Edinburgh, Thu 8 Mar. If you were in need of an artist to speak of the current and future state of the theatre, it would be hard to find an individual better qualified than Giles Havergal. Joint artistic director of the Citizens’ Theatre with Philip Prowse and Robert David McDonald, Havergal has produced work of the highest standard in Glasgow for over 30 years.

But Havergal is not interested in

special pleading for the theatre. His agenda for this lecture will be much broader. ‘1’" mainly be talking about the Citizens’ as far as the theatre goes, because that’s what I know best,’ he says. ‘But I’ll be trying to place the theatre generally into the cultural context of Scotland, along with other art forms. It’s important that all of us, the museums, the opera, the ballet, the theatre and so on, stand together in a single cultural world.’

But quite specific things are happening in the theatre and surely he’ll speak about such issues as a Scottish national theatre? ‘Yes, but it’s like the arts across the board, so much depends on funding,’ he says. ‘The National won’t work if the current theatres aren’t strong. We need to expand the infrastructure if it’s going to work. This is what faces the arts everywhere, and especially in Scotland at the moment. Less funding equals less product, equals less audiences for the theatre. But we need to pull together with the other arts to make a real contribution to the cultural

and spiritual life of Scotland.’ (Steve Cramer)


Popular Observing Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. £1. View Saturn with its rings and Jupiter and its moons.

Book events

Fiona Watson James Thin. 53—59 South Bridge. 622 8222. 7pm. Fiona Watson. presenter of the BBC’s Landmark series and author of Scotland: A History 8000 BC 2000 A!) (Tempus Publishing £1 1.99) launches her book.


The Finding Of Moses by G.B. Tiepolo National Gallery of Scotland. The Mound. 624 6200. 12.45pm. Free. Richard Verdi on Tiepolo‘s painting.


Play Making: Writing Drama Netherbow Arts Centre. 43—45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. 2—4.30pm. £6 (£4) per workshop; £20 (£15) for series. See Fri 2.

Saturday 1 0

Book events

Historic Causewayslde Newington Library. 17—21 Fountainhall Road. 529 5536. 10.30am—noon. Free. but ticketed. A guided walk with Andrew Bethune. Part qu Festival ()fSt‘UIIISII Writing.

Royal Botanic Garden

203 Inverleith Row. 552 yr 7t 71. Daily 9.303m—6pm. Free but donations encouraged at Glasshouse Experience. A sea of tranquillity in the hubbub of the city. the Botanic Garden is home to a wealth of flora from all Over the world. The Garden boasts a world-

Poetry Workshop Fountainbridge Library. Dundee Street. 529 5616. I lam. Free. but ticketed. Bashabi Fraser leads this practical poetry workshop. Part 0/." Festival ()fSr'attis/i Writing.

Water Of Death Stockbridge Library.

Hamilton Place. 529 5665. 2.30-4.30pm. £2. Take a stroll along the Water of Leith. following in the footsteps of Ian Rankin‘s Inspector Rebus character. Part (If/i I't’stii'it/ ()fSi'ottis/r llr'riting.


Seeing ls Believing: Facts And Fictions In Documentary Photography And Contemporary Art lidinburgh College ofArt. Lauriston Place. 221 6000. Tickets from Stills Gallery. 0131 622 6200. 9.30am—5pm. £15 (£10). Leading artists discuss the resurgence of interest in documentary.


Record & CD Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. 220 4349. 10am—4 m. £1. Hunt fora bargain. Body Soul Psychic Healing Fair Bruntslield Primary School. 12 Montpelier. Bruntstield. 226 7601. Noon—8pm. £2 (£1.50). Over 30 stalls offering complementary medicines.


International Women’s Day Protest Outside GAP. Princes Street. 337 6781. 1pm. See Glasgow life. Sat 10.

famous Rock Garden and ten magnificent glasshouses. The site also hosts art exhibitions and honicultural courses. Royal Yacht Britannia Ocean Drive. Leith,

Alp Women’s Gathering St Bride‘s ('entre. Ill ()rys ell Terrace. 346 1405. 7.30pm. £5 l£3 r. \\'oiiieii-iirily eyent to coincide yy ith International \Vomen‘s l)ay featuring the Belle Star Band and Sheila Stuart.

Book events

Sara Sheridan l.ellll Library. Is An l-‘erry Road. 529 5517. "pm. l-'ree. but ticketed. The Scottish crime \y riler discusses her ysork. Part of .‘l l'i'ytti'it/ ()t Si‘ottis/t ll'riling.

Alasdair Gray (‘eiirral Library. ('ieorgc l\' Bridge. 225 5584.

7.157 S.30pm. l-‘ree. but ticketed. The acclaimed Scottish author speaks to Alan Taylor of the Sunday llt'Hl/(l. /’art o! .l l'i'stii'u/ ()t'Sr'ottis/r ll'i'rtiire.


Just Like Daddy: My Recent Work National Gallery of Modern Art. Bell‘ortl Road. 624 6200. 12.45pm. l‘i'ee. Artist .\1oyna l‘lannigan giyes a talk.


Writing Features For Radio l’ountainbridgc Library. Dundee Street. 529 5616. 6 Spm. Free. See Mon 5.

Book events

Alanna Knight .‘yluirhousc Library. 15 Pennywell (’ourl. 529 5528. 7pm. l‘ree. but ticketed. The author of the Inspector l-‘aro mysteries talks about her writing. I’urt old I'i'stii'al ()l'.S'i'iitti'.s*/t ll'ritiire. Scottish Quiz Night \y'esrer llailes Library. 1 \‘y'estsiile l’la/a. 529 5667. 7pm. Free. btit ticketed. .\ fun quiz night for literary brain boxes. l’art ofxl l't'.\l/l'(l/ (IfSeatIis/r Il'riting.

