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38 THE LIST 15—29 Mar 2001

Mysteries 01 Egypt 1 l‘ i «Bruce \erbaur. l'S. 2001 I ()mar Sharit'. Kate Maberly. mmx. ()mar Sharrt xtarx m the tirxt National (ieographic tilm to appear in IMAX. Impartmg talex ot' tombx. treaxurex and the ama/ing achieyementx ol' thix ancient cry ilixation, [MAX Theatre. (ilaxgow.

Nobody Knows Nobody (Nadie Conoce a Nadie) l ltx'i 0000 (Mateo (ill. Spain. I‘N‘Ji liduardo Noriega. Jordi Molla. Natalia \erbeke. l0b‘ nitnx. Stylixh millennial thriller trom the co-writer ol' the e\cellent ()llt'll liiiir [Cu-x in which a croxxwortl dexigner (and that otltl career I\ no accident) ix inyolyed in a xeriex ol~ horrit'ic iiiurderx during the Sernaria Santra religioux procexxionx in Sey ille. l’art ol the ;\'iy'a? Spanixh Film l‘t‘xlintl. (il’l‘. (ilaxgow‘. Filmhouxe. lidinburgh.

Not One Less tl’(il 00000 i'/.hang Yimou. (‘hma. 2000i Wei Min/hi. l00 minx. A teacher of a xmall xchool in an ixolated. ilttpoy erixhed \ illage ix forced to leay e the education ol‘ hix 28 ptipilx in the handx ot’ 13-year-old xubxtitute Wei Min/hi lot‘ a month. But with poyerty l‘orcing oy er one million xtudentx to Ieay‘e xchool to look lor work eyery year in (him. Wei ix xet the taxk ol' retricy'ing a dexperate xtudent l'rom the big city. lixxentially. thix ix a perxonal interext perxpectiye on a dramatic xocial problem. The caxt comprixex non- l‘t‘olexxionalx. and the calibre ol the heart— rending perlormance by Min/hi makex the film all the more imprexxiye. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

Nurse Betty l 18) 0000 i.\'eil Lattuie. l'S. 2000i Renee '/.ellweger. Morgan lac-ennui. (ireg Kinnear. I It) minx. When .xiiialltown Kanxax waitrexx Betty tXellw-egeri witnexxex the murder ol her white traxh car .xalextiiaii. .xhe .xul'l'erx a reality .xhil't that leay'ex her believing the cheexy melodramatic world of her layourite daytime .xoap. .-l Rt'tnnlt 'lo l.ll‘(’. to be real. Much of the lilm'x humour ix derived from the dixparity between melodrama and real life: the occaxionx when they interxect are .ximultaneouxly liilarioux. painful and poignant. .\'ot ax mixanthropic ax l.aBute'x lirxt two lilmx. .\'ur.y~e Belly ix ney‘erthelexx far more vital than other Hollywood comediex. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps 1 ll) 00 (Peter scgill. t'S. 2000) liddie Murphy. Janet Jackxon. Larry Miller. 107 tninx. liddie Murphy hax a ltahit of making .xequelx that fail to liy'e up to expectationx. Here. he play'x the entire Klump family a.x well ax baddie. Buddy l.oye. l’rolexxor Klump ix getting married to l)eni.xe (Janet Jackxon). A.x the big day looms. he .xlrttgglex to cope with hix perxonal crixex and ongoing battlex with arch-enemy l.o\'e. 'l‘ltix proy'ex to be one taxk too far for the talentx ol' liddie Murphy. Moy'iehouxe. Motherwell.

0 Brother, Where Art Thou? i 12) 0... (Joel (‘oen. l'S. 2000) (ieorge (‘looney. John 'l‘urturro. Tim Blake Nelxon. 107 minx. l’rexton Sturgex' .S'alli'i'an 's THIN'lA and Homer'x 'I‘lie ()(l\‘\.y¢'_\' are the xtarting pointx t'or thix 30.x-xet .xcrewball comedy. Smooth-talking liyerett l'lyxeex Mc(}ill ((‘looneyl. ximpleton Delmar (Nelxon) and iiialadjuxted Pete (Turturroi are memberx of a chain gang on the run looking lor buried loot. Their journey up and down the xtate ol~ Mixxixxippi bringx them into contact with axxorted eccentricx baxed on llomer'x mythological ligurex. A lighter work for the (‘oenx. tnore Raising Arirona than largo. but it‘x xtill a rare treat. A truly captivating conl‘ederacy ol' duncex. Hilttlltfltst. lidinburgh.

Oklahoma! it' i 0000 i Fred Zimmerman. l'x. IUSSt (iordon MacRae. Rod Steiger. (iloria (irahame. I42 minx. Fine film adaptation ol the Rodgerx and llaminerxtein muxical about a cowboy who winx the hand of hix gal dexpite the bext el‘l‘onx of a bad ‘ole hired gun. It won an ()xcar lor the mUxic. and quite rightly xo. Yee-ha? St Bride'x Centre. Edinburgh.

102 Dalmatians itfi 000 (Key'in Lima. l'S/lTK. 2000i (ilenn (‘loxe. (ierard Depardieu. loan (irul‘l‘udd. 90 minx. ('ruella'x back. And thix time xhe‘x lilla.

