Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407) I would like to enquire as to why one of Edinburgh's best unSigned bands. Travler. was not included in y0ur list of 'top' unsrgned bands.

Camilla Clark

Via e—rnai/

{This is one of nine /etters sent in a spontaneous surge of Trav/er-re/ated enthusiasm: Ed.)


Re: New music for tomorrow (issue 407) Just thought we would get in touch to say thank you for inclusion in the last isSue and to pass on Our compliments to the photographer as well.

Look out for Terra Diablo who also played in the city With us last year; a definite tip for 2001.

Stevie and Willie from Engine Via e-Inai/


Re: Time to give bands a hand (issue 407) Seeing as your head office is only 269 paces from Our front door and given the fact that 20% of your 'For Tomorrow' talents have played here in the last year. I was a wee bit disap— pouited that we didn'ae get a shout.

Where else can yOU watch a Scottish director's new film then hear 'Moon River“ played on a saw? Salsa classes to break dancing exhibitions? Live Brazilian street sound to Russian brass quintets? Spoken word to fresh theatre? Live chainsaw sculpture to in-house TV shows? Glasgow ska to Leith hip-hop? Instruments made from gourds to walls of electronica? Human beat-boxes to live gospel-funk jams? Samba punk to South African dance troupes?

Local or international. fresh faced or fucking famous get them in touch. We give discounts for live music. artistic content or charity events.

Ally Hill

Venue manager

The Bongo Club

New Street, Edinburgh


Re: Single Point Of Light Preview (issue 408)

I read your article on Single Point Of Light's residency at the 13th Note and I feel some of the bands have missed the point. OK. so it‘s supposed to let the chosen band have complete freedom to do what they like. but a lot

of them have deeded to centre each night on themselves: 'Hello Glasgow. and yes! it's us playing again“.

it is not. as yOu wrote. the band's ‘weekly duty' to play. They don't have to make themselves centre stage all the time and despite the fact that Single Point Of Light promise to play a different set. I feel that they. and every other band that have taken the reSidency as an opportunity for an ego trip. are narrowmg the appeal of their nights.

Fun and interesting reSidency nights were LapSuS Lingue's puppet show and Akira's acoustic night when you got to see Stuart Braithwaite play Mogwai songs off The Rock Action eight months in advance. God knows why it took The List so long to catch on to this residency malarkey when kids were dOing it so much better at the start. Lisa Franchetti via email


Lack of musical talent

The current music scene is. frankly.

awful. Right now we need some

heroes. eg Phoenix. ballboy. Astrid.

but especially . . . The Supernaturals. Where are they? And what‘s

happening? Pray tell!

Judith MacNaughtie



Re: New improved formula (issue 408) Love the new look to the magazine fab! Stephen Duffy

Marketing Manager

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Glasgow


Re: New improved formula (issue 408) Er. not at all keen on the new arrangement of The List . . . Surely it made far more sense to have music reviews in the music section, rather than having to trawl through a special review section . . . ?

Lynn Greig

via e-mail

THIS IS THE END Re: ABC gets the chop (issue 408) Upon crossing Morrison Street this morning I was shocked and saddened to see the signage displaying film titles above the ABC now reads ‘THE END‘. I suppose it is inevitable in a society which has become increasingly lazy. where people will put up with more

Rawhide Club Java. Commercial Street. Leith


Train Robber l'm heavin into COuntry and I think that's what's Wrong With the world there's lust not enough country and western muSiC in it.

Emma Student


time I went on | flashed my pink knickers. The second time was less embarrassmg.

There's a Buckin' Bronco. The first

expensive tickets and snacks. watch a film on a sn‘altei screen fuzzy edges. Just because the. van park below it.

Auditorium f at the ABC was Scotland's hest screen A'w‘t'v t we Edinburgh's unique history an: r‘lxi'at‘fw lost forever as the cit. :it"ll’»ir":; t. m. national trend of identikit snwiw. and leisure xenues.

For every Starbucks. Piet~A McDonalds. Multiplexer All Bar KIIIt' that opens in Edinburgh. an independent. family-run bLiSiness is forced into bankruptcy. Slowly Our city centre is turning into an American shopping mall.

I appeal to The List to risk the Wrath of its advertisers and print this lettei. l appeal to yOur readers to remember my words as they enjoy their chocolate praline mocha. You'd better enjoy it. because before long there \Nl“ not be anwvhere else to go to try something different. If this is progress. we're fucked.

Simon Hynd via e-mai/


Re: I Saw You (issue 408)

Gentle angel haunting

An Edinburgh book shop

I saw you get stoned and lindy hop Sad looking git

In a Camus overcoat

I saw you bathe in lager ~ do you float YOu looked bored. l felt camp

I saw yOu in a student cafe

Sultry vamp

I saw you in stilettos and slacks Would-be hardman watching

All the men's ignoring backs

Ms power dresser. professional And cool. I saw you grit your teeth Suffer another fool

After years of searching finally

I saw you in the spotlight Jonathan Robert Muirhead

via email

FOR THE RECORD In last issue's <V""" I“ feature ab0ut graffiti (K .

artist Banksy we forgot to credit photographer Steve Lazarides. Sorry for the omission.

Cowboy Bob Sheep Herr it," l'm the lot. r:o.‘.'l)o, lfl t’i.'.ri and l'ii locking to find n2, for, (ICJijlfl l'ir: still looking

Anything goes at The Bongo Club


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Pollyanna /“/7()(/i.’/ .‘i/irl actress.

really love it It's the ceunthy and unrestern theme WlIIlOUI lieiiig naff

1-7-7 P’i Mar 2’51 THE LIST 9