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expand through to measuring your love for others I am 4st to text U this mssge Bcos of my fingr injry. There4 I shll B in how far you are willing to thumbType for them. usin’ a lot of abbreevs which end up lookin’ and soundin’ like (Onetwo onethreeoneclear twothree wait for it to slang + lukn like littl fonetik car crashs, where the wurdz hav clear quickly, but not that quickly, for the been brokn and have suftrd sml ampUtashns that they technical pause to be over and for it to allow you to have to live wth now: ‘Howr U gettn on wthout Ur safely repeat the same letter, like in hundreds of middle . . .?’ Disemvowelled, consonantitis.

words, and it takes the same length of time to I Sh“ B mploying a Who“? host 0f Words that are easy complete as the three move ‘short’cut does to to shortn. + there will also be wordz that ar hrd 2 execute), shrrten and of course wrdz that are daft when shortnd. And imagine too for a moment about receiving a Thyr strength and defN8 nature kind of makes them fully expressed message, one without any indstrctble and any condensn seemz idyotic.

abbreviations and short-cuts and think how all less

Some wrds dont even luz many lettrs so there hrdly seemz you have to express when you are free to say fully a point in doon it; fuksake what is the great reward in all of what it is you are saying, rather than constn R glorus language, the flowring beauty of wrdz? 91‘» filling the text with more content all What is the valU? Is it to be able to be sayn more? Its not ' dissected and butchered, pared and wrthit, not all tht mutilashn of the langwich. Besidz sometimz , I a new meanN cumzout, which may confuz bt also may make I StaVed my finger badly and the SWemng U think. Praaps the1 good tth is peepl get to invent. was as uncontrollable as an erection on a

T’s rare, bt evry nownthen an abreev akchooly Bcumz longr country bus route.

+ sometimes the abbrev is somehow crafty enough to make it all worth while. Theres a great website for ineffective text related shrtnings @t (communic8shn (also the lngth of the tail on the '@' symbl is long enough to draw yourslf an Ntire 't' anyway))

Nevrmind the fact that these shortngs totally make you say things way too simply, and express yourself too simply. Xpanshn simply there is no room for; and see there: sometimes U start a sentens and U can’t change it 8005 t takes too lng, so there are littl bitz of latin subjectific8shn to the syntax.

John Farde"


There is such a relief in typing for real as it may feel to read. The reason i started textwriting was because of the unjury, i staved my finger badly and the swelling was as uncontrollable as an erection on a country bus route and i had to get the ring on it sawn off with a hacksaw by an ex-ioiner in the Nor/West Bar in Kyle of Lochalsh, with only a trashy psychadelic Scottish fantasyLandscape poster to distract my mind and

make me brave; bt thatsn Uthr story . . .

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