Thankx to a xhot ot mind-altering l’ay loy ian treatment during her xtay at Her Maiexty 'x l’leaxure. the larger than lite baddie ix releaxed mto the community ax an annual- loymg philanthropixt ()iin when llig lien \lrlle‘S l\\ L‘l\L‘ \lt‘C\ the \[k‘ll \ltal‘. lL‘lllltg‘ her reyert to character. her paxxion tor Dalmatian tur renew ed III.‘ ix a generation on limit the original cute canmex. but the xliapc ol’ the xtory ix y irtually identical.

w hilc the xcript‘x too caught up in the machinationon the human world to go e the dog“ enough Ul a look It]. Selected teleaxe Pokemon The Movie 2000 ll)(il .0. thtltllttle \iiyama. l'SJapan. 2000i .x'o mmx. ‘l)ixturb not the harmony ot l’rre. Ice and lightning ot' they ‘ll make it the plot ol the new Pokemon cartoon

moy ie. The injunction from the ancientx ix. ot‘ courxe. broken. ax a huge Heath Robinxon-xty le lly mg warxhip capturex three elemental guardian l’okcmoii trom their ()ccanic archipelago and xetx oil the mother ol all lil .\'inox_ ('ue our heroex to the rexcue. l’okemon tramer .-\xh. hix xweet and dangeroux l’okeiiion l’ikachu. Axh'x in denial girlfriend Mixty. and buddy Tracy All known Pokemon. and a lew tiew onex. are there to help too. Selecletl releaxe.

Proof Of Life 1 l5! 0.. t'l‘ay lor llacklord. l'S. 3001 i Rtixxell (‘rowe. Meg Ryan. l)ayid Morxe. l ‘5 minx. Set in lictional South American country ’l'ecala. rile with corruption. drugx and cry ll war. the xtory reyolyex around the kidnap ol an American engineer 1 Morer working on .i dam proiect. Negotiationx lor hix relcaxe xtart and (‘row c'x e\pet‘t lakex the caxe at the behext ot the kidnapped man'x w itc tRyaiii. A predictable bloxxoming ol lorbidden loy e enxuex enliyened by xorrie iungle combat. btit there‘x little in the way ol on~xcreeii magnetixm. xurprixiiig conxidermg the poxtr production allair betw ecn ('row e and Ryan. (ieneral releaxe.

P. Tinto’s Miracle (El Milagro de P. Tinto)i12i0000 (Jay ier l‘cxxei. Spain. NOS) l.uix (‘igem Sily ra ('axanoya. l’ablo l’inedo. ltto minx. ('omplctely. glorioirxly bonkerx kitxeh xcience liction adycnture horror melodrama with the kind ot' retro and comic appeal ol Jeunet and ('aro tlh'lii‘alew'ni. lt'x about a young couple who dream ol hay mg a baby and they get their dream in the xtrangcxt way. l’art ol the ;\"iya7 Spanixh l‘ilm l‘extiyal. (il’l’. (ilaxgow; l"i|iiihouxe. lidinburgh.

Pulp Fiction 1 l8) .0... t()uentm 'l'arantino. l'S. I‘M-1i John 'l'rayolta. Samuel Jackxon. l‘ma 'l‘hurman. Bruce \Villix. |50 minx. Much more ambitioux than Rt'yc'l't'nll‘ “Hey. the ltloxl awaited \L'L'Ulltl lcature ol the ‘)(lx hax many xcenex that crackle w ith 'l‘arantino w ll. and a l'ew otherx that tall llat ax the writer-directiir bray ely eyperimentx. Interlocking xtoriex in the piin crime manner concern hitmen. ailing bo\erx. gang boxxex and their iiiollx. drug licndx. and axxorted rill- rall. A xurprixe (‘armex l’alme d'( )r w inner ix a trip. all the way. ('ameo. ladinburgh. Raging Bull 1 IX! ooooo tMartm Scorxexe. l'S. I‘ll‘llll Robert tlL‘ Niro. (‘allty Moriarty. Joe l’exci. 13‘) inmx. Middleweight boxing champ Jake l.a Mona lindx it drllicult to xu.xtain hix early xuccexx and ax liix career l'adex. he declinex into a tr'ay'exty ol' hix former xell. l)e .\'iro'x xttmiimg phy xrcal prexence dominatex Scorxexe'x xa\'agely bleak xtudy ol' xell-dextructiy e machixmo. The Lumiere. lidinburgh.

Remember The Titans tl’( ii 000 (Boa/ Yakin. l'S. 300| ) Den/cl Waxhtngton. Will Patton. l 13 minx. A true xtory xet in Alexandria. Virginia circa W?” I. The local xchool board l'orcex a black xchool and a white xchool to integrate. The already unxtable xituation reachex boiling point when the board replacex T. ('. Williamx lligh Titanx' white lootball coach Bill Yoaxt (Patton) with black coach Herman Boone (Waxhingtoni. Boone and Yoaxt'x relationxhip lormx the core ol the lilm. and it‘x \‘l'axhington and l’atton'x xcenex together that work bext. The rixmg l'ortunex ol the football learn and the gamex themxely'ex are lexx captivating. but director Boa/ Yakin holdx the lilm together like a good coach doex hix team. Magnum Theatre. In ine. Ring ( IX) 0... lllideo Nakato, Japan.