In keeping with our book worm tendencies this issue. Scottish authors. Toni Davidson and Laura Hird. get depressed at the lack of decent tunes out this fortnight. Interview: Doug Johnstone


Chez Auguste (Jazz House) 000

Jonathan Gee has been around long enough now to be considered one of u i. i the more estabIIShed of i-:, ii. ~ the 908 wave of young ' British )azzers. and If this

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"' ‘V 'i.. ii 1."! ‘i ti;"'.. /'i/."/;iii:/rr. iii uni/(iii Laura Hird: |’:..i;".:i. li-.~ .().'l (ii iii:.T lll‘.

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disc doesn‘t really tell us l ..~ i: 'i i. Toni Davidson: 'li ‘. t.i:i.:.ii.iil',«' ‘: itlllt ilzii. li‘ I . I." ', i.:' l.‘ ...’l'-‘ l; l' 'i if! " . I, I I

anything new about him are overcome by the heresy of Hear’say

it JUStltleS the high regard in which he is held. :»t.? t ,zgq. h; A)“. Rec0rded live at Ronnie (i .. ii i.,.- M w. ii/.r;.' Scott's for the club's

'ri lurk ltii W ‘.'./.'i;. ',i,:i.»- ll'.‘.‘

i) ‘,i:!:fi!ifi titti-

assodated Jazz House . ii! i i if» 'i iii/i {iii/iii /

label. It capIUres Gee's 4: . ' ' ' m; .‘ iili i'.".’ / ' i'ri i/ Jillillf,‘/ (iii/i.

regular trio With bassist i i. i: its.

Steve Rose and drum- :‘L‘i..r;"i.;iii y, iiiiil inititi'iiziii'i il,l (,".'.}'t: ‘.f."'il

mer Winston Clifford In a ." ‘1‘ ‘i .'I" " ltl t “if It ill i‘.‘.'ll ti) 'r.(:‘.'()

typically strong. imag- ' " °' '- . ll *.'.‘.l ‘ill't i-xi'ti ti; ‘.lll|l i“,/ (Jilin-'1: .i '( II, inative. and always very . . ii.i.;i,v;«. . v musical outing. With the :' z. I; tllf' :;ti:iiirili I(,|i‘\ iii .i Il.‘.'l’l" exception Oi one stand- ~ - ~ 7 i.‘::i'~, :liii).i:)(-iii.'ii_) iiililii-iltiii.’i LH: 'i {i‘il’f'ui' :f' M

li‘:l.'."":l: l .‘.i: I: “1‘ y ' '

/‘.’<) li.i l all it“

ard. the material is the ;‘.i'..:. i‘..~.l'lt.' pianist's own. and provides plenty of scope '/ '.i:-.- “UL! Sun; i/. ii )(i/i't ii iii for their unfolding Hi! us». Val/1,3. (Vii/Hf. .‘ii/t ';I/.l/ (1 .’;/H! /i// improvisational flights. cit: 1'." , nit.

(Kenny Mathieson) TD: 'li viwiml (iii “i (in: (iii;-

l n-l '~

fit ‘.t/ ':~ 1‘. ‘Iltllx" I .'.' iti':' . ' '

(Ilillll/.‘/ '.it.'/i'

anvil 'll.lli\t:!. llizit'.; \."'/l‘.t'it it". tillllffll (Nil/ill liini‘t fiii'iiii

[31A] f.i' li'i’til/(i' In", :.


Soy Malo (Palm Pictures) .00

iiiiviiiir-i iii‘ l/iiiwbt/ , I ...Ill:) t: I.‘

.‘xilli ‘;.;l!lf;1).ilif. i ll" '

LH: 'l".i‘- "thilil :l .ilitiiit ti tll()1lfi(tll(l liiii<;:;. llllll‘-l iii) ‘.'.'\lli iiiiit) Itiii llltl(.l‘. li-li:=/ii;iiii:.

ll'm grit Illtt) i'li‘y' llt,‘.'l(l .i fit)ll[)lf,‘ ()l tllliIE‘. and

Carlos Manuel brings us the sound of the Cuban streets. light years away from the Buena Vista veterans. In Havana radio and soundsystems pump out 'SOy malo. soy malo cantidad' (‘I'm Bad. Really Bad') with its catchy Caribbean rhythms over a Cuban root. played on synths. brass and guitars. While Manuel hates to be called Cuba's answer to Ricky Martin. there is no denying his looks. energy or incipient romanticism. Lyrics are simple. it's all about dance but salsa this isn't: girls ‘despelote‘ 0r 'tembleque‘ that is rotate their pelvis' like magimixes while the boys stand close behind. (Jan Fairley)



Déli (Label Bleu/lndigo) COO.

Sissoko comes from good Mali stock. His father. Djelimady Sissoko. is 'grand master' of the Mandingue kora. a harp With 21 strings and a sound like Spiders Spinning Silvery dreams. This recording is a delicately rocking jam seSSion, partly improv- ised. between the younger Sissoko and three gifted friends from the same generation.

l .ll>;t‘i.'t it) Eli.i‘.'

respective players of the balafon. bolon and n'goni. These string instruments travel lightly but surely in an intimate. intricate filigree. laced together with occasional warm. strong vocals from Sissoko's wife Mama Draba. Perhaps the eleven tracks are a tad samey. but they carry a fresh sparkle and serenity. (Donald Hutera)


VARIOUS ARTISTS I'm A Good Woman 2 (Harmless) 0000


With this. the second instalment of their the ever reliable Good Woman series. Harmless prove they're still the Mac Daddies of retro compilations. Plenty of familiar names will draw in the occasional browser (Aretha Franklin. Ann Peebles. The Pointer Sisters). but delve deeper and you will be rewarded. The hyper-funk of Mary Jane Hooper's “I've Got


What You Need' Or the vocal gymnastics of Marva Whitney on 'Daddy

Don't Know About Sugar

Bear‘ perfectly illustrates the endless possibilities of funk and soul music.

Also notable is the care

and attention with which

these collections are

compiled. with fascinating sleevenotes and beautiful

cover design putting

them head and shoulders above their nearest rivals. A collection of rare gems

which should be


(Mark Robertson) ALSO RELEASED

Boiler Room Can 't Breathe (Tommy Boy) Nu metal newcomers

unleash weighty debut.

Eat Static In The Nude (Mesmobeat) Crusty

techno loons sling out

another quirky long player.

Astrid P/ay Dead (Plastic Fantastic) Buzzsaw indie antics from Scottish guitar act. Katastrophy Wife

Amusia (A/mafame) Kat

Bjeland. ex of Babes In

Toyland in new more tempered form.

Fat Lip Idiot Mantras

(Svenga/i) Glasgow funky rock outfit release

debut album.

New flLBUM OUT 26th MHBCI'I CID/limited edition vinyl On tour HPBIUMIW

wwwhntasflcpiosficxonk 0 distributed by Vital

15—29 Mar 2000 THE LIST 103