V I saw you Mel. foxy French vixen. let me let you swing from my trapeze for a bit ofjuggling. Big J. Box No [7409/66.

V I saw you Alan from Kinning Park. You pulled me on the tube best 80p I've ever spent! You're very hot I'd love to hear from you. X Box No [3/409/67.

V I saw you demi wave from the (‘hip named James the Brave with the stella you crave. Let's see under your kilt if it's curly!!! Box No [7409/68.

V I saw you dark. mysterious. foreign DJ in Yang! Your beats moved me you can spin my records any day! Box No l.'/-I()!)/69.

V I saw you sexy dancing in the moonlight behind the bar. maybe Billies again soon'.’ I should be so lucky mmtn! Box No U/409/70.


V I saw you (a‘ midnight movie. (‘ameo (B&W) 10/02/0l. You were the guy sitting at the end of bk.row in lambswool polo. I was ‘blowing smoke about smoke' if you get my drift! I'm glad I drifted into you. Box No Ll/408/74.

V I saw you one lucky day in Scruffy Murphys and I'm still getting lucky now. Just one request: please don't buy a car -- I like getting the bus. Love you. baby. Happy Birthday. Box No [7/409/7I.

V I saw you Broughton Street. Mathers. Real Foods. very eye catching indeed. We‘ve seen each other. did I see you on monday 5 March or did we speak a few days earlier. Please help. Box No U/409/72. V I saw you you saw me: lunching on baked potato followed by chocolate soup (snowy Saturday afternoon. 2-1 Feb). Were you eavesdropping‘.’ Liked your hair. Box No LI/409/73.

V I saw you 03/03/2001. Edinburgh West End in the wee small hours. I' - with two friends. Me with two girls in shop doorway. L' looked back at me wanna look again? Box No U/4()9/74.

V I saw you playing sweet reggae in the back room at Dr No‘s. Let‘s join forces and destroy babylon. Box No U/409/75.

V I saw you Rob from Port Seton on Sunday I I Feb in Royal Terrace. Edinburgh. We kissed. but neither of us had a pen for phone numbers. Get in touch. it'll be worth your while - guaranteed! Box No U/409/76.

126 THE LIST 15—29 Mar 2001

V I saw you met you Rich. v sexy marine based in Arbroath. in Walkabout pub. Covent Garden. London. Saturday 3 March after Scotland v England rugby match. Think it's time for a rematch. don't you'.’ Mhairi x Box No [7/409/77.

VI saw you I cheeky little monkey gave an i saw u over the phone! I saw you beautiful Martin (3/03) dancing away at The Egg. in a cordoroy jacket. Sorry for messing you about. Hopefully you will return! From girl in black. Box No U/409/78.

V I saw you Sat 4 March in Finnegan's W'ake. You: Phil the Aussie. Gorgeous. football and rugby playing nerd! Works in IT for the Royal Bank. Me: small. long. blond hair. much more sober now and devastated to have lost you! Your friend Dave. has my number. Box No U/409/79.

V I saw you in the Elephant House on Sunday afternoon ~ 25 February. You -- pretty girl with friend. nice smile. lilac jumper. and flower in your coat lapel. Me dark-haired guy reading Sunday Titties cover to cover. ()ur eyes met but too shy to say hi. Hope we can meet again to talk and share a frothy coffee. Box No U/409/80. V I saw you on No. 14 bus. foot of Leith Walk going to Telford College. Stop reading and say hello. Box No

ll/409/8 l.

V I saw you scrumptious bum. shaking your ass. What a thing of beauty . . . then I saw your breasts!!! Your Animal and chocoholic dealer xxx Box No L'/4()9/82

V I saw you the teletubbies pretending to be important at Napier. Box No [IAIN/83.

V I saw you leaving a valentine card at the Traverse Box Office saying '()h. curly haired beauty of the Trav/My heart and soul are yours to have'. Who are you“? Box No U/-I()9/8-l.

V I saw you cute little goldfish coffee snob. You brightened up tny day. on Sat 10 March @ 5pm. in a Queen St coffee shop in Edinburgh. D'ya really think coffee is related to bad memory? Do you remember me'.’ I hope so. coz I was the only other person in the shop at the time! HOW]. about we get full of beans sotne day‘.’ Box No U/409/85.

V I saw you Christopher McK. you chicken carrying mook. You looked so sexy you manga lovin‘ freak. Master Chin has taught you the live

finger shufer well. cluck. cluck.

Box No U/409/86.

V I saw you making come to bed eyes at the posh one from the Premier screen. Box No U/4()9/87.

V I saw you gorgeous black haired. brown eyed bi-sexual girl at Planet Out at the weekend. I am new to the scene and all girly shy. Contact me. let's play. Box No L7/4()9/88.

V I saw you wild-eyed and legless. your wide smile growing at Shift l7/02 . . . Make it hard again for l7/()3‘? Box No U/409/89.

V I saw you good guy. always one for a smile. always there inbl). Keep up the good work teaser! Box .\'o [/409/90. V I saw you PLEASE HELP ME FI.\'I) SHARON. I'm Ian from Wales. l met Sharon in the Rutland Pub. Edinburgh l7/2. Sharon is 5ft7in. shoulder length blond hair. and has two children who's initials are A&J. Box No [/409/91.

V I saw you two young Asian beauties. early “)98 at Jewel & Esk Valley. You were doing HND Business Studies. then off to L'ni. An older guy wonders if you remember. Box No [3/409/93.

V I saw you David the architect from Dundee at Po Na Na. Friday 2 March. Any chance you could show me your etchings. sometime? Box No UAW/()4.

