23 (‘ockburn Street. 622 62()(). Tue—Sat l()am—5pm.

Wendy Ewald: Secret Games - Collaborative Works With Children 1969-1999 Until Sat 17 Mar. The ottly UK showing of tlte first retrospective exhibition of work by Anterican photographer Wendy liwald. Working with children for nearly 3() years. Ewald allows her subjects to take the photographs. Featured in the show is a new video installation entitled Memories From The Past ('enturt'es itt which young people wrote brief

narratives in the three different voices of

Jewish childrett. Nazi sympathizers aitd witnesses. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

0 Blue Skies Fri 23 Mar—Sat 28 Apr. A group show of new commissions highlighting the advances in digital technology. In I may be some time (‘olin Andrews creates a single channel video work which uses archive film of an arctic mapping expedition made iii the l93()s; Catriona Grant‘s Genuine ()jfer Of Friendship presents the viewer with images of people front Piltoit who have been interviewed about their friendships; e@t. aka Jim Hamlyn. Jim Buckley. Sarah Mackenzie Smith. Andy Kennedy and John Pengelly share a meal in real time with a group of artist iii the States and Beverley Hood‘s ’l‘mns-lomle documents a couple tango dancing which has been filmed and dropped into internet chat rooms. See preview. See Hitlist. NEW SHOW. Kenny Bean and Sophie Scott Fri 23 Mar—Sat 28 Apr. Artists Kenny Bean and Sophie Scott worked with children from Craigmuir Primary School to create images inspired by the Wendy Ewald exhibition.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 65() 22l l. Tue—Sat l()am—5pm. Painted Spaces Until Sat 24 Mar. This international touring wall project features the work of seven artists from Australia. New Zealand. the UK and the USA. Each artist has painted a section of the gallery walls. to form a continuous passage of images along the wall. Artists taking part are Richard Kirk. David Thomas. Chris Heaphy. Sabina Ott. Phil Jones. Simon Morris ténEd Wilma Tobacco. LAST CHANCE TO E.

Colours 2: Abstract wall hangings on show at The Nomad’s Tent


36 Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon Fri

1 lam—6pm; Sat l().3t)am 4pm. Kenneth Robertson and Niall McWiIIiams L'ittil Sat 24 Mar. Recent paintings.


Further information and a detailed itinerary can be obtained by phoning 529 3930/529 3682.

Wish I Was Here l'ntil Sat 2 Jtitt. First seen at the National Portrait Gallery. the Travelling (iallery goes on tour with an exhibition of portraits commissioned front six Scottish photographers. of tlte 25 poets who have contributed to a new pocket book anthology. The show goes on tour to Shetland (until 22 Mar).


Traverse Theatre. 10 (‘ambridge Street. 228 5383. Mon~Wed 10.30am rlllidlllgllll Thti— Sat l().3()am- lain; Siiii 4pnt--midnight.

Order Until Sat 3] Mar. Paintings by Louise Anderson inspired by the linear quality of the urban landscape. l95()s textiles designs and Japanese architecture.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh City Life, page 94.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 2% (‘harlotte Square. lidinburgh. 243 9365. Mott-Sat l()aiii-~5piti; Stiit noon—5pm. l-‘ree. Not only the Head Office for the National Trust for Scotland. 28 (‘harlotte Square also houses a permanent collection of 2()th century Scottish paintings featuring work by Peploe. Hunter aitd (‘adell Displayed iii a domestic setting. the works are complemented by a collection of Regency furniture.


42 High Street. 529 4 I42. Mon—Sat l()atti—5pm.

Out To Play l'ntil Sat 2 Jun. This exhibition looks at the changing nature of childhood games front the past to the present day. Peever. bools. tig attd diablo are jttst some of the games played before

the inyeittioit of computer games aitd teley isioit atid there w ill also be some old reproduction games for children to try ottt.


New'hay'en Harbour. 551 4l65. Mon Stiit itoott 5pm.

Hidden Treasures: Volunteer Work Of Newhaven People Past And Present t'ittil Mon 3t l)ec. 'l’lte l'nited Nations' Year of the Volunteer is celebrated iii this exhibition which looks at the tradition of volunteering iii the Newhaven community.

PALACE OF HOLYROODHOUSE Royal Mile. 556 |()96. Daily

9.30am 4.30pm. £5.50 (£2.70 £4): fatttily ticket £13.50.

Views Of Germany: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert l'ittil Sat 3| Mar. Sixty watercolotirs selected front tltc collection at Windsor ('ttstlc. illustrating the royal y isits to (ierinany.


53 High Street. ()ueettsferry'. 33l 5545. Mon. Thu. l‘ri & Sat Illattt lpitt k

2.l5 5pm; Stiit noon 5pm. l’ree.

Food For Thought A look at children's diet aitd eating habits oy er tltc past l5() years.


