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Book events

David Lodge \Vaicrxioiicx. ISR—IS7 Saucliichall Slrcct. 333 ‘)l05. 7pm. Inc Dan id l.odgc rcadx from and discltsxcx lllx tic“ hook I‘ll/HAM 'l‘ickclx :oailahlc from ground lloor till points.

Friday 1 6


National Science Week (Hath Botanic (iardcnx. 730 ( ii'cat \\'c\lcrn Road. 334 3433. l'l't't‘. Find out lit)“ to run _\our car oti hiodicxcl madc l‘roni chip lat with a littlc knou —ho\\ l'i'om thc hol‘linx at thc Botanicx. Technomania At The Tenement 'l'cncincnt llousc. I45 Bucclcuch Strch. 333 0l83. 3 5pm. £3.5(lt£3.5()t. .loin in National Scicncc \Vcck \\ ith littlltlx on acti\ iticx and dull/cs.


World Mission Rally .'\tlL‘l£lltlt'.\. Bath Strcct. 348 4970. 7.30pm. l‘rcc. Support othcr counlricx around thc world \\ itli thc ('hurch ol‘ Scotland.


Scottish National Woodworking Show Sli(‘('. l‘innicxton Qua}. 0870 040 4000. 10am 5pm. £(i.5(li£5.50i. 'l‘hc ll'iL‘kx ol lhc \\ood\\ot‘l\ittg ti'adc t'L‘\L‘;tlL‘d.

Book events

Contemporary Fiction Discussion Group 'l’hc .-\t‘L‘llL‘\. 253 :\i'g.\'lc Sircci. 0‘)0l 022 (not).

l3.30pm. l)i\cu\\ing /.t'i.\im' h) chin Sampson.


National Science Week (ilil\:_'t)\\ Botanic (iardcnx. 730 (ircat \chlct'n Road. 33 3433. l-‘rcc. Scc l~‘i'i lo. Technomania At The Tenement 'lcncmcnt llouxc. l45 Bucclcuch Sti'cct. 333 0183. 3 5pm. £3.50 t £3.50). Scc in lo.


St Patrick’s Day \\';i\}' ()'('onnoi'\. 4(3 \VL‘sl (icoi'gL‘ Slt'L‘L‘l. 3.54 .5 l 54. l lam. l.i\‘c rugh}. music and L‘Ulllpt‘llllttlh.


Scottish National Woodworking Show Sli('('. l-‘innicxton Qua}. 0370 040 4000. l0am 5pm. £(i.50i£5.50). Scc Hi to.



Burrell Collection “3060 Polloksltaws Road. 2.87 2:350. Mon~Thu 61 Sat 10am-5pm; Fri & Sun 11am—5pm. Free. Sir William Burrell's world famous collection of 33. beautiful art objects from around the globe. housed in a specially dCSigned. award- wmning building.


92 THE LIST 15—39 Mar :0ch

Glasgow Botanic 7:30 Gieat \N’estern Road. 1 242:9. DLtll‘, llttll‘~-lpllt. Free. This 19th centun, garden and glasshouses are txoine to an interesting and LXlthétllOlliil selection of


Craft Work - A Sale Of Contemporary Arts And Crafts | lam 4pm. 50p. l’ollok llouxc. l’ollok (’ouiitr} Park. 3000 l’tlllttlx\ll;l\\\ Road. Mo 04'“. .-\round tucnt} cral't \xorkcrx and artists \clling jcucllcr}. ccramicx. \laincd glam and chocolalc. Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event Ro}al ('oncci‘t Hall. 3 Sauchichall $0111.33“ SSl l.

l 1.30am 5.30pm. £3.50. lop tipx on planning _\our big da}. Scc photo caption.


Motherwell v Rangers l-‘ii- l’ark.

3pm. £l3 HO 1 £5 £7i. \Vith ('cltic on

([8 cup dut) this \xcckcnd. a chancc l'oi'

Rangcrx to cut thc dclicit and kccp thcir

l‘lagging titlc lioch ali\ c.