V I saw you Gilbert 62 Sullivan. Carnegie Hall. Dunfermline. Thu 22 Feb before it started this male saw this fine male wearing fawn trousers and waistcoat and dark hair sitting at front near orchestra. At interval we made eye contact. I was near the back. you returned second half and you have a wonderful physique to put it politely. Could not stay as l had to rush for train back to Edinburgh. Would be good to hear from you. Box No [#409/95.

V I saw you wish that I could have spoken with dedication about films etc to the tidy girl over there. Unfortunately this postcard ran out of paper unlike my bad chat. Box No [5/409/96.

V I saw you at Blue to Feb. I sang ()liver to you. Like to meet you for a steak. Any day but Sunday. Box No l.?/-I()9/‘)7. V I saw you new. improved. happy little Lauren. You scare me when you smile! Box No U/409/98.

V I saw you at EHl. You were lovely I was drunk. give me another chance you know you want to . . . Box No U/409/99.

V I saw you sexy frog chick(a‘ Cult clothing. Edinburgh. You. red dreds. Me. tall. dark 8; handsome. ()ooh I fancy yer. Box No L'/-I()9/l0(). V I saw you sexy South African. do you want to rumble in the jungle. Call tne mad Irishman. Box No [7/409/IOI. V I saw you irresistible Irish boy. Do you have a huge. magic leprechaun. Come shake my Shamrocks. Box .\'o U/4()9/I()2. VI saw you In the ladies. you taught me all about pubic Barbery. What a close shave! Box No L'/4()9/l()3.

Please note

For your I Saw You to be included on these pages, you must supply your full name and address with your advert.

V I saw you beautiful Aberdonian girl with multi- coloured dreds. I think your name is Catherine. You rock my boat xxx Box No [7/409/l04. V I saw you crusty asking for money on North Bridge. Meet up for a brew '.’ Box No l7/4()<)/l()5.

V I saw you Dan. big boy. let me ruffle your hairy chest. Box No U/409/I06.

V I saw you in Peckhams (Brunts). You ~ army man in kilt buying Japanese beer and milk months ago. Let's meet to discuss 60s music the first time round! Box No U/409ll07

V I saw you young Ronnie Wood lookalike. in 'Nature' last Friday. I like your style & where do you get your hair done'.’ Box No U/40‘J/I08.

V I saw you Lisa. looking gorgeous as usual in City Cafe. It's your birthday soon! Happy Birthday. Let me give you your birthday kiss. Box No

[7409/ l ()9.

V I saw you chucking your guts up on the ferry to Dublin. I had a great weekend did you drink Guinness too'.’ Box No U/409/l l().

V I saw you Tom‘.’ In NB's a year ago. I got drunk and eventually fell over! ()ops! Do you still fancy a date'.’ Box No U/409/ l l l.

V I saw you on the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh two years ago and l was sitting opposite you. It was snowing. I'm in love with you. you mad Israeli be my plaything/phone. Box No L'/-1()()/l 12.

V I saw you in Glen St asking for a casting my darling mo-fro euro trash. so show me your bit and I'll make you a Kit. Box No U/409/l I3.

VI saw you sitting next to me in the City Cafe. wondering what l was writing about you You paranoid freak. Woody Allen got nuthin' on us. Manhattan in an Edinburgh stylee. xxx Box No [5/409/1 l4. VI saw you Amelie @> the French Institute. Phillipe's exhibition. Evereyone liked and loved you. Will see you again from another artist. your muse. Box No U/409/l IS.

V I saw you in the ladies toilet. You were looking mighty fine. Love P. Nani Box No U/409/ I 16.

V I saw you on the Easyj‘et. you looked so good. but then a magazine appeared and I realised you weren't interested in men. Box No L'/-l()9/l I7.

V I saw you at the Blue Bar in Edinburgh and admired your man assets. Dan. Box No [7409” IS.

VI saw you Angelo, srcatching your soft heard you lovely litttle beauty. Let me scratch it. Box No L'/40‘)/l If). V I saw you Yogalton gettin it -v poor Dan who let the dogs out who who who who who Box No [7/409/l 20.

V I saw you you were late! You had blue shirt 8; long (ISH) blonde hair (Jason'.’). I loved your smile. S. Box No [1/409/I2I.

V I saw you sexy bar man in Blue bar cafe >— you can shake me around anytime baby. I' ll sit & watch in pink! Box No U/409/122.

V I saw you I seen you. Not as good as you used to be. Still. you'll do me! I'm desperate. Box No [7/409/l 23.

VI saw you all the uglier versions doin' tequila chavers Box No U/409/I24.

V I saw you RP. at the Fringe Party and made me cry. Box No [MOO/125.

VI saw you classic girl (a' the HImhouse. L' R the one with a nose of pepper sunlite. at this moment you should be with me. Box No li/4()‘)/I26.

V I saw you Margaret on Sunday l7th Feb at the Traverse Theatre. I love you for ever. Box No L’/40‘)/l27.

V I saw you Natalie Portman in the Phantom Menace. l! R tidy. Well done. Box No [5/409/l 28.

V I saw you L’ncle Fester. at the Traverse Bar on Fri 13th. Drinking the blut ov a wirgin why can't it be me'.’ Box No U/409/l 2!).

V I saw you fancy. are you still hankering after schoolboys or can we go skinny dipping again‘.’ Box No U/409/l30.

V I saw you Judd Nelson. getting angry at me in bar. Sorry to upset you. I get paid soon. Box No U/409/l3l.

V I saw you smally. wearing a wetsuit and road kill shoes. I want to use your shower again. Box No U/409/I 32.