2 ('ltaiiibcrs Street. 247 42 I 9. Mon Sat l()aiii 5pm iTue Spin); Siitt ttooii 5pm. £3 it." I .50): under lb‘s free. A 19th century museum ltotisiitg international collections of natural history. geology. science. technology and the dccol'atiyc arts. plus two permanent exhibitions: xll‘! A" Industry and The by Wu (iul/ei‘y. Millennium Clock A chance to view Rtissian mechanical sculptor lidtiard Bersudsky"s millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high. The Jackie Stewart Formula L'ittil Stiti 30 Sep 2()()I. Jackie Stewart ()Bli arid the National .\1tisetiitts of Scotland have joined forces for the first tiitte to create this unique recreation of the I999 Stewart Ford Pit (iarage. A ititist for all Grand Prix fans.

Fired With Colour l'ntil Stiti 29 Apr. An exhibition highlighting past and present British enameling. liicltided iii the display area \ariety of pieces ranging froittjewellery aitd vases to display panels and animated figures. .-\it enamel

galleries and museums Art

plaque by ;\le\.iiider liishei' on loatt ttottt a pi'iyatc collection aitd not seen iii public since IN)” and more coitteittpoiary pieces by lisa Rae llaitsoit aitd (ieorgiita l'ollcll lcatiit'e iii the show

Silk Roads: Glimpses Of Central Asia l‘iitil Stiit 1 Jul. Recently acquired contemporary lcytiles .iiid cralts front ('eiitral .\\l.l.

Barley l'ittil Sun 21) May. lltiitcan Anderson. Itcad ol photography at the \alioital \ltiseiiitts portray s the production ol bailey li'oiti its sowing to its end products. iit this iitforniatiye photographic exhibition


lady Stan's House. I ady Stan’s (lose. 529 49lll. .\lon Sat Illaiti 5pitt. l‘ree. Inheritance: A Borders Landscape l'iiiil Sal 3| .\l.u. Photographs of border lile by (iot'doit lluittcr. with poetry by Don l.ediiig|taiii.


l'iityersity ol l)undee. l3 l’erth Road. lll3S2 345331). .\loii l'l'l llaiti S3flttitt; Sat llaitt 5pm.

Joost Conijn and Veli Grano l'ntil Sat l7 .\lar l( 'oopcl' ( iallct'y l. Joost (‘otiijit tllollandl atid Veli (itaiio il‘inlaiidl present a y ideo project of lligltt and space tray eI. with the first l'ls'

show iitg ol .vl Sin/nee .llt'uuee I‘m/n glimmer .S'Itir and .\ir/i/iirit'.


l5: \L‘lllct‘galc. “l 532 (tilftllll. 'ltlc. \Ved. Sat ty Suit Ill.3llani 5.30pm; 'l'hti tk l'i‘i lll.3tlaiii Spin. l‘ree.

Sophy Rickett: New Work l'ntil Sun 15 .-\pi' i(ia|lery 2 l. New photographic and \ ideo works by Royal ('ollege of Art graduate Sophy Ricketl which continues her interest in making photographs at tiigltt. l‘oi' Rickett. wlto has been resident lll l)uitdec loi' four months undertaking the second l)( 'A l'cllttyy sllip. lllls is her first solo exhibition iii a public gallery.

Beyond l'ntil Stiti l5 Apr i(ial|ery ll. .\ group exhibition bringing together the work of artists front |)uiidec. (ilasgow and London. Working itt yarious ittcdiuitts including paiittiitg. installation. sculpture aitd y ideo. artists include l.ol|y Batty. Luke liow Icr. Robert ()rchardsoii. Toby l’atersott. ('Iare Stephenson and ('lare \Voods.

Gallery Discussion Thu 22 Mar. 6.30pm. liree. .\ liyely discussion witlt Dundee-based tlt'lisl Key ill Henderson and l)(':\ curator Katrina Brow It.

Outside The Cities

East Kilbride

EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()Id ('oach Road. (H355 2(tlllllll.

.\lon Sat 9am 9pm: Sun itooii 9pm. June Evans l'iitil Sun IS Mar. l'it)l'lllcl' lidiitbiirgh ('ollcge ol’ .-\rt student June liyaiis sltow s new work influenced by

y ibraitt colours arid pow ct‘lttl imagery.



ll) (ilitsgttyy \cllllcl. (“:94 275(5‘). Milli t’t Tue (k Thu Sat Illaiit lpiti (S; 2 5pm. Clyde Drift l'ntil Sat 7 Apr. Sculptural

works by Roy l'it/siitiittoits.



lilntbank‘ Ayeituc. 01563 554343. Mon & Tue s Thu l-ri Illaiii Spin; Wed (‘1 Sat ltlam 5pm.

Focal Point l'ittil Sat 7 Apr. Two aitd three-diitiensioital conteittporary and traditional craftwork by makers front across North and liast Ayrshire. Arran and (ireat (‘tiitibrae

2001 [bid Mon 26 Mar. An exhibition of student work from all liitsl A} rshire's

7-1/1 Mar 290‘. THE LIST 89