Edinbu h lubs r9

Edinburgh Thursdays


I Electronic Music Club at ()xygen. ()pm lam. Free. Weekly. linjoy the costttopolilatt. littropean vibe of the Music Club. where all tnanncr of local live performers drop by to turn on. tune in and freak ottt.

I Fuel at Rttsh. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Raynti B generates a high- yoltagc supply of hip hop. fttnk and hullst‘.

I Immersed In Music at l’ivo.

()pm lattt. Free. Weekly. Tim Makon and Colin ('hapman play delectable house grooves for the laid-back drinking crowd. I La Fromagerie at The Meadows Bar (downstairs). 0pm lam. Free. 22 Mar. fortnightly. Wake up and smell tfte cheese from lidinburgh's original li-'/. slea/ies :\| and Kant the Mullet.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana.

()pm lam. Free. Weekly. (iareth Sotnmery ille breaks the tnottld of his l'ltragroovc guise. playing warm New York housc. disco and old-school hip ltop.

I Mellow Mellow Right On at The ('arwash. ()pllt lattt. Free. Weekly. DJ Sofa Boy gets comfortable with an eclectic mix of chilled funk and nu jaH. sotltttls.

I Prefix at Bar l'nion. 0pm lattt. Free. 22 Mar. Fortnightly. Chris Bryant and Derek Sclmes sort the deep and funky

w ltcat frotti the house chaff.

I Rookie Night at PopRokit.

l0pm lattt. Free. Weekly. The tension mounts as the city 's unknown DJs get closer to that all important competition final that cottld win thettt a set at the new lloney cotttb. Settd your tapes to llotteycomb lints.. PO Box 23377. lidittburgh lillS OWL.

I Salsa at [if Barrio. 7pm~ late. Free. Weekly. Learn Salsa attd Merengue with some top Latino experts. See Classified for tnore info.

I Salsa Viva at Baracoa. Spin 7 lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Jorge plays tlte Latino grooves to make yott salsa at this long- standing night.

I Shadowskill at Batn Bott.

0pm lam. 22 Mar. Fortttightly. Confucius say this ttew ()riental style bar got plenty good drttttt & bass attd hip hop with DJ Salt) and Redo.

I Soft Rock at The Pond Bar.

0pm lam. Free. Weekly. Horrible soft rock itt the comfortable surroundings of Leith's premiere watering ltolc.

I Strange Beats at The Watershed. 8pm latn. Free. Weekly. A solid funk and soul selection at this Stockbridge style littt‘.

I Undercover Brothers at The City Cafe. Spin lattt. Free. Weekly. Sly sax and percussion accotnpatty tlte decks selection frottt .-\drian. Lyrical enhancement cotttes from hip hop ragga brother .-\.J. (Yush Recordings).


I Aswang at Studio 24 (both floors). l0.30pm 3am. £7. l5 Mar. Monthly. Tlte psychedelic trance night moves from its regular Fri slot to ltost this huge party on two floors. featuring a Resonotse Records party with special guest DJ Nobody. The llstlitl sensory lt'L‘uls inclttde hammocks and massage.

I Beatamix at The Cocteau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). llpm—3ant. £2. 22 Mar. Fortnightly. Start the weekend early in the cotnpany of those astoundineg talented types l'nkle Fawaz and Dolphin Boy. Hip hop. funk. soul attd breaks are just some of the musical genres they distort to delight.

I 0.0. Blooms at CC. Blooms. I0.30pm—3atn (bar front (rpm). Free. Weekly. Trip the light fantastic to Hi- NRCi dance action at this ever-popular gay bar.

76 THE LIST 15—29 Mar 2001



The Honeycomb. Edinburgh, Sat 24 Mar.

‘You’ve got a vast variety of house DJs who can fill a club in Scotland,‘ says Edinburgh DJ Yogi Haughton. ‘If you want cheesy house there's Boy George, if you want tougher stuff there’s Junior Vasquez and so on. But Trevor Nelson is the only R&B DJ you can put on in Scotland who will fill the place. A lot of people listen to R&B but if you look at radio, none of the stations actually play it. They just put out lowest common denominator dance music.’

Haughton is a man on a mission, a man whose record collection runs to over 40,000 releases and a man who is frequently mocked by friends for his obsessive shipping of valued records from as far afield as Japan. The relaunch of his infamous club night Streetlife, which opens with a set from Nelson, is key to his attempts to smash the barriers holding R&B back.

Nelson was one of the founders of Kiss FM and was involved with the station for ten years before moving to Radio 1, where his Rhythm Nation show, alongside MTV’s The Lick, has made him one of the

few R&B DJs you’d recognise in the street. Nelson is a mainstream personality, with all the connotations that brings, as well as a man who plays records. ‘He plays very accessible R&B,‘ acknowledges Haughton, ‘but he knows we’re more into the underground stuff - so he may bring up a completely different record box and just do

what he wants to do.’

