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I Top, 1 bedroom flat to let. liaster Road. hall. lounge. tltlllhle bedroom. kitchen k hathroom. fully furnished. (i('l|. loft storage. hu//er entry. ayailahle now. £335 pcm. Tel: 07033 075l0t).

I Bright, spacious room, in cheerful flat. close to centre. females only. £3 l0 pcm + hills + ('T. Tel: 0| 3| 555 3933.

I Female flatmate wanted. for hright. sunny. single room. in heautiful spacious flat. in l.eith. sharing with 3 other females. pi'eferahly \egetai'ian friendly & tidy. room ayailahle mid/end March. £330 pcm inc ('T. Tel: Kate or Sarah 0| 3| 553 0573.

I Fourth person needed. for friendly. student flat. all mod cons. open fire. central location. £335 pcm + hills. Tel: Laura 0|3l 557 300].

I Double room available. in hright. (‘anonmills flat. shar- ing with one other. would stiit 30-soniething professional or student. n/s preferred. £l‘)0 pcm + hills + (‘T. Tel: 0|3| 550 0534.

I Double room, in friendly. modern 3 hed flat. in Broughton. ayailahle March. Stiit clean. friendly. n/s. work- ing male or female to share with 3 others. .-\|l mod cons. l’i‘iyate. off-road parking. £300 pcm + hills. No USS/students. Tel: 0| 3| 550 3830

122 THE LIST 15—29 Ma' 13001

I Large double room. with hay window & wooden floors. available immediately. in spacious. 3 ley'el. New Town flat. would stiit young profes- sional. £330 pcm + (‘T + hills. Tel: 0| 3l 557 0095 or 07908 033730.

I Broughton area, single room for rent. to share with friendly. calm. creatiye & \‘ege- tartan female. central location. heautil'ul News all mod cons. wooden floors. £330 pcm + ("l' + hills. Tel: 0| 3| 557 8847.

I Double room available. in lovely. (ieorgian flat. central. with free parking. l-‘eniale pre- ferred. £380 pcm + hills. Tel: 07808 3‘)l0|4. after 0.00 pm. I London Road, large hox room. £|80 pcm + hills. Tel: 0|3l 550 7503

I Very large, double room. in Meadow-hank flat. .'\yailahle 18th March. Suit cou- ple or someone wanting space. We want someone clean & tidy to stay & make it homely. For more details. & [0 \‘le\\'. Tel: 0l3| 00l 354l

I Large double room ay'ailahle in friendly spacious Marchinont flat. Sharing with 3 others. Suit outgoing profes- sional. male or female. £330 pcm + (‘T + hills. Tel: 0l3l 447 0078 after 0pm. limail: fraserta tartanpagescom

I Meadowbank flat-mate wanted for two guys. Single room. £300 pcm + £30 ('T. Tel: 0l3l 053 0534.

Mrs. Lynne lirskine. .-\hcrcorn l)ris'e. lil)|.\'Bl'R(ill. lill8 71R.

I Newington Meadows, bright, single room. in top floor flat. Large lounge. large kitchen. (i('ll. share with 3 oili- ers. £350 pcm + hills. Tel: 0777l 803373 anytime.

I Fantastic double room ay'ailahle. l April. in .\'ew'ington. fully furnished in newly renovated flat. polished llooi's. (K‘ll. separate hathroom & toilet. sharing with 3 others. £333 pcm + hills. Tel: 07057 400083 or 0| 3| 007 543 l.

I Sparkly student want- ed, to share with 4 funky girls. Massive sunlit room. in Newiiigton flat. heside The Meadows. liasy-going person preferred. £340 pcm + hills. Ay'ailahle from July. Tel: 0| 3| 008 4955.

I Professional female wanted, for recently refur- hished. Marchmont flat. large. furnished. single room for rent. £335 pcm. excluding ('T. Availahlc beginning of March 300l. Tel: 0l3l 0070507 to leave message or 07855 005490.

I Large double room in hright central flat tl3el|eyue areal. Suit non-smoking professional. £350 pcm + hills. Tel: 0l3| 557‘ 43||

I A single room to let in (ioldenacre in gorgeous 3nd floor flat. .-\ll mod cons plus large lounge. kitchen and dining room. £300pcm + hills + ("If :\\ai| 30 March. Wotild suit friendly and sociahle n/s (sorry no |)SSi. (‘oiitact .-\|ison I—l w/e /eyenings:- 0l3| 553 303‘) or mohile 0775i 4433 I.




