I Flatmate wanted in easy-going West End flat. Share with 2 students: Aero and Art. Close to Botanic Gardens. Fully furnished. GCH. Washing machine. Microwave. £215 pcm. Ca110777 311 7856.

I West End room to let in large sunny flat sharing with 1 girl and 1 guy Hillhead area. 25+. Professional. With GSOH preferred. £300 pcm (incl. CT) Telephone after 8pm 0141 341 ()616.

I "IS prof wanted for bright double room in West End. 10 mins walk from city centre. Wood floors. secure entry. washing machine. big sunny kitchen. £250 pcm + bills. Call Abigail on 0141 564 3735.

I Room in Southalde cot- tage flat; all mod cons. good public transport access. £225 pcm incl of bills. Looking for person who is gay and

pet friendly. 0141 883 1708

I Slngle Room in Southside in spacious. modem flat. All mod cons. OCH. Security Entry. Residential Car Park. Sharing with 2 Others. 5 Mins City Centre. Would suit N/S Professional. £165pcm (lnc CT) + Bills. Deposit & Refs Required. Contact Peter on 0141 429 5452

I Looking for short term or part time accommodation‘.’ Large rooms available

in palatial West End flat for short term let (one month mini- mum) or part-time let (would suit someone working in Glasgow weekdays). N/s. pro- fessional or mature students preferred. Rent negotiable. Tel Donald 07808 932458 or e- mail DReid212@aol.com

.‘é {133811111

I 2 lald-back guys seek person to share excellent West End flat. GCH. large kitchen. ALL mod cons. Superb for shopping. transport. pubs etc. £215 pcm. Suit easy-going stu- dent. Call 07790 509 668.

I Byrea Road friendly flat- mate wanted to share with 3 others n/s pref. Avail immed. £225 pcm + CT + bills. Call 07967 826390 or 07989

19801 1.


I Dynamic new flatmate needed for happy green single room in Hillside St flat. We've got a big. beautiful sitting room with real fire and soon to be beautiful well-equiped kitchen. Sharing with 2 girls. available April only £240 pcm (inc. all bills & CT. not phone). Call Harriet after 6pm on 0131 557 5235 (not weekends) or 07733 1 l 1820.

Happy, laid-back, considerate flatmate sought for spacious,

friendly, attractive flat in Leith. £275 pcm + CT.

Tel: 0774 888 3273

I Large, bright, double room available from end March in spacious & friendly Bruntsfield flat. to share with 4 others (postgrad students). £2 10 pcm pref n/s. Must be student. Sorry no couples. Tel: 0131 221 9678 or 07713 446082.

I Double room to rent from 1 April in huge attractive Newington flat. sharing with 3 others. Would suit mature quiet. professional. n/s. £160 pcm + CT + bills + dep. 0131 662 4842.

I Absolutely gorgeous double room in refurbished Polwarth house. All mod cons. neutral decor. semi-furn. (iCH + DG. Suit cheery + tidy young prof. £217 pcm + bills. Phone 07960 750 387 after 5pm.

I Bruntsfield, double room in lovely flat sharing with one other. for short term 12—6 month) let. Suit 3111sh prof or academic f. £300 pcm incl CT/bills. Anna 0131 622 0540/0771 876004.

I Single room for rent in large. bright flat sharing with 4 others. avail 10 April. £182 pm + CT. Phone (1131 556 6101 for further details.

I Very desirable spacious room to let in attractive central flat (Easter Rd) for employed person to share with one male. (Short/long term). All mod cons. Suit tidy n/s. £260 pcm incl. Call Ewan 0131 477 4072. I Enormous, double room avail in spacious West End Crescent flat. Tolerance/SCH essential. Meateaters/drinkers/cat—lovers pref. Smoking/gaiiibling etc. neg. Suit immature prof. high entertaiment factor (usually). £300 pcm Fiona/Liz. 0131 225 9126.

I Fantastic double room available in The Meadows. Fully furn in newly renovated flat. Polished floors. GCH sep bathroom 8; toilet. Sharing with 2 others. £233.33pm + bills. Phone 07957 406683 or 0131 667 5431.

I Room to rent in flat. siti- gle boxroom to rent in beauti- ful. clean & spacious flat. cen- tral. all mod cons. Avail 30 Mar 01 for 1 month. £55 pw incl bills. Phone after 5.30pm (weekdays. weekends daytime) 0131 530 9013/6 mobile: 07753 814225.