37-year-old Nelson’s association with Streetlife goes back to the night’s original run at the Blair Street Honeycomb. It only lasted for a few dates before the venue was closed, but those few gigs were enough to encourage queues around the block. Our Trev seems to share the punters’ enthusiasm; he later rated the guest slot as his night of the year and his return to Streetlife will be one of only a handful of gigs he’s playing this year. It could just be the shock that Edinburgh’s R&B scene so desperately needs. (James Smart)

I Da Break at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date 26 Apr. See Fri for details on the one-off extravaganza with special guest Reachout.

I Dekade at The Bongo Clttb.

l lptn—3ant. £4.50 (£3.50). 2‘) Mar only. DJs l'-Turn and Sekonz playing a ntix of ['K attd ['8 hip hop. MCs always welcome. I Dust at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 5 Apr.

I Dysfunction at The Attic. 9pm~3am. £2 (£l ). Weekly. Formerly at The Venue. Dysfunction ftave now tnoved the latest mix of nu metal. hardcore. skate punk and industrial here for a weekly session that includes live action every other Thu. For more info. see www.dysfunction.co.uk.

I Electric Barbarella at Holyrood l'nion. Monthly. Next date the.

I Flava at La Belle Angele. lt)pm-3am. £4 (£3). 15 Mar. Monthly. Brand new R& B. hip hop attd ragga showcase that should be a regular crowd pleaser seeing as it features Edinburgh‘s leading nu-jack DJ daddies Ntttty P. Ambassador. (ihetto Fabulol. DJ Dirtstnan and A]. plus live freestyles from Dark Paragons. Yush 2K and Scotland Yard.

I Floorplay at The L'nion. l lptn-2am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Varying styles of house played by ntttnerotts guest [)Js at this Heriot-Watt club night.

I Future Primitive at The Venue (Cooler) has now finished.

I Genetic at The Citrus Club.

I lpm—3atn. £2. Weekly. Still a mighty popular soiree that showcases alternative. indie and lo-fi. No smoking in the bar area. mind.

I Hustlers’ Convention at The Bongo Clttb. l0.30pm-~3am. £4 (£3). 22 Mar. Monthly. The second instalment of this funky commotion that aims to acltieve a happy meeting ground between Motherfunk and Big Beat comes courtesy of newcomers Tabri/i. Captain Vague and Doodles.

I Love Breaks at Po Na Na.

1 lpm~3am. £2. Weekly. DJs Simone and Dr Jon play new and old classics from the realms of Latin. sottl. R&B attd disco.

I The Moneyshot at The Bongo Club. l0.30pm-~3am. £4. l5 Mar. Monthly. After the swinging success of the last date of this leading hip hop night. the very talented residents Foly. Hood and (ietsum welcome live action from One l’nit. gttest DJ delight from (iilto (Motherfunk). graffiti front lilph ()ne (Many Styles Crew ) and drutn & bass through the back with Decknikal Hitch attd guests.

I Naked at Wilkie House. Monthly. Next date 5 Apr.

I ReJuvenation (formerly Jttve- Nation) at The Bottgo Club. Monthly. Next date 5 Apr.

I Snatch Clllb at The Liquid Room. 10.30pm—3am. £3.50 (£2.50). Weekly. Your titan Harry Ainsworth keeps on pushing his unique brand of musical and comedic entertainment along w ith Ba/ Peters. Spanky Alexander. Bronagh Keegan and The Redcoats. It's a funky disco ctnn cabaret and it's also the first birthday this month so expect some surprises.

I 3 Piece Sweet at The Cocteau Lounge. 1 lptn—3am. £2. 15 Mar.

Fortnightly. Keen to please party girls 'l'rendy Wendy. Sally F and Nicci allow entry ill it cheap rate. have it ‘00 music policy" that never fails to astound attd atna/c. some ultra-cheap drinks promos and free makeovers from Ms. B. Stuart. And. as the club approaches cult status. it's the first birthday this fortnight so booking the Friday off work more than makes sense.

. Vibetory :tl l.;t l‘lL‘llL' Augelc.

I fpm 3am. £3. [5 Mar. Monthly. Funky. fresh \ ibes from the past. present and future with It) Deep arid 'l’JC. plus guests The Squalor Show.

Chart & Party

I Back To Basics at Why .‘s'ot'.’

I lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Wonderfully predictable favourites frotn the chart crypt.

I Blasted at (iaia. l0pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Dubbed ‘the best student night in town' by some Radio I sage. this sweaty soiree features cheesy mainstream dance in the tnain roottt attd indie from Planet liarth upstairs in the lounge.

I Funky Underground at Revolution. 10pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. A monster soundsy stem. good odds at copping off and some handy dance podiums for attracting attention to your funky strutting are just three of the reasons why Reyolttlion seems like a good idea when you're drunk.

I Gold at The Ark. lllpm 3am. 80p. Weekly. If the very thought of Tony Hadley makes you moist. you'll be positively dripping at this luxurious night of Slls indulgence.