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ROCK DEFTONES SECC, Glasgow, Thu 22 Mar.

bands that have begun the most

rigorous chart assault since Kurt Cobain’s fuzz guitar crush dominated the only chart that counts, some of the real quality acts have remained in the shadows, until now that is.

Deftones are one such example, an act already lodged deep within the hearts of the teen rock faithful who are, with their sold out date at Glasgow’s SECC, making their faces known to the mainstream masses.

Everyone likes to claim they are different but there are several peculiarities which make the quintet from Sacramento, California more of a musical anomaly than some of their more catholic, derivative contemporaries. Frontman Chino Moreno sings (yes sings) with melodic skill and there is a sensibility that, while hardly pop, is accessible to most. Their sound, constructed round throbbing dub basslines courtesy of Chi Cheng and crunching growling guitar attacks from Stephan Carpenter illustrates how far ‘metal’ has developed from the tight- trousered hair swinging past. This combined with a

In the rush of rock and ‘nu metal’

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Big fishes in the rock pond

mainstream commercial terms anyway - of rock and heavy metal, the band are sufficiently established to have spawned a whole array of inferior imitators, world- wide, striving to ape their sound.

Moreno in an interview with the Washington Post sums up the logic behind the current rock revival. ‘Music goes through phases. No matter how many

penchant for completely unironic covers of Smiths, Sade and Depeche Mode songs complete the picture of

this not very typical rock outfit.

With three albums under their belt, 1995’s Adrenaline,

‘I guarantee you five years from now the five million people who bought Limp Bizkit’s music aren’t gonna be buying their new record. It’s

people like Limp Bizkit this week, I guarantee you five years from now the five million people who bought

Significant Other aren’t gonna be buying their new

record. It’s already become a formula. They’re just this

party frat-rock kind of band.’ Despite this

already become a formula.’cnino Moreno. Deftones

1997’s Around The Fur and 2000’s The White Pony, they were the first rock act signed to Madonna’s Maverick label. Their newest release is the Back To School mini- album. Their dedication to touring is considerable and their date in Glasgow is their third Scottish visit in as

many years.

While their profile has been raised by the revival - in



The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Wed 21 Mar.

Lush Rollers head a Bongo mix

It all started. as these things tend to. with a night on the sauce. Edinburgh- based singer Lindsey Black was at last year's Highland Festival in Inverness. chilling With various muSICIans from both Highlands and Lowlands. when

48 THE LIST 15-29 Mar 2001

he is keen to state his band’s place in the rock world. ‘I don’t want [people] to write us off just because we are associated with that scene.’

Thankfully, Deftones have a degree of

versatility that will see them through.

“Back at school we are the leaders of it all” - a line from ‘Back To School’ which in the current environment seems all the more appropriate. While the pop metal lummox that is Limp Bizkit run ragged our pop princesses, these real rock experts Deftones are set to

cause a quiet storm. (Mark Robertson)

some bright spark suggested a return visit to Edinburgh. Seven months on and. unlike most great drunken ideas not conceived by Dave Gorman. it's actually happening.

The Lush Rollers and the Andy Gunn Band are the beneficiaries of Black's planning. ‘They're both bands we've met in the past who are Just so expressive' she explains. I can be quite a snobby Edinburgh person, but if we can have better links between bands in different parts of the country. the stronger the music scene WI” be. Andy's played with Martin Stephenson and Gary Moore, and he's an amazing guitarist. But he does have the business brain of a banana.‘ He also claims to play guitar 'Iike a fish'. which must be some sight. and cites ‘the blues‘ in its broadest sense as his inspiration.

The Inverness-based Lush Rollers meanwhile. who have iust returned from Supporting Astrid. draw on the c0untry blueprint. The harmonies of Willy and Tabs MacAskilI iyocals

I Back To School mini album is out now on Maverick.

guitar) are propelled into indie-folk territory by the strong rhythm sectiOn of Robin Abbot (basSI and Derrick Urquhart (drums) - though they manage to steer largely clear of MOR on their engaging new 'Out of the Woods' EP.

Anyone hoping for some Bay City influences shouldn't get their hopes up too high. because these rollers got their name from an altogether darker SOurce. 'It's from William Burroughs book. Junlue.‘ says Willy MacAskiII. ‘It's hard thinking up decent names. and Derrick had read the book and always thought it WOuId make a great name for a band.‘

The two bands are ioined by DJ Dolphin BOy. newly Signed to London label Tummy Touch. The BOiigo Club regular will be playing a funk set to rOund off the night if, that is. he can get the bands offstage. ‘We know Andy pretty well.‘ says MacAskiII. ‘and we might even get a wee iam geing at the end. That's the way it usually seems to end up.' (James Smart)

Surface noise

All the grass, harassing and trespassmg in the wonderful world of music

THE LINE UP FOR THIS year‘s T in the Park has been announced with Beck. Texas. Stereophonics, Coldplay and Toploader among the acts confirmed. Stereophonics are to headline the Saturday night while Texas are taking top billing on Sunday. Also set to play are David Gray, Placebo, Carl Craig, Divine Comedy, Amen, JJ72, Pete Tong and Josh Wink. Tickets go on sale in the next few weeks.

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PROVING ONCE AGAIN that clubbers and music fans do have a social conscience, Asian Dub Foundation Soundsystem visit Edinburgh’s Bongo Club on Saturday 24 March to support Freequal, a campaign fighting for rights for asylum seekers in Britain. It aim is to counteract the message of misinformation spread by the government and its policies. On the bill are ADF members Sun-J on the decks with Dr Das on bass for a live set, while Sun- J will round off the proceedings with a DJ set.

Dr Das, of Asian Dub Foundation said: ‘We hope you, the people of Scotland, have the humanity to welcome people into your country who are in situations of great, often life threatening adversity. We hope you have the temerity to question the validity of your politicians’ statements and their motives. Perhaps they are nothing less than “bogus attention seekers”.’ See listings for more details.