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RESICNED TO its place at the centre of the global tourist Industry. the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has ditched its old logo and adopted this sun- tanned American tourist (pictured below) instead. Well, partially. The organisation is about to reveal a new logo onto which creative Fringe companies can add their own characters; if they don't like the US tourist. there's always the flasher or the granny quoting Brecht.

Ralph Little

GLASGOW PLAYWRIGHT David Harrower is off to London‘s Royal Court to work on Presence. his new play set in 1960 when a young band called The Beatles leave Liverpool for Hamburg. The production opens in April with The Roy/e Family‘s Ralph Little (above) expected to play one of the Fabs. We hear that Madonna was invited to read for a part. but didn't return

the call.

PITY POOR Shirley Henderson (right). The Hamish Macbeth star gallantly agreed to sit alongside Tony Wilson. Steve Coogan and a silent John Simm at the press conference to launch the filming of 24 Hour Party People, a dramatisation of the story of Manchester's Factory Records. But. as motormouth Wilson closed proceedings with a Hornbyish spat with the man from The Runcorn Weekly News (no. really) over who was the best band. Joy Division or. er. Joy Division. the diminutive Dunfermline starlet barely got a word in. Still. our Shirl's got other challenges ahead. As if it wasn't enough to play Wilson's first wife Lindsey opposite Coogan (whose onscreen imitation of Wilson is uncanny), Henderson has a shagging scene in the bogs with Buzzcock Howard Devoto. played by Martin Hancock. aka Coronation Street dope-fiend. Spider.

LIVIA SOPRANO is dead. long live Liyia. The us‘ually tight-lipped Sopranos creator David Chase has confirmed the Mama SOprano stOryline WI” be concluded despite actor Nancy Marchand's untimely death last June. 'We had some existing footage of Lma.‘ he said. 'so we were able to boild a scene. How we did it technically. I prefer not to talk about.‘ That'd be Omerta. then, the mob's code of silence.

LONDON-BASED record companies have been ferreting about the backrooms of Scotland on the hunt for new talent, no doubt prompted by The Li'st's recent new lTlUSIC special. If so we're only too pleased that Degrassi. Senator and Wayne Paycheck have had the labels lending them an ear.

COMMISERATIONS TO Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch. unsuccessful in his campaign to become rector of Glasgow University. Despite playing an acoustic gig at the uni during which his bandmate Beansy tried and failed to get rival candidate Alasdair Gray to join them on stage Murdoch's 347 votes were no match for the

1 .127 Chewin' The Fat's Greg Hemphill secured.

IN WHAT‘S believed to be the

first case of Foot and Mouth disease hitting the publishing industry. artist Douglas Gordon has had to delay his commission to illustrate two James Hogg stories in Canongate's Pocket Classics series. His excuse? He wanted to photograph a live ram. apparently thinking it‘d be funny to have a ram on a book by a Hogg.

COULD YOU play Sammy Davis Jr. or Gl-era Elvis (below). Shirley MacLaine or Ava Gardner? Now‘s your chance. The casting call is out for The Untitled Frank Sinatra Project. the working title of Glasgow-based Jasar Films' project. Producer-director Joey

Martin is searching for ‘200 legends of the 20th century‘ to be in his film. which .7 will shoot in '4 the UK this spnng.The contact number is 07939 402586. So whadaya waitin' for?


‘Why did he have to bring her?’ i’trl/chael Jackson leaves Britnei Spears in tears

after inviting her boyfriend aione to his iN/ei/erland home.

‘There is always someone out there who want them; the women with the baps, usually.’

Samantha Morton on the actresses who get the reles she has turned down.

‘lt’s such a fix.’ Ian Rankin reflects on his experience of being on Question Time.

‘They’re so irritating. What are they for?’

Anne Robinson has a pop at the Welsh.

‘Who does Anne Robinson think she is? She’s a fucking dog.’

A man/C Nicky Wire responds.

‘I don’t intend to do any more work with the Spice Girls. I want to do things my own way and not compromise.’ Mel C does her level best to quash the latest Spice Girls to split' rumour.

‘Rangers is the

only club in Scotland.’

New C 7m signing Marcus Gay/e opts not to take a ourck peek at the SPL table before making his pronouncement on the Scottish game.

‘There’s one star in this film and that’s the music.’

Craig Ferguson goes full pelt at talking up his new movie Born Romantic.

‘There must be loads of bald blokes who can sing about divorce, but how many can play drums like that?’

Mark ‘Lard' Riley shows a sneaking regard for Phil Collins.

‘My biggest problem will be sharing a loo.’ Vanessa Feltz gives the thought of her appearance in Celebrity Big Brother the bum 's rush.