I Newington large room avail 1 Apr. share with owner. Male or female oy er 2.5. large kitchen. smoker 111's. 1)epi)sll £250. £250 pcrii incl bills ck ('T. View now for April. Please phone Tim ( 7747 064470.

I Single room, in west find flat. for professional per- son. n/s. £240 pcm including (‘T. Tel: 0131 337 7122 or 07713 392643.

I Double room in ycry large gay -friendly Brougliton flat. Ayailable 1st April. To share with guy 1& girl. l‘ully furnished. (i('11. ('lean with all mod cons. 1’1tis'1'\' ck Video. £250 pcrii plus bills. Tel: 0131 556 1914 or 11131 556 85116

I Single room, central flat. for host gradradute/inattire student. All mod cons. £200 pcm. Tel: 0131 5579279

I Room in beautiful. High Street flat. smokers w elcornc. £217 pcrii + bills. Tel: 0131 557 8886.

I Central room, in newa decorated lofty. n/s flat, Broughton Street. lilll. £280 pcm + bills. Tel: 07703 293336. I Looking for 2 funky flat- mates. to live in a sunny. spa- cious flat. in Br‘tintsficld. 3 large bedrooms. bathroom. kitchen/diner. box room. loft. large hall. (i('ll & all mod cons. £234 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 229 6837.

I Morningside, windowed box room with double lol't bed. (1(‘11. rent £170 pcrii + ("11 Tel: 07779 164730.

I Double room to let. in Morningsidc. suit young profes- sional. £250 pcm. Tel: 07929 455230.

I Central, large room, excellent shared facilities. £50 per week + bills. Tel: 0131 452 8727 or (17811 8297812.

Joanna (irant. 1a Abbotsford Park. 151)|.\'1317R(ill. 1i1110 51)X. 0131 452 8727

I Polwarth available 26th March, dotrble bed- room. in nice. modern. 2 bed flat. Stiit young. n/s. profession- al. Free parking. £300 pciii inclusive. No extras. Tel: Amanda 07803 042812.

I Polwarth Gardens, room to rent. in friendly flat share. £175 pcm + (‘T + bills. ('lose to bus stops & amenities. Tel: 0131 229 7221.

I Shandon, double room in friendly. shared flat. suit any- one happy to leave their door open. £250 pcm including bills. Tel: 0131 477 9566.

I Double bedroom, in lovely flat. on Slatef'ord Road. Living room. fitted kitchen. (1(‘11. 1)(}. £255 pcrri + £255 deposit. Available 19th March. Tel: (1131 2217100.

I Room recently decorated. a\ai1ab1c \(1\\'. in spaciotis house in (‘oi‘storphine Share facilities with 2 others all mod cons. cable t\. parking t\ gar den. £2.50 pcm + ("l + phone Tel: 11131 339 2175 after "pm I Room available, in spa crotis. farm cottage. with gar den. 7 miles West of city centre 1'.\cellent bus 8 train ser‘yrces. 15 minutes to \Vayer‘ley Peace tk quiet for £1711pcnr' l'el: 11131441161121

I Massive room avail- able, 111 sunny. seaside 1’or‘tobello 11:11 1111‘ 11.'\. ltt'itlt‘\ sional feriiale. to share wrtli two other females. £300 pcrii incltrdirig("1 tk billsfle1‘1113l ()57 10111011179114 2.5.5720

I Fun-loving person want ed. to share Sotrtli facing. sunny. large house. for 5 months. to 5th August. £201) pcm + bills 8' ("1. Tel: 01 31 (i()7 75H).

I Double room to let. in large flat. Strit professional female. intrst haye 11111 personal ity. £170 pcm + bills A; deposit '1‘e111113l 454119-11. after 5.01) prii.

I Stockbridge, female wanted, for sunny. single room. in well equipped liouse. own garden. to share with 2 females. Strit n/s. post graduate or professional. £230 pcm inc ("1. + bills or £210 pcm + bills for student. Tel: 01 31 332 0136. I Single room to lei. 111

gorgeous. (ioldenacre. 2nd floor

flat. all mod cons. pltrs large lounge. kitchen tk dining room. £21111pcm + bills + ('1. mail- able 20/03/01. stiit friendly tk sociable n/s. sorry no 1)SS. Tel: 0131 552 3629 or 07751 442721

I Flatmate wanted, to 1111 short let of 3-4 mtlis in sunny. comfortable r'ooni. oyerlooking Scotland Street Park. friendly. first floor flat with all trstral fit- tings ty fixtures. ayailable now. £210 perii + bills. Tel; 0131 556 5071.

