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Einburgh life


Mette Van Assan Mounted (iallery. 5 York l’lace (above The Stand Comedy Club). 22‘) 88-14. 8pm. Free. A video installation and performance by artist Mette Van Assan.

Book events

Guy Cooper 8: Gordon Taylor \V'ziterstone's. (icorge Street. 22.5 3436. 7pm. Free. BBC presenters Cooper and Taylor launch their book of the series The Curious (iurr/r'riers‘ (Headline £20). Passionate garden designers. the book describes some of their favourite British gardens.


Edinburgh Midweek Group

Various Venues. 332 8700. 9.30am. Help BTCV Scotland in a series ol‘

conservation tasks. iising l'ree transport to

and from the site. Meet at Waverley



Hunting Plants With A Camera

i Royal Botanic (iarden. lnverleith Row,

l 248 297‘). 3pm. Free. RB(ili

I photographer Sid Clarke gives an

illustrated lecture using plant photographs

from hisjourneys in litirope and North America.

Shedding Light On Chemical

3 Reactions lleriot-Waii t’niversity. Edinburgh Btisiness School. Riccai'ton. 451 3444. 6pm. Free. Public lecture given

by Prof Kenneth (ieorge McKendrick.

. Astronomy 9 Nightly Stargazing Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackl'ord Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. L'l. Stargazing sessions to see Venus. Jupiter and Saturn ' as part of National Science Week. Book events Women and Contemporary Scottish Politics James Thin. 53—59 South Bridge. 622 8222. 7pm. Free. Authors listher Breitenhach and Fiona Mackay talk about their anthology which is an essential publication for those interested in women and politics.

Quilt Fair Royal Highland Centre. 9 lngliston. 333 3036. 10am-5pm. £6 (£2—£5). Exhibition and sale of quilts.

The Lomellini Family National Gallery ol‘ Scotland. The Mound. 62-1

6200. l2.-15pm. Free. Sir Anthony van Dyck's painting is discussed by David Howath from the ['niversity of lidinburgh.

Trustworthy Gardens Harry Miller Hall. The Pleasance. 332 2758. 7.30pm. 75p (35p). An illustrated talk from Duncan Donald on the (iardens‘ Policy of The National Trust for Scotland.


Play Making: Writing Drama Netherbow Arts Centre. 43—45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. 2—4.30pm. £6 (£4) per workshop; £20 l .5) for series. Napier University‘s Royal Literary Fund Fellow Donald Campbell talks about ‘Building The Structure' which looks at practical difficulties and identities solutions for playwrighting.


Nightly Stargazing Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackl'ord Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. £1. See Fri l6.


Antiques Fair Royal Highland Centre. lngliston. 333 3036. 10am—5pm. £4. Browse or buy from a wide selection of antiques and collectibles.

Quilt Fair Royal Highland Centre. lngliston. 333 3036. |()am~5pm. £6 (£245). See Fri l6.


Scotland v Italy Murraylield Stadium. Riversdale Crescent. 346 5000. 4pm. £l()—£25 (£5 -—£l5). Scotland strive to change their fortunes in this year's Six Nations Championship with a game against Italy.

Sunday 18


Nightly Stargazing Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackl‘ord Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. £1. See Fri I6.


Antiques Fair Royal Highland (.‘entre. lngliston. 333 3036. 9am—5pm. £4. See Sat l7.

Guilt Fair Royal Highland Centre. lngliston. 333 3036. l0am-5pin. £6 (£2—£5). See Fri l6.

Monday 19


Nightly Stargazing Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackl'ord Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. £l. See Fri l6.


Nouveaux Realistes National Gallery of Modern Art. Bell'ord Road. 6246200. l2.45pm. Free. Lucy Askew gives a talk.


Permanent attractions Caledonian Brewery 42 Slateford Road. 623 8066. C5. Tours are Mon—Fri 11am, 12.30pm

& 2.30pm. The award- winning Caledonian

Brewery. still going strong

l after 100 years. will let

you into the seCrets behind the crafting of its

i fine ales.

94 THE LIST 15—29 Mar 2001

Camera Obscura Castlehill. 226 3709. Daily 10am—5pm. €4.25 ($210—$340); lamin ticket 212. Pick up a pedestrian in yOur hand at this attraction. which gives visitors a real-time. 360° image of the city. Carberry Candle Cottage

Musselburgh. 665 5656. Mon—Sat gem—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Free. A treasure trove of all things wax. The factory shop is full of perfumed.

aromatherapy and teng shui candles.

City Of The Dead’s Haunted Graveyard Tours

Meet by St Giles Cathedral. Royal Mile. 447 2230. £5 (24). Join this spooky tour if you dare. and y0u'll be guaranteed all manner of paranOrmal frights. Tours run daily at 8.30pm and 10pm.


Writing Features For Radio l-‘ountainbridge Library. Dundee Street. 52‘) .50l6. 6 8pm. Free, l);l\L‘ Bachelor leads llll\ tour-vs eek “(llkslhll‘ Ht) radio l‘eature writing.

Tuesday 20


Nightly Stargazing Royal Obser\atoi'y Visitor Centre. Blackl'oi'd Hill. 668 8405, 7,3tlpm. Fl. See in l6.