Scottish Badminton Masters

('ockhurn (‘cntrc. 40 Bognioor l’lacc.

445 l3lH. l-rcc. Annual tournamcnt.

Sunday 18


National Science Week (ilztxgim Botanic (iardcnx. 730 ( ircal \chtcrn Road. 534 3433. l'il'L'L‘. SL‘C l‘bt‘i l(l. Technomania At The Tenement 'l‘cncmcnt llouxc. l45 Bucclcuch Strcct. 333 (llX3. 3 5pm. £3.5(lt£3.5lll. Scc l't'i l().


Scottish National Woodworking Show Sli(‘(‘. l-‘innicxton Qua}. 0870 040 4000. Want 4pm. £(i.501£5.50t.8cc in It».

Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event Ro}al ('onccrl Hall. 3 Sauchichall Strcct. 3X7 55l l.

ll.30am 5.30pm. £3.50. Scc photo caption.

Healthy Living ('aldcrglcn ('ountr} l’ark. Strathmcn Road. liaxt Kilhi'idc. (H.355 3.36044. 3 4pm. l'lCC. 'l‘hc \litll Ul- llolland and Barrctl hand out into on hci'hal rcincdicx and altci'natn c tlicrapicx.


Scottish Badminton Masters ('ockhurn ('cntrc. 40 Bogmoor l’lacc. 445 l3lh'. l'il'L'C. SL‘L‘ Sat l7.

Celtic v Kilmarnock llantpdcn Park. 'I‘hc National Stadium. l.cthcrh} I)ri\c. 55l 8053. 3pm. Scaxon tickct holdcrx onl_\. ('IS linal. 'l‘hc llt'\l \ll\L‘l'\\;|l'L‘ ol‘ lhc \caxon i\ up l'or grahx toda} \\ ilh ('cltic hot l'a\ouritc\ to claim thc lirxt lcg ol' thcir trchlc drcam. Bohh} Williamxon‘s mcn \\ ill hax c \omcthing to \;t_V about that. ol courxc. ax lhc} try to i'c\ i\ c thc carl) \caxon town which \a“ thcm hammcr Rangcrx at lhro\.

Norwich Union Indoor International - 5 Nations Sun 18 Mai". Kch in Hall lntcriiational Spill‘h Arcna. I445 .»\rg} lc Sli‘cct. 357 3535. £5 £9 (£3 £5). 0' you citio} cd thc Sylnc} ()l} ltlplL‘\ lllL‘tl lltl\ illlllL‘llC\ L‘ltttltlpitillsltlp i\ a ltlll\l.

plants. as well as featuring in the film Jude. Glasgow Cathedral Cathedral Street. 8198. Mon—Sat OSOaii‘—-lpii‘.: Sun 2~-1t>ti‘.. Free. A stone- t;ui|t church has stood on this site since 1 136 and

SPORT World Cup

The argument that the national game is suffering due to Scottish game’s influx of foreign stars can now be put to the test as the World Cup campaign rolls back into action. As Belgium and San Marino prepare to drop into Glasgow, this is the chance for young talents such as Gary Naysmith, John O’Neil and Gary Holt to impress both national coach Craig Brown and the often fickle Tartan Army.

So what are the chances of Scotland making it to the 2002 World Cup Finals? With three away games played, the Scots lie in a comfortable position, sharing top spot with the Belgians, both having won two and drawn one. It takes little brainpower to see that the clash at Hampden between the leaders is, as they say, a real six-pointer.

However, one glance at the goals for and against column show the difference between the sides. Both have conceded just one goal so far, but Belgium have cracked in fourteen to the Scots’ four. Kevin Gallacher, Matt Elliott, Don Hutchinson and Neil McCann have found the net for Scotland in relatively uninspiring victories against Latvia (1-0) and San Marino (2-0) and one fine against group favourites Croatia (1-1).

So, who is going to find the net for Scotland as they attempt to leapfrog the Belgians in this double-header completed with a must-win match against the hapless San Marino, rooted in bottom spot? With Billy Dodds and Kenny Miller struggling with their form for Rangers, Mark Burchill being shunned by Celtic to play a bit part for Ipswich and Neil McCann out for the rest of the season, goals may again need to come from midfield.