I Searching for a neat easy going. well rounded (1’) someone to mm c into a hright. warm and cosy two hedroom waterside flat opposite ‘The Shore’ in l.eith - oh. also shar— ing with two cra/y hudgies. £307 pm inc ('T. 0] 3| 554 480‘).

I Newington 2 large rooms. £304 + £300 pcm incl. ("l' excl. hills. (i(‘ll. all mod cum. (‘all 0|3l 007 000‘) oi' 07748 |4| 880 alter 0pm.

I Room available for rent for one person in large friendly flat to share with

4 professionals. lny'erleitli Row - (ioldenacre. lintry ay‘ailahle approx I April 300l. £300pm [this ('T & hills .l’lione alter 0pm on 0| 3| 55l0303.

I Broughton Street 2 \ friendly. N/S. pi'olessionals (male or femalel wanted for rooms in hright. clean. friendly flat. Ayailahle now. £3l0 pcm + (’T + hills. l0 mins walk Prince's Street. Wayerley & St .»\ndrew's Sq Bus Station. Phone 'l'ei‘esa on “I .3l 550 I775.

I Central single room ay'ailahle in modern fully fur- nished house to share with 4 others. All nintl eons. (ial‘age ayailahlc. Ayailahle innnediately. £300 pcm + ("l' + hills. Tel: 0l3l 550 0835 teyesr

I Room available in com- fortahle. clean and tidy flat. close to city centre.

Wotild stiit mature professional n/s. £330 pcm pltis hills. Tel. 0l3l .340 7030

I Double room available in furnished shared flat off l.eith Walk. (i('ll. WM etc. ('at-friendly employ ed person required. rent £300 pcm +("l' etc+ deposit. Ayail. iiiid-April. ('all 553 ll05.

I Outgoing friendly stu- dent required for douhle room within rela\ed l.earmonth flat. Sharing with three 3nd Year (‘lhllki \ltltlelll\. all mod cons + skyl)igital 4 l’t'lnternet. (lay friendly. £300 4- £35 ma\ hills l‘s‘iii. \o (“li'l .-\y.ttlal‘lc now. 0|3| 333 335" / 0‘04" 038833 x n‘titlti not I20,

I Flatmate wanted ! Single room in (iranton. mid March. n/s only . £l05 pcm + hills + ("II ('all \yoniie on

lll .5l 407 0338.

I No people required for large double room in friend Iy flat. sharing with three oili- ers, New limit area.

If) nnn walk from Princes Street. £l80 pm t£80 dep eachi incl all hills. :\\ai| 35 Mar. 'lcl: (‘onnor/lohn lll3| 55"| 4-ll \ltllt-l'Tl alter 0pm. weekends anytime.

I Ploughshare Housing Co-operative seeks new memhei'. .\'inc people ll\ ing iii a green. \eggle nine hcdrooined house lll l3i'iiiitsfit'ld with two cats. You w ill haye resposihili ties as tenant and eoaoys iier. ('all 0l3l 33‘) l05l.

I Cottage requires femi- nine iiiptit. Single room it] l.iherton (‘ottage. sharing with one and a hall guys. Sense of humour a pie—requisite. ('olcridgc. Kerouac & l'un £l84 tk £33 ('T. Tel: 0|3l 004 Hi l or email:

paul.derhy shiretu \

I Bubbly Flatmate required to share with 3 open minded girls. l'iirnished Double Bedroom in 3 Bedroom llal. Large Iiying room/dining room. Shared (iardcn. Sniokcrs/ Sociahlc people pref. :\\ail linmediatly'. £300 tine ('Tl + Bills. lla/cl or l.aura after 0pm on 0|3l 538 3357.

I Friendly, laid-back per son for large room in fantastic 3-hedrooin flat. |tlsl oll Broughton St. (lay friendly. £335 pcm + hills a: ("II .»\\ai|ah|e immediately. (‘all 0l3l 550 I003.

I The Grange single room to let in high quality flat with all mod cons iii heautil'ul quiet surroundings. Would stiit gay/gay friendly professional male. n/s sharing with one other. £330pcm plus ("I' tk share hills. ('all 0| 3| 007 3l58. I Sunny room available in a friendly. central flat. Would suit ii/s professional male/female. (i('||. l)(i. £338 pcm tlnc ("l'l + hills. Tel 0| 3| 478 0895.

I TWO Rooms to let. in clean spacious Southside flat. New ly decorated throughout. partly furnished. (i('ll. £l85 pcm + hills. £|05 pcm + hills. Suit students. Tel: |)ehorah

0| 3| 474 ()308 daytime ()l' 0793‘) 303988 anytime.