Book events

Yannick Gelinas liistitut Francais (likensse. l3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. 7pm. Free. ()iiebecois poet Yannick (ielinas presents a reading ol' her work accompanied by improy ised music and a screening of images.

From Burns To Bern \aiional Library Ol Scotland. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 226 453l. 7.30pm. Free. Readings limit a selection ol‘ Swiss poetry translated l'rom various languages into linglish and Scots by Scottish poets Ron Btitliii. 'l‘essa Ransl'ord. Christopher Why te and Toni Hubbard amongst others.


Edinburgh Midweek Group Various Venues. 332 8700. 9.30am. Help BTCV' Scotland bury the ’l‘o'l’al’ time capsule at Cashell Farm. l.och l.omond. Meet at Waverley Bridge.

Mission: Possible? Recipes For Restoring the Earth Cetitre For Human licology. l2 Roseneath Place. 624 l‘)72. 6.30pm. £3.50lt'250). '(‘Blz Is the world sale in the hands of big business' is the title ol~ a debate led by Kevin Dunion. Friends ol' the liarth Scotland Director. See profile.


Images From The Dawn Of Photography Royal .\luseum. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42l‘). lpm. £3 (U50); children under l8 l'ree. Henry Talbot's pencil ol nature is the locus ol' this talk given by Alison Morrison-Low. Talking National: Reformers, Radicals and Reaction Netherbow Arts Centre. 43 45 High Street. 556 9579/2647. 2 3pm. Free. Donald Smith debates issues ol~ nationalism and Scotland's governing body.


Writing Plays: Theme Communication Central Library. (ieorge lV Bridge. 225 558-1. 6 8pm. Free. A tour-week workshop led by Tom Mc(irath.

Wednesday 21


Beginners Guide To Astronomy Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blacklord Hill. 668 8405. 6.30pm. £2. A family lecture on stai'ga/ing given by Russell liberst.

Nightly Stargazing Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackl‘ord Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. L'l. See Fri 16.

Book events

Writing Like Wilfred Owen \ctherboys x\l’l\ Centre. 4.: 45 High Street. 556 05“) 264". ".30pm. £4 ((2) An International Poetry Day event. organised by the Poetry :\\\t)c‘l.tllt)ll and the \Vill'red ()w en Society. where Ow en e\pei't .\lerry n \Villiams leads the dlsctlsstttlt.

Environment Edinburgh Midweek Group Various

Venues. 332 8‘00. 0.30am. See The 20.


Is There Such A Thing As Society? Open Door. 420 Morningside Road. 44" 0‘57. l0.30am. L'l. l’rol' l.indsay l’dlt‘l‘sttll ol the l'niyersity ol' lidinbiii'gh discusses the concept ol' stlv'lel}.

Jane Welsh Carlyle: Portraying Herself National Portrait (iallei'y. l Queen Street. 624 6200 l2.45piii, Free. lunchtime lecture w itli Aileen Chi'istianson l'i'om the l'iinersity ol' lidiiibtii'gh.


Nightly Stargazing Royal ()bsel‘\ttlt)l'y \IlSllOl' Centre. Blackl'oi'd Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. L'l. See Fri l6.

Book events

Meaghan Delahunt \y'aiersione‘s. I28 Princes Street. 226 2666. 6pm. Free. First novelist Meaghan Delahunt reads l'rom much l'eted book about the love al'lair between Frida Kahlo and icon 'l‘rolsky. In The Blue Home (Blooiilsbtil‘y U090).

Scotsoun Makars Nether-bow Arts Centre. 43 4.5 High Street. 5.56 0570/2647. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). .-\ poetry reading to launch the last audio-tape in the Scots-Makars series. l‘eattiring In e music l'rom l.oiiise 'l‘imiiey and Tony .\lc.\lantis. l’octs Pel’ltll‘llllllg are 'l'om Hubbard.

Day id l’tii'ves. David Paulie and William Hershaw.


Edinburgh Midweek Group Various Venues. 332 8700. 0.30am. See Tue 20.


The Cash Nexus: Money And Power In The Modern World Royal .\liiseiim. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42l‘). 6.30pm. £31£2l.A talk l‘rom Dr Niall l'iL‘l'gUstlll. l’rol‘essor ol Political and Financial History at Oxl'ord l'niversity.


Nightly Stargazing Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackl'ord Hill. («is sins. 7.30pm. £1. See Fri l6. Spons

KGISO Races KL‘lSO Racecourse. Kelsi).

01573 224767. l.45pm. £7 £15 (accompanied children under 16 tree:

Dynamic Earth Holyrood Road. 5:30 7800. Wed—Sun 10am—5pm. £6.95 (23.95—91.95):

faintly ticket $18.50. Stunning new tlevelopnionts in interactive technology piece together the histor, of the planet. creating a thorougl‘ily modern way to step back in lllllC‘.

Edinburgh Castle C(tfslltjlllll. 22:3 9840. Daily f).Ii(J;irii~:’$piii $77 (SQ—$.15). Although lllllCll of the castles lllelB‘JBl character was lost when it '.‘.’£l.‘$ converted into barracks in the lfith century. COlllllltllllq excavations aim to redress this. Every Tim and Fri i’lbari:~/1pinl Alba Adventure Company re~ enact a Jacobite rebellion. Georgian House

7 Charlotte Square. 22:3 2160. Mon—Sat