filmmaking ix reached in a xeqtience where the dudex burxt into xong. mimicking a Vanilla Ice muxic video. Selected relcaxe. Dungeons and Dragons i 12; O. ((‘ounney Solomon. IS. 200] l Thora Birch. Jeremy lronx. Marlon Wayanx. lth minx. Baxed on the ctilt role-playing game itxelf inxpired by everything from 'l‘olkein'x Lord ()1 The Ringv to Robert l2. lloward'x ('a/iaii T/Il’ Barbarian thix va tantaxy blockbuxter hax arrived twenty ycarx too late ( 'l)&l)' peaked in popularity during the 80x). Director and gamer Solomon. remainx reaxonably faithful to the xpirit of the game witli a xtory involving five young adventurerx attempting to xecure the powerful Rod of Sav rillc (which contron dragonxl on behalf of liinprexx Sav ina (Birch). who ix abotit to be depoxed by evil wizard Proiion (lronx). However. what made the game xo compelling itx improvixed nature which raixed it above itx cliched fantaxy oeuvre ix loxt on film. (ieneral releaxe.

Dying Of Laughter (Muertos De Risa) ( l5) .C. (Alex dc lit lglcxitt. Spain. 1998) Santiago Segura. lil (iran Wyoming. Alex Angulo. l05 minx. Thix previouny unreleaxed film from lglcxia. bext known for hix xci-li xchlocker xiii-ion .UitIaIiii'. ix a dark xlapxtick xatirc abotit two comedianx whoxe rivalry begiiix in the 70x and growx into a vicioux hatred during the following twenty yearx. Boaxtx appropriately ()‘l'l' performancex from the leadx. Part of the iV'ival Spaiiixh l‘ilm liextival. (il'T. (ilaxgow; l-‘ilmhouxc. lidinburgh. East-West (Est-Guest) ( ill .00 (Regix Wargnier. France. 2000) Sandrine Bonnaire. ()leg Menchikov. Sergeui’ Bodrov Jr. 121 minx. After blindly accepting Stalin‘x propaganda campaign. offering Rtixxian emigrantx living in the Wext amnexty and the chance to participate in the cotintry'x poxt war reconxtruction. Alexei (iolovinc (Menchikov) realixex that Kiev ix no place for hix young French wife (Bonnaircl and .xon. A xeriex of tragic eventx begin to unfurl ax they both take Ruxxian loverx. while around them the ogre-like cominunixtx weave plotx. l.uxh melodramatic .xtuff. that tendx to Uxe a mallet where it xhotild uxc a feather duxter. lt'x conxtantly watchable. however. and in partx genuinely moving. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

Edinburgh On Screen (Vai‘ioux. (K. [9] 1-47) 90 minx. Back by popular demand Janet .‘vchain. curator of the Scottixh Screen Archive. prexentx a .xelection of hixtorical filmx pie and poxt-war which paint an evocative picture of the capital in bygone tiiiiex. Silent tilinx include piano accompaniment. l‘ilmhotixe. lidinburgh. Election ( l5l 0... (Alexander Payne. lb. “’99) Matthew Broderick. Rcexe Witherxpoon. (‘hrix Klein. I03 minx. Payne'x adaptation of Tom l’errotta'x novel. a comic xatire on the 1992 American prexidential election campaign xet in a high xchool. focuxex on the conflict between Jim McAllixtcr (Broderick l. a dedicated teacher who'x alxo xtifferiiig from a mid-life crixix. and Tracy Hick (Witherxpoonl. a model but precocioux pupil over a xttideiit government election. Winning performancex and a xuper xharp xcript make thix the xmartext comedy to come out of the Statex in yearx. (‘aineo. Edinburgh.

0 Elvis: That’s The Way It Is - Special Edition (t'i 0000 (Dcnix Sanderx. l'S. 1970/2001) 97 minx. Saiiderx' original documentary. chronicling The King‘x firx't .xtage .xhowx in more than a decade (time xpent developing an almighty

‘Her surreal works developed out of a list entitled ‘celebrities whose genitals show through their olothes’.

Donna Conwell on Kirsty Whiten, Art, page 83

drug habit and appearing in terrible rom- com mUxicalxi. wax a xoporific affair Thix Special lzdition. boaxting around 40 new minutex. ix a revelation with four more xongx and loadx more inxider footage. Within xev en yearx lilvix wax dead. a bloat- ed parody of what he wax here. Thix ix one inuxical and hixtorical document you do not want to mixx. See review. l'(i(‘ ('inemax. lidinburgh.

