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Deneuve), her life is part Busby Berkeley fantasy, part bad the fact that Brian is a

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3 _ THE ASCENT Von Tner’s films are about communities, places that stifle, is a rabb._ Anna 9093; (or

(13) 30 mins .” blacken and eventually destroy the innocent. If Von Trier is Jake, the more available certain of one thing it is that the meek certainly shall not option, and a secret

Oh no! Pyriel. the nasty inherit the earth. Sad yet vibrant, naturalistic yet fantastical, Lars von Trier and Bjork’s romance begins causing

old Angel of Genocide. this is a movie of contradictions. From the opening wonderful, heartbroken musical all sorts of fall outs and

is going to destroy all meditative colour panels it casts a spell that is difficult to faltering faiths. In the

mankind! The only one shake free from. The digital cinematography by veteran Robby Muller is frenzied, nauseous and end friendship. love and

that can stop him is breathtaking. Peter Stormare, Joel Grey and young Cara Seymour supply stellar support, but this faith endure with a help-

Danyael. a young angel/ movie belongs to the Icelandic Sugarcube. Bjork is obtuse, awkward and totally right in this part. If ing hand from Jake's

human hybrid. But, oh Bob Fosse adapted Dostoyevsky’s Crime And Punishment for a home of thespian eccentrics, it Jewish mama. (Buena

no he doesn‘t know he would look something like this. Unique. (Paul Dale) Vista; $19.99 on DVD)

has that power! We're all I Available to buy on video (E 74.99) and DVD (E 79. 99) from Fi/mFour from 79 Mar. (Jane Hamilton)

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15—29 Mar 2001 THE LIST 105