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DANCER IN THE DARK Video/DVD Bierk gives an astonishing performance in Lars von Tner's heartbreaking tragedy filmed in the style of a Hollywood musical but with innovative use of digital cameras. See revrew, pagelOS. Fi/mFour,

THE OSCARS Film Hollywood's star-studded back-slapping ceremony. this year presided Over by funnyman host Steve Martin and broadcast live from Tinseltown. See ROtlgh Cuts. page 26 Film/muse. E(‘1'/nl)ur'gl7; Sky TV.

WATCH WITH MOTHER , Kids/TV Nostalgia time kicks in with a ; special screening of such classics as v. s, Bagpuss, The C/angers and Mr Benn. See page 91. GFT, Glasgow. a


Film The 1970 documentary

about the King's last great days.

before hingeing on pills and food

destroyed him, is remastered to

, .. .. _ g, _ include 40 rock-a—hula new Mgrnmimty“, " " minutes. See revrew. page (if),

Selected release.

DEFTONES Music As rock enjoys a reVival of sorts with a motley bunch of faces. Sacramento's finest prove they are the real deal with their muscular, highly emotional metal. See preview, page 48, SECC, Glasgow.


Art Pinning down current cortteiiiporary art practice. this tOuring show of work by international artists successfully fills a huge exhibition space. See rewew, page 83. Tramway. Glasgow.

TERRY CALLIER & JO MALIK Music/Clubs The soul/folk veteran Callier's smoky tones are complemented by the soaring vocal lines of local hero Jo Malik, who makes his solo debut. See preview, page 76, Wi/kie House, Edinburgh.


HERITAGE Books The man who epitomised the Theatre Nicola 603 in cartoon form produces a McCartney‘s tragedy collection of his classic works of Irish sectarianism J and previously unseen displaced to pre-war doodlings to reveal Canada returns in __ more facets of his better form than ever. J . ~~ _ strange and See review, page 63. HAPPINESS 3 __v*:__ queasy mind. See Traverse, Edinburgh. TV Paul Whitehouse, Johnny Vegas and Fiona Allen I ' review, page 98, star in this fine comedy/ drama series about a Bloomsbury voiceover actor whose wrfe dies in a freakish road

accident. leaving his friends to help and hinder his way to recovery. See rewew. page 707 BBCZ.

town pm. A \‘tvmtt .— , ~ , 7mm To FUIK A 7.3%“! MEN 2007 THE LIST 3