The Emperor’s New Groove (1'. 0.. (Mark l)indal. l‘S. 200l l David Spade. John (ioodman. liartha Kill. Ttx’ minx. limpcror Kit/co ix monarch of an unxpecilied South .-\mcrican land w ho ix turned into a llama by hix xcheming axxixtant Y/ma (voiced iiioxt appropriately by Kim during a botched axxaxxination attempt. The llama emperor goex on the run and ix befriended by good-willed herder Pacha ((itititlmtm l. w ho helpx return hix four- leggcd ruler to hix throne. There are the occaxional clever poxtmodern touchex Ku/co xtoppiiig the film reel to talk to the audience but inoxtly thix ix prime old- xchool l)ixney xtiiff. lt lackx the animated landxcape innovationx of Iii/tan. nor doex it enjoy the character development of ."lllt/fli. which ix why. ultimately. itx mixxing edge. (ieneral releaxe.

0 Enemy At The Gates ( l5) 0... (Jean-Jacquex Annaud. l'K/la'ance. 200l l Jude Law. lid llarrix. Rachel Weixl. Joxeph Fiennex H5 minx. The iiioxt evpenxive liuropean mov ic ever reci‘eatex the decixive moment during World War ll when the Ruxxianx and the (lcrmanx battled on the [iaxtern l‘ront. Annaud condenxex the xicgc of the city of Stalingrad into a thrilling cat- and-mouxe game between two xnipci'x (Soviet working-claxx hero Law and (ierinan arixtocrat llarrixi with a love tri- angle thrown in for commercial common xenxe. lt'x a film that'x ftill of large-xcale xpectaclc and intimate delailx. and in a xcene to rival Saving Private Rvan'x ()maha Beach opener. the beauty of cinema hitx the uglinexx of war with brutal effect. See fea- ture and review. (ieneral releaxe.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (H 0... (Steven Spielberg. 1S. 1982) Dec Wallace. llenry Thomax. l’etcr ('oyote. I I5 minx. An alien creature getx xtranded on earth (the opening xequence of threatening legx and llaxhing torchex ix beautifully donel. where he ix adopted by .xome kidx. who help him conxtruct a communication device to xummon back hix xpacexhip. All the little guy wanted to do wax go home. btit Spielberg made xure he had lotx of cute and agreeable adventurex lirxt. and xlipped in the moxt tear-jerking pxetido-dealh xincc Baloo the Bear in The Jungle Book for good meaxure. (iilmorehillG l 3. (ilaxgow.

The Exorcist - Director’s Cutt 1m .0. (William Friedkiii. [S 1973) Max von Sydow. lillen Burxtyn. Linda Blair. 13?. minx. Writer William Peter Blatty alwayx griped that in excixing twenty minutex from The litarcixi. Friedkin removed itx moral centre and obxcured itx theological inexxage. To Blatty'x horror. .xoine people thought the Devil won. Twenty xeven yearx later. l‘riedkin hax reinxtated eleven minutex of footage. and the re-editing job ix done xo lovingly that fanx are unlikely to feel cynically exploited. liven .xo. l‘ricdkin'x cutx have inoxtly been vindicated by thix newreleaxe it now feelx too long. while the infainoux ‘xpider walk' xcene merely addx a cheap and redundant xhoclx. ('ameo. lidinburgh.

0 Faithless (Trolosa) ( l7) 0... (Liv l'llmann. Sweden. 2000) Lena iindre. Thoinax Han/on. Krixter ilenrikxon. 155 minx. l'llinan‘x fine film from her former mentor Ingmar Berginan'x xcript concernx a woman. Marianne (lindrei. who ix happily married with a much-cherixhed child. ller relationxhip with orchextra conductor Markux (Han/on) boaxtx affluence and xta- bility. yet when hix theatre director pal [)avid (Henrikxonl inakex unexpected advancex xhe conxentx. The affair leadx to divorce. ueg emotional game-playing and tragedy. and the child manifextx the greatext traumax of all. l'llinan‘x framing createx the effect of .xoap opera. btit re-explorex the emotional clichex attached to the form. l‘ilmhouxe. Edinburgh.

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