Paul Lambert, Craig Burley, Barry Ferguson and Colin Cameron (pictured) all have the ability to surge through and score while Matt Elliott may again be asked to take his unnatural position upfront. Which begs the question on the lips of every fan: why wasn’t Henrik Larsson born in Scotland? (Brian Donaldson) I Scot/and play Belgium on Sat 24 Mar. 3pm and San Mir/no on Wed (fit-I f/li’tl, 8pm at Hampden Park. Glasgow.

Monday 1 9

Book events

Andy Dougan Bordcrs Books, 233 Buchanan Strcct. 333 7700. 7pm. l‘rcc. Dougan'x Dina/no: [khan/mi; 'I‘lu' Honour ()l'Kit'r. is about thc lcgcndar} l'oothall match hcm ccn thc (icrman l.ul‘t\\‘al'lc and a local [cam in occupicd

Kicv. Environment

National Science Week (ilthgtm Botanic (iardcnx. 730 (ircat chtcrn Road. 334 3433. lircc. Scc liri It). Technomania At The Tenement 'l'cncmcnt llouxc. 145 Bucclcuch Strcct. 33301833 5pm. £3.50 (£3.50). Scc l‘ri



Glasgow Hash House Harriers Various \cnucx. 334 l7l I. 7.30pm. Social jogging hascd on thc hash and hound principal. 'l‘hc trail is around lhrcc or tour mich long and llashcrs lingcr in

the lower church contains the shrine of St Mungo. however most of the present building dates from the 113th or 15th centuries. the most notable exception being the stained-glass Windows. renownet‘l as one of the finest post-war collections in the COuntnx. Glasgow School of Art

The Mackintosh Gallery. 167 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon—Thu 10am—6pm; Fri thiii—Spm; Sat toanw—noon. Glasgow

Colin Cameron aims to strike World Cup gold

thc pllhs on thcir rcturn. llllx c\cning'\ trail hcginx at 'l'lic RL‘tllllll'Nl llotcl. 37

liaxluoodlttttlttx Road. (iillnock.


Donny O’Rourke Whhaxx Litirar}. Kcnilworth .'\\ cnuc. \Vishau, 0 l (r03 360534. 7.30pm. £l. l’oct and \oiiguritci' O'Rourkc gi\c\ a talk as part ol' tlic Springtimc \Vi‘itcrx l'L‘\ll\;tl.


National Federation of Spiritual

Healers Watci'xloncu Sauchichall Strcct. 333 ‘)|05. (i.30pm. l-tcc. 'l‘hc Nl‘Sll \\ ill hc on hand ol'lcring \lltll'l ltcaling \cssionx.

Tuesday 20


Book events From Broadway To

School of Art is Charles Rennie Mackintosh's greatest achievement and it continues to intrigue and inspire Visitors fron‘ all over the world. Still a working art school. regular guided tours let you experience this famous and fascinating building. Tours take place Mon—Fri 1 1am & 2pm. Sat 10.30am 8. 11.30am and cost€5t23r

House For An Art Lover

Bellahouston Park. tO Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. £3.50 £2.50).

Cowdenbeath - The Laughter Continues Ro}al ('onccrl Hall. 2 Sauchichall Strcct. 387 55l l. lpm.

£3 £3.50. Johnn} Bcattic rccountx talcx l'rom lllx \ai'icd carccr.

Initially designed l), Charles Rennie lvlackintosh for a competition lll 1’101. illlf) iinfii’iished .‘xork has been (,()llil)l‘;lt:’l h; iiiodern- (lily architects and ’lesigners in true l‘JlEtCKIl‘thSll style, Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow. ‘32 Hillhead Street. 330 81131. Mon—Sat (}.f$()£tttt—'3l)tti. Free. Home to the university's collection of flat art and sculpture including masterpieces by Rembrandt. Charrlin. V'Jhistler and Pissaro. The