Scottish Religious Poetry Nelherbow Arts (‘entr‘e. 43 45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Inspired by the first ever anthology of Scottish Religious Poetry. contemporary writers get together.


Edinburgh Midweek Group Various yenues. 332 8700. 9.30am. Help BTCV Scotland in a series of conservation tasks. using free transport to and froin the site.

Mission: Possible? Recipes For Restoring the Earth (‘enrre l-‘or Human licology. I2 Roseneath Place. 624 1972. 6.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). The subject of BSli is tackled by Mark l’urdey'. an organic farmer and scientist.


Scandinavian Mangleboards Royal Mtrseum. 2 ('hambcrs Street. 247 4219. 1pm. £3 (£1.50); children under IS free. A talk on these interesting pieces given by Stephen Jackson.

Talking National: Forging The Nation Netherboyy' .-\l‘ts Centre. 43 45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. 2~3pm. Free. See Tue 6.

555 5566. Mon—Fn mam—3.30pm: Sat 8. Sun 9.30am— 4.30pm. 87.50 193.7542 5.751: family ticket £20. The former royal yacht has opened its

St Giles’ Cathedral Royal Mile. 22:3 04.12:“. Mon—Sat S).f3l)ari‘~:’3i,'i Sun 1-5t1tii. Fouriiiixl Il‘. the 1100s. this church has vatnessed i:>(i:(,11ll’)llf).

listings Edinburgh life

Dante And The Making Of The Victorian Imagination li.ili.iii ('ullural Institute. S2 \icolson Street. 665 2232. 6pm. l’rol l'r'ancesco .\1.iriom on l).mle,

Sui. Peploe ('entral library. ('ieoige l\' Bridge. 225 55S4 631mm. lice. bill ticketed. (iriy l’eploe on his grandlathci. the Scottish ('olourist S_.l. l’eploe l’iri: iii .\ lid/rill ()t .\i iii'Its/t ll 11/17::


Writing Plays: Theme Communication (‘eiirial lilyiaiy. (ieorge l\' Hrrdgc. 225 55M 6 Spin l'r'ee. \Vilh 'l'om .\lc(ir.ilh

Wednesday 1 4

Book events

Charles Smith ('enlral library. (icorge l\' Bridge. 22.5 55M. 12. 3“pm l'r'ee. bill ticketed lhe .iutlior \ll\\ usses the neys edition ol his history o1 South Izilinbiirgh. hit at I It \lllir’/ ()i S. HUM/1 Ill/trite.


Edinburgh Midweek Group Various \eiiues. 332 S700, 9. 30am. See Tue 13.


Health And Public Relations: Confidence Or Cover-Up? ()pt‘ll l)ool'. 42H \ltil‘lllllgsltle Road. ll" 9‘5“. 10.30am. £1. led by l’enny Taylor. Head of('ommtmicalions al l.othi;m l‘niyeisity Hospitals .\'llS Trust.

Whistler’s Portrait Of Carlyle: No Great Masters National Portrait Gallery. 1 Queen Street. 624 6200, 12.45pm. l‘rce. \Vrlh Margaret McDonald.

Writing With A Paintbrush - Diaries And Letters Of Scottish Artists Neyyington library. 17 21 l"iitrrit;ririlirrll Road. 529 5536. 7pm, tree. but ticketed. Sally Kerr giyes an illustrated talk on the arlelacts lelt by Scottish yyriter's. I’r/rt ii/ .1 I'i'ytii'a/ ()l Si'oltis/i ll'rilme.

David Greig ('entral library. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 225 55S4. 7.15pm. l'l't‘t‘. biil ticketed. The Scottish playwright on the Scots influence on his work. I’m! at .l /'i'ytii'it/ ()I St iiltiy/t ll'riliiie.

Villages Of Edinburgh lloly (“rim lipiscopal ('hur'ch llall. Quality Street. l)a\ idson's Mains. 336 5S.3 1. 7.30pm. £1 £2. Malcolm (‘anl discusses the

y illages of lidinburgh at this North West Heritage lliilinburgh Villages) rrieetirig.


Edinburgh Midweek Group Various \enues. 332 S700. 9. 30am. See Tue 13.


Shedding Light On Chemical Reactions lleriot-\\'att l niyersily. lidinbiirgh Brisiness School. Riccarlon. 451 3444. 6pm. l‘rce. \Vith l’rol Kenneth (icorge McKendrick.

Witchery Tour li/l‘;i:l HMS/ll: l"i: MTV/,1 0', lii:f.i;iti'ir'.', (Quail/fir”, Q/j/‘J ,’.‘,-' "r l'rriw. .m, illl’l


doors to members of the riots and celebrations. i:f;‘)‘:".ll£ll. Tar/i: «: far. to public after a $22.5 million With spectacular stained lllt; rlariv ‘gvli: i,‘ refit. The on-shOre vrSitor glass Windows. ornate E’lll‘il,i;l".}" .i

centre contains historical information on the boat and its furnishings while. on the yacht itself. members of the public can have a good nosy round the BOyals' former quarters.

stonework and guided tOLirs it's a good starting pOiiit for exploring the Royal Mile. or if you're feeling in need of Splr'ltléll rejuvenation go along to out ‘or abouts and one of their regular services or rriusrc‘ (:Z‘flllS.

i_;ri'=’lo.’:, X's/lain 1.14:" ‘rlifC‘lilftfl'li. .‘Ji'i’r reiraii; .oi. .‘Jiti: storm-m oi torture. trite/let ai‘r: .'.'ll(:lir;ra‘t 1.1.". Matti:

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