. 2pm. 4pm. 5pm; Mon—Wed. 2pm 8; 4pm: and double-features Thu—Sat. 6pm & 8.30pm; Sun. bpnt. £5 (£3.50): double

feature tickets £9 (£6.50). [MAX Theatre.

Glasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. See Film Index.


Adventures In Music - Splash Sat 10 Mar. 3pm. £9 (£4 £5); family ticket £24. Royal ('oncert Hall. 2 Sauchtehall Street. :37 5.51 1. (‘lllltli't‘lLS Classic (‘oncerts continue their series vv ttli a intisical adventure on the deep blue sea. Join the RS.\'(). Sinbad. presenter (‘hris Jarvis and conductor Martin Yates and set sail on a journey over the sea to Skye. The afternoon concert features excerpts frotn ‘Schehera/ade'. Britten's ‘Storm' attd James llorner's "Titanic Sutte'.


Weenies Live! Thu I Still 4 Mar. 10.30am. 2pm & 5.15pm; Thu 2pm.

£10 15; family ticket £3o £54. Sli(‘('. liinnieston Quay. 0870 ()40 4000. Bella. Milo. l'l/l. Jake and Doodles frotn BBC children‘s favourite "The 'l'vveenies' take to the stage for a fun-filled musical extravagan/a.

Tum Tum Tinker Sat 3 Mar. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask & Puppet 'l‘heatrc ('entre. .' 10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 33901S5. Blue liotll Theatre's acclaimed show based on a needle which is passed (1()\\ll from generation to generation.

Ananci The Magic Spider Sat lo Mar. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask & Puppet Theatre (‘entre. S 10 Balcat't'es Avenue. Kelv'indale. 3.39 (i185. Jack ()'1.antern Puppets rise the ancient art of shadow puppetry to bring to life this folk tale about an enchanted spider.


World Book Day Thu 1 Mar. ()tllti~5.30ptll. lace. ()tltlkuns liookstot'c. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. 353 1500. ()ttakar's celebrate World Book Day All this Storytelling 'l'heatrc event. Shop staff will be telling stories throughout the day for children of all ages. not forgetting Where's \Vally and other games.


Saturday Storytime Sat 3 Mar is Sat l0 Mar. 1 lam. lircc. Borders Books, 2S3 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Ages 3—8. Weekly storytelling sessions.

Activities And Fun

. Quickies For Kids Royal Museum

Of Scotland. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4219. Free entry to museum for visitors aged 18 and under. 'l‘en-minute talks for children held every Saturday at 2.15pm and every Sunday at 3.15pm. ‘The Drinking Fountain and Bird' is the topic of the discussion on Sat 3 Mar. and on Sun 4 Mar. there's a ‘Short Talk on 'l‘axidermy'. Take a closer look at "The Blue Whale' on Sat 10 Mar. and then ‘The Python‘ on Stm 1 I Mar.

Animals Sat 3 Mar 18’; Sat 10 Mar. 10.30am—12.30pm (ages 6 9) & 2 74pm (ages 10»-—l4). £48 for 5 workshops. Old St Paul's Church. ()3 Jeffrey Street. 554 1999. Advance booking required. (‘reate paintings attd sculptures of animals working in 21) and 31) mediums.

Scary Stories Sat 3 Mar. 1.30 5pm. Free. Fruitmarket (iallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2383. A drop-in workshop where you can draw a face on a paper bag and then tell scary stories on video. Pancake Saturday With Fton The Clown Sat 3 Mar. 2.30pm. £3.50 (£2). Netherbow Arts Centre. 43—45 Hiin Street. 556 9579/2647. Ages 4+. Roly the Clown adds to the fun of Pancake day with stories. slapstick and circtis tricks. Tall Stories Sat 10 Mar. 1.30— 5pm. Free. Fruitmarket (iallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2383. Tell tall tales about yourself on video at this drop-in workshop.


Oh Yes It Is! . . . Looney Tunes Live On Stage Tue l3—Sat I7 Mar. 6pm; Wed 8.; Sat lptn 8; 6pm. £10.50