I Flatmate sought, for spacious. central flat. £240 pcm. Stilt student/post graduate. All mod cons. llas lobe seen to be belieyedl After 17th March. Tel: ()131 557 8505 or 02074 357261

I Broughton Street, large single room lo let. \tlil easy going professional. £170 pcm + bills + ("1. Tel: lan 0131 55711198 after 6pm.

I Large room available, in mixed. New Town flat. £231) pcm+bi11s.'1'e|:11131 556 3441 after 6pm.

I Large New Town flat. with double bedroom to share. with 4 others. (i(’11. 2 bed- rooms. liying room S large kitchen. no students or I)SS. £21111 pcm + ("1‘ + bills. ayall- able beginning of April. Tel; 0131 557 4263.


IVery large, double roorri. in \ewtowri llal. ayar'i able 1st \pr‘il \ s female pre ferred L231) pcm le‘. 1'1 if 556

I Double room, in rtserirly. rcrioyated flat. .‘ riirris frozi: Princes Street. sliaiirig w 1111 i others. all riiod tons. ii s pre ferred. £21111 pcm s bills lel

ol ‘~1 229 1.79s or on“: 1).\Tj.\‘1>

I Furnished single room, in large flat. \11.11111j.' with istti dents. on all 1 iii btis roiites \\oti1d stirl y'ay friendly stir dent young professional wrtlr (iS1111 L2|fffptrii - bills 1.1 0771 Iss 5\oo \ller (\prrr

I Room to rent, in sl‘a crotis flat. 2.2111 ptrri s 1 1

1‘111\ \lift1\111111j.‘t‘ .flt‘a preferred 1e1 11131 \lter 11111111111


li,‘ (1‘51

‘- ‘i‘élrrssrsaill

I Large double room, 111 3 bed spacrotrs flat. in Stockbi'rdge. Stritable female student/prolessrorial. 1.251) pcirr + bills. 1e1: l oriairre or l’atila 111 31 ‘32 2271'

I Large room, in torriioii il1‘1k'11.l1.111111\ (11.11. K ball) 1.arj._'e1iyrn;' roorri ('lose to sports centre .\ sliop ping lacrlrties, ()rin 1.228 pt in me bills. .\11S1 S11 "lel 1113 13-1 31152

I View a beautiful spa crotis flat with garden \otrrig

\1111\‘- t‘l

professional needed.1os1iare with 2 3yr old woman 111 min tiles btis rotir'riey from Princes Street free parking 1. 31111 [N111 '1'e1:11131 552 .1873 or 09-11 00112111,

I Newhaven Road, allrac trye double bedroorri to let. in bright. spat ioris. gay friendly 11:11.\\11112H111ers.(i('11 t\' all mod cons. 1.260 pcrir r bills. '1e1101315i8 3357.

I Room available for rent. in sunny. loft style apartrrient. close to the y ibr'arit centre of 1.ertli.wotr1d stirl young profes sional. £31111perrie\c1tidirig (“I + bills. 1el: \ridrew 11-16" 25212-1.

I Available now, limit) for one. 111 newly decorated llal. near the shore. would stril ri/s. professional. yeggre preferred. all mod cons. white iiieter lleal irig.priwrtepai‘kirrg.1.315pcrri inc bills. '1e1: 1 i on 11796s

21 311.51).

I Large room in r‘ccenlly. refurbished flat. oyerloolarig 1.e1111Billllss.‘.‘.1)lllt1\llll young. n/s professional to share with one other. ayarlable 1 April. £2611pciii. including bills btrt not ("1. 1e1: (111111111 31 002 “1153 ()1 11151 51-1“ t'\L‘\. I Leith, modern, 2 lit-t1 room. ltrstrr‘y flat. fully for iiislicd.1)(i.(i('11.pr'iyateparl. rng. secured entry. strit profes storials. £51111pcrn A1k'1:111 if (i755 1.

r 1'. ' THE LIST 121