Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, star rating, credits, briet review and venue details. Film index compiled by Miles Fielder

The Adventures 01 Rocky And Bullwinkle (t') 0.. (He's .\lc.-\nuff. (S. 200] ) Robert De .\'iro. Rene Riisso. Janeane (iurofalo. ()1 mins. A hilariously ironic opening sequence to this update of the ()0s cartoon. that sees the eponymous flying squirrel and best pal inoose lis ing in an animated ssorld suffering from recession, sets the film's playful post-modern tone. And ss hen the animated animals" nemeses. lead by De Niro's Fearless Leader. cross over into the ‘real' world the film moves into the live action/animalion territory of Who I-‘runieil Roger Rabbit". And like tltat film. its dialogue is packed ss ith cultural references that ss ill have adults laughing harder that) the kids. (ieneral release.

The Agony And The Ecstasy (PG) .0. ((‘arol Reed. l‘)()5) (‘harlton lleston. Rex Harrison. Diane (‘ilento I40 mins. The story of Michelangelo and. of course his greatest ssork of art. the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. With old veterans like Reed and lleston on both sides of the camera. the result is an unsurprisineg solid. reverent though not historically accurate (Michelangelo was a dwarf) drama. Bit dull though. St Bride's Centre. Edinburgh.

All Under The Moon ( )8) COO (Yoichi Sai. Japan. l‘)‘)3) mins. (i l 2‘s Japanese season continues with this comedy of the absurd revolving around one of the staples of modern cinema. the taxi cab. This one allows us to folloss the everyday life and loves of a cabby in multi-cultural 'l'okyo. (iilmorehilKi l 2. (ilasgow.

Almost Famous ( 15) 0000

(Cameron (‘rowe. l'S. 200i ) Kate Hudson. Patrick Fugit. Billy (‘rudup I23 mins. Writer-director (‘rowe‘s autobiographical re- viess of America‘s 70s rock scene is seen through rose-tinted shades. Though it isn't an expose of the underbelly of rock ‘n' roll. it's a magical carpet ride that appropriates the most exhilarating elements of the scene and makes of them an eiiorinotisly satisfying. often very funny drama. (‘rowe's very personal film. seen through the eyes of teenage rock journo William Miller (Fugit). never takes the lazy cliched route. nor does it lapse into parody. ss hich in these post- Spinul 721/) days. is no mean feat. And in the luminous Kate Hudson. a star is born. ()deon At The Quay. Glasgow.

An Everlasting Piece ( )5) (Barry- Levinson. ['S. 200! ) Billy Connolly. Ana Friel. Barry Mcl'ivoy) 103 mins. (‘raig Ferguson camped it up as a homosexual hairdresser in The Big 'Ieuse. and now fellow west coast lad Billy (‘onnolly takes tip the scissors as the balmy ‘Scalper' in this comedy set in against the backdrop of troubled 80s Belfast. .-ln Everlasting Pieee focuses on the plight of two barbers. Catholic (‘olm (Mclivoy. who also wrote the script. basing one of the characters on his father) and Protestant George (Brian F. ()‘By-rne). who form an unlikely partnership to corner the hairpiece market sshen rival company Toupee Or Not Toupee threatens to put them out of business. See review. Selected release.

The Apartment (PG) .0000 (Billy Wilder. L'S. l960) Jack Lemmon. Shirley MacLaine. Fred MacMurray. Ray Walston. I25 mins. Splendid satire on sex. success and morality. in which Lemmon's clerk generates big bucks by sub-letting his apartment to senior executives for immoral purposes. only to find that his own girl is having it off ss ith his boss. Both central performances are wonderful. generating both farce and pathos with admirable subtlety. Pavilion. Galashiels.

Around The World In 70 Minutes (L') (Various. L'K. 2000) 70 mins. A programme of animated short films for kids that attempts to impress upon the young ‘uns that there's more to the medium than

. .. "‘95 ‘. "“ Robert De Niro and Ed Burns on the trail of a killer who wants what Andy Warhol suggested everyone should have, fame for Fifteen Minutes

Disney blockbusters and Japanese Pokemon adventures. Trading cards outlawed for this show. (il'T. (ilasgow.

Audition ( 18) 0.. (Miike Takashi. Japan. 200i ) Ryo lshibashi. liihi Shiina. ll5 mins. ‘Where have all the good girls gone'." asks the chauvinistic Yoshikawa of his widowed. middle-aged business partner Aoyama (lshibashi ). The latter thinks he's found one. sshen he sets tip a series of auditions to select a new wife: former ballerina Asami (Shiina). who‘s young. beautiful. and submissive. But where have the scars on her legs come from. and what is the nature of her interest in pain‘.’ After a deliberately measured build-up. Takashi assaults the viewer's senses with a truly nightmarish finale. which threatens to overwhelm the film‘s critique of male Japanese attitudes to women. See preview and reviesv. OFT. (ilasgoss'.

Benjamin Smoke ( IS) 0000 item (‘oen/Peter Sillen. LS. 2000) 76 mitts. Benjamin Smoke takes a loose look at (‘abbagetown an impoverished suburb on the wrong side of Atlanta's tracks arid its micro-scene of punkish musicians. it's also a eulogy for Robert Dickerson. better known as Benjamin. the lead singer and lyricist in obscurities. Smoke. Dickerson‘s addled anecdotes are often hilarious. sometimes painfully non-sensical. but mostly moving. The documentary peaks when Patti Smith. Dickerson's life-long heroine. asks him to provide support at a concert. then brings a lump to the throat as the singer's lengthy struggle with AIDS reaches its inevitable conclusion. See reviesv. Filinhouse. Edinburgh.

0 Best in Show ( l2) use (Christopher Guest. L'S. 200i ) Christopher (iuest. Parker Posey. Michael McKean. 90 mins. Directed. co-written by and starring (‘hristopher Guest (better known as Nigel Tufnel the rock guitarist whose amp goes up to eleven in This Is Spinal Tap). Best In Slime adheres to the spoof documentary for- mat of 721/). The largely improvised action revolves around a bunch of dog-loving odd- balls who dream of their canines winning the prestigious Mayflower Dog Shosv. Best In Show is hilarioUs becatise it plays the humour straight. .\'o anse for laughter. this is comedy without the punchline. and it's definitely the better for it. OFT. Glasgow; Filinhouse. Edinburgh.

Billy Elliot ( l5) 0... (Stephen Daldry. L'k. 2000) Jamie Bell. Julie Walters. Gary Lewis. lll mins. Billy (superb newcomer Bell) finds release from life’s daily drudgery. and ultimately self- fulftlment. through ballet dancing. As unlikely a leisure pursuit as that might be for a teenage boy growing up in the recession- hit Yorkshire of the 80s (and that's the

point). it becomes young Billy's ticket out of

hard times. Making his film debut. theatre director Daldry handles the political backdrop and dramatic foreground with equal assurance. The dance routines provide much of the film’s humour and quite overwhelming feelgood factor. Selected release.

Tali-L. . grSydnsy-suflsbe-Giliinsf - Los Angsles-London‘”..’~ ‘92:.-

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